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Anna Wintour Gives Roger Federer Outfit Advice. From Dee. Thanks.

Posted by tennisplanet on September 3, 2010

Bradley Cooper, Bar Refaeli, Rafael Nadal, and Roger Federer at last night's benefit.

Bradley Cooper, Bar Refaeli, Rafael Nadal, and Roger Federer at last night’s benefit.Photo: Dimitrios Kambouris/WireImage


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19 Responses to “Anna Wintour Gives Roger Federer Outfit Advice. From Dee. Thanks.”

  1. M said

    Thank you, Dee!

    I always thought Roger lovely, even when scruffy.
    And I liked the pink shirt – with the chocolate headband and vanilla sweatbands, he looked like a Neapolitan treat.

    (But then, it’s not like Miss Anna’s ever asked for my opinion on anything …)

    • Somebody Else said

      Did you follow him back in the patchy denim days?

      • M said

        LOL. I did indeed, SE. The days of ponytails, long sideburns, stubble, and first Wimbledon trophies … 😀

        And you know the days of patchy denim – or at least holey denim – have not ended for our Roger!
        Why, just the other day in the long form of his Lindt Lindor, those of us who kept an eye out for such things were able to note that in the interview portion, he sported holes in both knees. 😛

      • M said

      • Somebody Else said

        “…this is my favorite chocolate at the moment…” ???

        $$$ 😉

      • M said

        LOL! I’m sure the chocolate know it will have to continue to work hard to please him. 😛

      • M said

        “chocolate knows it”


        “chocolates know they”


        I must be giddy from Week One’s drawing to a close …

      • Somebody Else said


      • jett09 said

        Thanks for the vid S.E.

        Speaking of Lindt Chocolate, I just made “chocolate chilli Creme Brulee” made from Lindt chocolate”, still cooling down and I can’t wait to eat it 😉

  2. Manal said

    Once again, Roger looks towering over Rafa…what is “wrong” with rafa’s standing posture? Too laid back next to a supermodel?

    • Jenny said

      Roger has a bigger frame, but they are officially the same height. In this pic Roger does look taller, he’s very slim, but he’s a big guy – Rafa doesn’t look that hunched over – LOL How tall is Roger, he looks about 6’4″!!

      • Claire said

        On the court, I think Nadal is hunched over. Seems like some tall people are hunched over, maybe because they have to look down at short people(like me)!?

    • jett09 said

      “Once again, Roger looks towering over Rafa”

      Indeed Manal! I wonder if the thickness of their Nike soles or heels have anything to do with it?

  3. D.S.G. said

    There are two things that I see as making appear taller than he is: His hair is puffier on top and his stand-up collar. Also Federer’s rangy build makes his shoulders higher than Nadal’s somewhat sloping shoulders.

    • M said

      D.S.G., I think you nailed it with the puffy hair.
      Also, even though Rafa has the thicker biceps, Roger has him on shoulder width/wingspan.

      • Manal Ismail said

        Or, it cud be some sort of a camera trick that creates the “concave effect”. Whoever sitting at the end of the photo may appear larger than real life…

        Or the cameraperson has all eyes on Roger hence the glaring focus. Hmmm….the CSI continues…

        M and DSG , agreed on the puffy hair and wider shoulder. And he nailed it at the nose too.

      • M said

        LOL, Manal. I think I’m with you on the lens concavity as well.
        “All cameras curve to Roger. Except when they stop at Rafa.” 😛

        Also, neither Bradley Cooper’s imdb nor Wiki page says how tall he is, but Roger and Rafa are both officially 6’1″.

      • Manal Ismail said

        M, apparently, Brad Cooper is also 6′ 1″ too, just saw it on IMDB. How come they managed to pick all guys with the same height and still Roger towered them all? Lucky dude…and he is blessed with broader shoulder too which makes him the main “chocolate pick”. Aahhh

  4. Manal Ismail said

    I mean standing, not *sitting*….

    Bradley Cooper, is he wearing the same size as Fed there? he looked smaller even though he is also a tall actor in real life

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