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Federer and Murray are running away with it now.

Posted by tennisplanet on September 3, 2010

Both have posted awesome freaking numbers in ALL categories to not just leave everybody else way way behind, even the other two contenders are starting to look mundane if not outright out of their league right about now.

It may not be too early to predict a Federer-Murray final with certainty. If it does, Murray’s first win over Federer in a final at Toronto will need to project more than just positive vibes for him to overcome the Slam nerves to get on board for his major titles. If not, the trend of not winning Slams AND defeating Federer in those finals may begin to find a groove deep enough to penetrate the mental shield thereby sending his RV in a tailspin that’s not getting traction anytime soon.

Nadal has to be a close third in this race even though he still has to play his second match. But having Murray on his side of the draw instead of Federer may prove to be too steep a mountain to climb specially after being straighted in Toronto semis 3-6, 4-6 by Murray. Even if Nadal is able to pull off a miracle and beat Murray, the toll it will take may be chronic enough to even neutralize the mental edge Nadal enjoys over Federer in the final.

But with Nadal’s Wimbledon run still fresh where he beat Soderling, Murray and Berdych back to back to back for the title, Nadal cannot totally be discounted. Besides the effect Murray is expected to produce on Nadal in the semis, Soderling may do the equivalent of it on Federer on the other side to even up things.

Djokovic? In his last match he hit twice as many double faults than aces: 8-4. With his history, twice the ‘time on court’ compared to other contenders and the five setter in the opening match, he is just another hard-fought three setter away from elimination.

While Federer and Murray winning here will only validate their recent resurgence on hard courts, Nadal’s win, if at all possible, given the surface, his track record at the Open etc. will once and for all resurrect him as someone who can NEVER be counted out no matter what – including the surface – specially coming so close on heels of his Wimbledon showing.

Click here for the sick stat disparity.


22 Responses to “Federer and Murray are running away with it now.”

  1. Vr said

    ‘…having Murray on his side of the draw instead of Federer may prove to be too steep a mountain to climb…’
    TP. Since when has Fed been a doormat at USO to anyone?
    (I know this is your motivation speech for Fed but after the firast sentence, sounds downright funny)

  2. Jenny said

    Imho, it’s still too early to predict. Fed has to be the fave right now, purely because he’s been there before, followed by Nadal. Dustin Brown is exciting but no real challenge to Murray, [he was tested in the first set by Brown] neither was Lacko, I didn’t expect him to lose to either of these guys.

    Plenty of other players have come through in straights.

    • jennifur said


      neither murray nor fed hv really been challenged….

      nole had #45 in round 1! and pet detective after… rafa had gabashvilli and istomin 2 tough players this year ….

      so shud wait + c

      fed + murray look good …. but 2 early 2 say …. theyve not been tested …

    • M said

      Well said, ladies.

    • Growltiger said

      Fed and Murray have had walkovers in the draw this year whereas Nadal drew the Georgian basher first round and had to fight three tie breakers to win and Djokovic and Berdych drew players in the top 50 THEIR first rounds, one going five and the other losing. What are the statistical odds of the only three Serbian players being in the SAME quarter of ANY draw? This is as fishy as a three day dead marlin.

      I was surprised watching the other matches that Murray and Federer are drawing players I’ve never heard of. Can this be accidental? Or is tennis becoming like boxing?

      NEVER EVER discount Federer. He rises to the occasion in the slams. He is chasing the record books. He’s as motivated as any out there.

      • Jenny said

        It’s a bit like Denis Istomin, he first met Fed at the AO first round a few years ago, nobody had heard of him, not even Fed who was #1 at the time. He then had a bad road accident, broke his legs, was off tour for a long time. Came back and folk are hearing him now!

      • M said

        Commentators were sure raving about him last night.

        They were like “They’ll meet again, he’ll play Rafa again”, till I was like “Okay, guys! We get your point, lol!”

  3. jennifur said

    wud never rule out rafa ….

  4. O said

    Rafa or Murray from the top half, it’s a hard bet. Both have credentials on hard court.

  5. Kitty said

    what about Soderling? can we have this stats too there?

  6. Growltiger said

    Sees are:

    1 Nadal
    2 Federer
    3 Djokovic
    4 Murray

    Since 1 normally plays 4 and 2 normally plays 2 in the semis (if all the seeds perform according to ranking), how is it possible for Murray to meet Federer in the final? Have the tournament directors at the Open monkeyed with the seedings to get the final they wanted as the directors of Madrid apparently did in 2009 when Nadal and Djkovic killed each other in the semis and Fed had a walkover over Nadal in the finals?

    • Vr said

      Raf/Murray and Fed/Djoko will be semis (if they all last that long.. There is no monkeying at USO with seeds. It is not the draws fault if top ten guys lose in first two rounds.

    • Sol said

      Seriously, Growltiger. What don’t you get? Fed and Djoko are in the same half. Murray and Nadal are in the other. Are not reading the draw correctly or what? Why are you still not getting this?

      “Have the tournament directors at the Open monkeyed with the seedings to get the final they wanted as the directors of Madrid apparently did in 2009 when Nadal and Djkovic killed each other in the semis and Fed had a walkover over Nadal in the finals?”

      OMG. It’s the 3rd year in a row that Fed has Djok in his half at the USO. What, no conspiracy theories there? That doesn’t bother you?

  7. Claire said

    What about Fish?? He played pretty good today – I think he can beat either Blake or Djokovic! I think Murray recently beat Djokovic~ Fish seems to have a passion for tennis right now; he seems really driven! I say Fish will make it to the quarters if not the semi!

  8. Rick said

    If “it” means “his tail between his legs”, yeah, Murray is running away with it.

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