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Fight Night at the US Open. From Wuiches. Thanks.

Posted by tennisplanet on September 3, 2010


Boxing at the Open

I found a youtube video about a fight within the crowd during Joker vs Pet match last night.

TP, could you please translate for us what were they discussing about???


11 Responses to “Fight Night at the US Open. From Wuiches. Thanks.”

  1. MM said

    Young dude had a potty mouth, a lot of fuck this and fuck you. Old dude hit first and the young guy could have creamed him-then the fat broad hit him and he just pushed her away-typical New York crap-the young guy had no manners but didn’t lay out people who hit first and if some one his own age had taken exception to his cursing(why didn’t someone) it could have been a doozy. I was watching the match and they it was stopped but I never saw that?

  2. Jenny said

    Thanks TP and for the explanation, MM, so that was what it was all about last night. Was booze a contributory factor with the young guy??

  3. Sir Vibhudi Aatmapudi said

    The younger guy was the MAD TV italian stereotype : )

  4. xeres said

    This tennis blogger I follow said that if you want to see the REAL tennis fans go for the day matches..cos they’re the ones who endure the heat..they come for the tennis.
    The night matches are when all the boozos come and cause all sortsa disturbances…they berate the players so loudly that the players can hear it too.
    Apparently you won’t be able to concentrate and enjoy the tennis cos chances are that you’ll be sitting next to someone who stinks of booze and wont keep his mouth shut.

    So anyone who’s been to the Open had such an experience ? TP your thoughts please

    • M said

      I go at night. And you can see good tennis — some of the great players prefer night matches.

      (Roger, for example, loves his night matches.)

      But people *will* get drunk. I think you just have to try not to sit too near the drunk people.

  5. RafaFan said

    Boxingary could you please comment this bout? LOL

  6. Somebody Else said

    It’s better when the people videotaping don’t open their mouths. 🙄

  7. Dee said

    This why live matches are different! Hope they saw the rest of the match

  8. Jenny said

    They ban booze inside our footie stadiums for this very reason, some folk can’t hold their drink and go out to cause a fight with their provocative behaviour. Simple solution, ban the booze, although I’m sure some morons will get in already the worse for wear and still cause trouble. The ‘best’ drunk is a sleepy one!

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