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Hair-cutting ladies kept some of Nadal’s hair. From M. Thanks.

Posted by tennisplanet on September 3, 2010


Oh dear. :-?

At least none of us Planeteer Roger and Rafa fans are this bad! :-D

Hair-Cutting Ladies Keep Some of Rafa’s Hair – NY Post

Click here.


11 Responses to “Hair-cutting ladies kept some of Nadal’s hair. From M. Thanks.”

  1. Bettyjane said

    Leave it to the Post eh M!!! LOL! Thanks for sharing this.

    • M said

      LOL, Bettyjane, that was my *very first* thought!

      • Jenny said

        LOL I bet that will be up on a certain auction site! 🙂

      • M said

        LOL, Jenny! A friend of mine joked that if her “Rafa-hair-manufacturing” skills were up to snuff, she’d make herself a quick profit on eBay.

        You enterprising ladies make me think I’m not thinking fast enough!

      • Jenny said

        A few plastic pouches containing snippets would go a long way! If they gathered enough they could make a wig or hairpiece for a gent who was thin on top 😈 Sorry, M, I’m getting carried away here.

      • M said

        *tears of laughter*

      • Jenny said

        Have you noticed, M, Ferrua’s thick hair is getting shorter by the day? Urrgh!

      • M said

        I have indeed, Jenny. I think it’s camouflage for a slight thinning of the tiger’s mane.
        *sigh of regret*

        I can only content myself with the thought that, like Rafa and Roger, who are also beginning to thin a little, they’re still lovely …

      • Jenny said

        I don’t think it’s natural thinning M, imo he’s had it thinned out by a stylist, I could be wrong. Maybe because of the heat? Just a month ago it was still as thick as ever on top. Nalby does look to be thinning.

      • M said

        “Maybe because of the heat?”

        If it’s the heat I have to say I don’t blame him.
        NY1 said the heat index was over 100 yesterday.

      • Jenny said

        Neither do I! Watch this space…

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