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Another ‘Chucky’ contender?

Posted by tennisplanet on September 4, 2010


14 Responses to “Another ‘Chucky’ contender?”

  1. TheHumbleOne said


  2. Dolores said

    So ugly and evil, too.

  3. Somebody Else said

    He strikes me as a fairly benevolent individual, recently anyway. The “feud” with Rafa a few years ago kinda gave me a bad impression of him, but that has completely dissipated. He seems like he’s probably willing to stand up for himself against what he perceives as other people’s BS. Not a crowd-winning form of behavior in the eyes of many, but not evil by a longshot. He’s too down-to-earth, soft-spoken and respectful in his interviews (all I hear from him) to be so evil a guy. Shouldn’t players play to win? I’ve easily forgiven him for beating Federer at the French. I’m not sure some of Rafa’s steadfast loyalists have been able to, even after having gotten revenge this year. Oh well.

    • bunnee said

      i don’t mind soderling at all, notwithstanding his win over roger. the guy’s allowed to keep to himself if he likes, nothing wrong with that. i’ve heard him interviewed numerous times & i appreciate his subtle sense of humour… good, all ’round talent too.

    • Manal said

      sorry but what is BS? *face pure innocent*

      Yea i too have nothing much against RS with his fair and gentleman comments on Rafa last FO.

      Still , that photo is hilarious! Hopefully he wont be supporting longer/thicker hair on his head or dye them ginger to complete the chucky transition? naahh….

      • Somebody Else said

        BS = “bullshit” = nonsense and insincerity expressed through deliberate exaggeration, pretense, deceit.

    • Sol said

      I agree, SE. I have no problem with Sod. Don’t particularly like his tennis and I admit he’s not the most charismatic player around, but he can be funny and he is soft-spoken and respectful.

  4. chieko said

    What a photo !! 😆 Amazing shot!! Amazing show of emotion!!

  5. Joy said

    That is amazingly grotesque. Priceless. Magnus Norman should paste it on Sod’s bathroom mirror, to remind him of the importance of good PR. Though it might make Sod’s fiancee have second thoughts about having Chuckie Jrs.

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