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How many breaks against what ranked player so far for the top four? Measure the two together to keep the run in perspective.

Posted by tennisplanet on September 4, 2010

Player Opponent’s rank. Sets played Times broke Times broken Total
Nadal 93 – Kapishville 3 2 0
39 – Histomine 3 3 0 6 sets with 5 breaks. Avg opp rank: 66.
Federer 96 – Kabul, Afghanistan. 3 5 0
104 – Back and Front 3 5 1
109 – Achoooo 3 4 0 9 sets with 14 breaks. Avg opp rank: 103.
Djokovic 47 – Trick or Treat 5 5 5
52 – Pet Detective 3 3 1 8 sets with 8 breaks. Avg opp rank: 49
Murray 71 – Wacko 3 6 1
123 – Dustin Hoffman 3 6 1 6 sets with 12 breaks. Avg opp rank: 97

31 Responses to “How many breaks against what ranked player so far for the top four? Measure the two together to keep the run in perspective.”

  1. jennifur said


    thx t.p.!!

    u rock …. fur surrre.

  2. Somebody Else said

    Murray and Nadal have not yet played their 3rd round matches. Djoko’s 3rd round stats aren’t here either. 😦

  3. BANTI said

    I like the contender stats better, Fed’s rocking on those. T.P. where is Sod. He’s the real contender for the spot in the finals, not Djokovic. Sods one scary Swede.

  4. jennifur said

    dont count out chucky … chucky is v/calm cool collected … chucky kicks butt …

    as stats show … rafa + nole hv had higher ranked opponents so far …

    will know more when fed + the scot hv some competition … helter skelter doesnt count 😉 nor does wawrinka … watch ur back murray! 😉

    o.k. am just bein siilly …

    4 those about 2 rock … we salute u!!!!!!! fur surrre!!!

    • M said

      • Somebody Else said

        This should be played when FEDAL enter the court together! 😀

      • M said

        Yes! LOL!

        \o/ \o/ \o/

        An excellent choice, as Roger says AC/DC is one of his favorite groups.

        (But to be fair, then, perhaps we should also have the Battle theme from Gladiator? As a prequel? Because Rafa says that is his favorite movie.:-) )

      • Somebody Else said

        At least from about 0:41 to about 1:22, to really set the mood, then cut to the solo…

        Lyrics tend to distract, therefore me must allow for the power of the rocking to forthwith enrapture the masses who have therein come to be rocked, indeed. It is incumbent upon those about to rock us to unleash the very rock for which we have been called to observe.

        I must be careful not fall into redundancies whenever I go off like this. 😉

      • M said

      • M said

        “Just raise your goblet of rock”


      • Somebody Else said

        That’s the spirit I was trying to invoke. 😛 A toast to you, M, for bringing forth the rock!
        Hey, can we make this whole thread about rocking? Clips pertaining to The rock? 😉

      • M said

        LOL. TP might get us for being off-topic.
        Isn’t this thread supposed to be about The Breaks? 😛

      • M said

      • Somebody Else said

        That should be the song played every time Federer gets his serve broken. 😉
        “These are the Brreeaaakkkss, break it up, Break It Up, BREAK IT UUUP!”

      • M said

        LOL! Oh nooo!
        Roger (and Rafa), when broken, will always rise again!

      • jennifur said

        lolzzzz started something w/quoting ac/dc but “M” u really kept it going!!!!

        good!!! 🙂

  5. chieko said

    😆 I cannot help but laugh a great deal at the names TP sama gave. I have to go and check who they really are. Such cute names.

    • Somebody Else said

      Recent nicknames as I’ve come to understand them (add any I’ve missed):

      Gabashvili = Garbageville
      Istomin = Histamine
      Granollers = Granola Bar
      Rafa Nadal = Ralph Nadle (according to B.Gilbert)
      Petschner = Pet Detective
      Dabul = Kabul, Afghanistan
      Querrey = Queer Eye
      Verdasco = Hot Sauce
      Wawrinka = Paprika / Wart-Wrinkle
      Stepanek = Steponmyneck / popular favorite: “Neck Stepper”
      Gasquet = Gasket / Blow A Gasket (“Dicky Gasket” to B.Gilbert)

      What else??

      —Names like Feli, Feru, Fena, Fifi, Fido, Fufu, etc. don’t count. The TP Goofy Factor has to come into play here.

      • Jenny said

        Gave me a good laugh, thanks SE!! 😆

        lol ‘Hot Sauce’ doesn’t count either, that’s one of his official Nicks

      • Jenny said

        lol Ralph Nadle!!

      • jennifur said

        melzer = helter skelter right?
        benneteau = ben and two or something like that…

      • chieko said

        Good morning. I woke up at 4 am now to come to my favourite planet. 😆 Somebody Else san, you are such a nice person!! Thank you and thank you so much for solving the name problem for me!! Now I know for sure 😆 …… I love all these new other names. So interesting !! Domoarigatougozaimashita!! Thank you very very much!!

        Have a wonderful week!!
        Have to get ready for work. Have an early location shooting today!! Mata ne ( see you later) I shall check Nadal san Vs Simon san’s results ( and all the other results ) much later today!!


  6. Jenny said

    Theme from Gladiator – sung by Lisa Gerrard.

  7. Jenny said

    Novak Djokovic – very impressive against Blake. He’s finding form now.

  8. Growltiger said

    What’s really interesting is the ranking of the people they played first round. Only Djokovic and Berdych drew top 50 players.
    Also what are the odds that all three Serbs (Djokovic, Troicki and Tipsarevic) ended up in the same quarter?

    Nadal played #93
    Fed #96
    Djokovic #47 (5 sets)
    Murray #71
    Soderling #214 (didn’t he go five sets, too?)
    Davydenko #80
    Berdych #35 (and lost)
    Querry (20) drew #596
    Isner (18) #87

    • Jenny said

      To be honest, GT, I don’t bother too much about the current rankings of opponents in a slam. I look at past history and the quality of their opponents the have beaten. Many of the unseeded or low seeds have, at one time in their career, reached a high level, the quality is already there, many have slipped beneath the radar because of injury, age or other genuine reasons. Eg Nalbandian ranked #31 did reach #3 in his career and he got a wildcard in Washington. if he had come into the US Open unseeded and in his current form, he would have been a nightmare for any of the top 5 and there may well have been an early upset. Ferrero and Roddick were also former #1.

      Berdych was beaten by #35 Llodra, a serve/volley specialist with a massive lefty serve, a great athlete with guile, plus a doubs slam champion – not in the least bit surprised at that defeat.

    • Sol said

      Growltiger, What do you mean by “what’s interesting is the ranking of the people they played first round”?
      no offense, but that’s the fourth time in 4 different threads that you imply that the draw has been fixed. You even say in another thread that Nadal and Djoko were intentionnally put in the same half by the organizers so that the one who wins this match will be too exhausted to face either Murray or Federer in the finals, allowing one those two to win the title. I had to remind you that Djoko is in Fed’s half so that your theory does not make sense at all. Then you say that it’s “weird” that Fed’s first round opponent (Dabul) is a player noone has ever heard of. So what? Did you hear about Mina (a 16 y.o. junior ranked over 600) before he played Nadal in RG this year? Now you’re complaining about how the three serbs are in the same quarter. What’s your point? That there’s some kind of anti-serb conspiracy going on?
      There is no hidden agenda behind all this, the draw is by definition just luck. All top 4 have had easier and tougher draws in the majors throughout their careers.

      • Jenny said

        Exactly, Sol. It is the luck of the draw. eg Did anyone expect the US unseeded Tipsy, [#44] albeit dangerous, to beat the high seeded Roddick on a hard court?

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