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Exciting matches (five setters?) coming up @ US Open – other than the obvious ones.

Posted by tennisplanet on September 5, 2010

Djokovic vs Fish.

Federer vs Soderling.

Wawrinka vs Querrey?


2 Responses to “Exciting matches (five setters?) coming up @ US Open – other than the obvious ones.”

  1. M said

    I think Stan v. Sam *will* be exciting, TP.

    Stan has that mighty upset, and that wicked backhand, and a master strategist in Peter L., his coach, on his side. Sam has won four titles this year already — only one less than Rafa — and he wants to take the win for the home team.

    Same for Mardy and Nole, both playing well (and I think the cooler weather will help Nole even though he has a day match).

    I wouldn’t rule out Rafa v. Feli either (though of course it will not be well with me if Rafa does not win :evil:), if Feli keeps his head and plays his nice serve & volley; he did beat Rafa at Queens.

    As for Roger v. the Sod, all together now –


  2. wuiches said

    Sod to the 5th against Fedex???? no freakin’ way!!!!!

    And if it happens Fedex should be considering seriously to retire coz’ there is no another coach or whatever to hire in order to make him win these tournaments!

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