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In Murray’s elimination, Nadal secures his second wish. Ist? Berdych.

Posted by tennisplanet on September 5, 2010

Instead of facing a hot Nalbandian and Murray / Berdych in the next two rounds, Nadal is now looking at Ferrer and Querrey. While that’s no walk in the park, it’s clearly a massive step down from the original line up hugely boosting his chances of at least making it to the final – a step better than his previous career showing here – if not winning the whole freaking thing now.

So what possibly went wrong with Murray apart from his left leg, neck, elbow and whatever freaking else? Could it be related to these numbers – too? 123 and 27. Anybody know what I am talking about? No, you don’t!!!!!!!!!!!!

Murray faced No. 71 and No. 123 ranked player in his first two rounds – with ease. While the draw progression is built to ramp up the degree of difficulty, sometimes it can create a false sense of being in control specially when the jump is as stark as 123 to 27 (Wawrinka).

Nadal HAS to be hoping for similar scenario to play out on the other side of the draw with these numbers: 96, 104 and 15. If it does, Nadal’s last wish may come true too. Those are Federer’s numbers with Heltor Skelter next.

That should place Nadal on suicide watch instantly even if he loses to a resurgent Djokovic in the final.

However, this also takes some pressure off Federer, not having to face a clearly better player on this surface than anybody else today – in the finals – after losing to him in straight sets at Toronto. Will Nadal as replacement prove to be a better alternative is what’s for us to find out. Besides, Djokovic may have shown up on Federer’s radar too after what Djokovic has produced in the last two matches considering the higher seeds he has fought. Federer is on course to meet Djokovic in the semis.

Nadal has got to be thinking what Federer was just few days ago: With current showing, Djokovic should be able to tire Federer long enough to make the sacrifice on Sunday a lot less tedious. Federer thought the same about Nadal / Murray hours ago.

For Murray, this has got to be devastating. He was coming into his own after Toronto win with Cincy’s failure resting on the ‘back to back’ crutch. With both Nadal and Djokovic struggling just a short while ago, it was just ‘beginning to find form’ Federer left between him and the first Slam. Murray is on clock with every passing minute relegating him into realms of another Nalbandian mould – best player to never win a Slam. Besides, historically he is cutting it close to being just another ‘also ran’ player instead of being one of the greats as the window begins to close on him.

So if above pattern is any indication of who will do well here – with respect to opponent’s rank and rank ‘shock’ treatment as guidance – Djokovic appears most over the hump to take away the spoils as he has battled the highest ranked players so far making him more ready and tested. Or will match-up BS enter the equation to wash away all such advantage? Besides, Federer can never be discounted here leaving a significant hurdle for Djokovic to overcome compared to Nadal who is looking at all green signals on his half.

If nothing else this current dynamic lends credence to another FEDAL final spicing things up one more time – unexpectedly.


18 Responses to “In Murray’s elimination, Nadal secures his second wish. Ist? Berdych.”

  1. Bettyjane said

    No worries Fed fans. Nadal has been complaining consistently about the balls here favoring players with flat strokes over his topspin so this lopsided draw is nothing more than an equalizer.

  2. M said

    David Nalbandian’s out too.

    But Stan’s upset of AndyMur today shows that you never know what can happen here.

    • Jill said


    • chieko said

      Oh my goodness M san. I am on my breakfast break ( we started since 4 .30 am,) and cannot believe what I have read. Oh dear I feel for Murray san for he has to face his hostile home media. I wish that they will be more kind to him. I am sure there must be a real reason for him not doing well.

      That said, I really don’t think anyone is a sure bet anymore. I still wish my own hero the best. But who really knows. 😕

      Ok back to work.

      • M said

        Glad you could drop in on a short break, Chieko san! 😀

        It’s been quite a day here for us here in US Open tennis! FeVer took David N. out (Jenny thinks it might’ve been in part because his ankle was still weak from the roll it took in the earlier match, and we know Jenny usually has her facts straight).

        As for Stan and AndyMur, it seemed to be the combination of strategy and grit by Stan — plus that wicked backhand of his — coupled with Andy seeming to deal with some injuries, but failing to take a formal injury timeout. A mystery.

        To paraphrase Mr. T., I kind of “pity the fool journalist” who tries to get an interview with him too soon after this upset.

      • Jenny said

        Hi Cheiko san, the Bitish media haven’t been that unkind to Andy, really. Unfortunately, he has been over hyped which is the Bitish media’s fault, together with some of his fans. I’m sure he does have fitness/stamina issues which aren’t specific, but I think pressure played a big part too. Wawrinka was the better player and he was Andy’s first real test at the Open.

      • Jenny said

        I agree, these pressers after a big loss are too much to take by some guys. Surely the media can give them more time to recover their composure. Murray was almost in tears, I saw the same with Delpo and Coria. Infact in one presser Delpo had to be led off he was so tearful, Coria was in a terrible state after his FO loss.

    • Vr said

      Trouble is, guys with big upsets rarely win the next match. Hope Stan W proves me wrong

    • Growltiger said


  3. Growltiger said

    Any top 25 player can have a hot game and beat even the best. I think many of the top 5 especially Djokovic don’t take their opponents seriously until it’s sometimes too late. As TP says, Murray had easy first and second rounds, so probably was surprised by Stan W. and by the time he got his bearings, he’d pulled something or his elbow was hurting. Nadal got a real scare from No 93 and would have lost except he’s the exception to the rule and he takes EVERY opponent seriously. (I think he’d come out swinging against an 85 y.o.) The Tennis Gods wanted Djoko and Berdych out of the way so their faves could get into the semis – Murray, Federer, Nadal and Soderling, but were too smart by half. Giving him Troicki almost worked, but he dug in — unusual for him. Chucky had a tough time in round 1 (against No 214 in the world — go figure, Tennis Gods), but has been playing well. Fed will have his hands full with him. I still say it’s Nadal and Fed in the final with Nadal prevailing but it’ll be a dog fight.

    • Jenny said

      I agree with most of your post, GT. LOL Fate, luck, call it what you will, always plays a hand, good or bad, but I can’t agree that those mysterious, unknown tennis gods are conspiring against certain players, sorry.

      • Sol said

        Jenny, I think we should just give up. I gave up.
        Obviously Growltiger is convinced the world is conspiring against Djokovic (and what is this obsession with Djokovic anyway?), so there’s no point in this. He is so obsessed with that thought that not only he repeats it on practically every thread (what is it, the 6th time he has now said the exact same thing) but he also has no interest in discussing it, it’s just monologues.
        So, Growltiger, I’m sorry if you feel so frustrated about this, I just hope you’re still able to enjoy the tennis despite it.

  4. claire said

    If all goes as planned – Federer meeting Chucky in 1/4 – double wammy for Federer? Soderling plus how many times has Federer “exited” in the quarters? Think that will play with his mind??

    • M said

      Claire, I’d like to think he and PA have talked, and even if those thoughts try to play in Roger’s mind, the two of them will have come up with a plan to chase them out.

      It seems to me a lot of the work and conditioning they’ve been doing is are much mental as physical.

    • M said

      “are”, not “is / are”.

      (How come WordPress has no editing function? Does TP like to keep our giddy and sleep-deprived mistakes up so he and the goats can laugh at them as they wind down at the end of a tennis day? 😛 )

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