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Murray interview after losing to Wawrinka. What were the physical problems?

Posted by tennisplanet on September 5, 2010

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6 Responses to “Murray interview after losing to Wawrinka. What were the physical problems?”

  1. Growltiger said

    I wish Murray would speak English (smile)

  2. Jenny said

    Understandably Andy is very upset. It was a very strange match from him after the first set, even our comms could offer no explanation. Basically Andy was outplayed. Andy took no official med time outs which again was a mystery, the trainer came out to him twice. The first time no real treatment, the second time some manipulation to his neck, nothing of any consequence and he seemed physically fine after. Stan did take an official med time twice, he seemed to twist awkwardly, was in obvious pain and had to stop play immediately. He had his thigh strapped the first time and then taken off the court next changeover for privacy. Officially a thigh strain which was probably affecting his groin.

  3. Carolee said

    Actually, I thought he was quite sportsman like, he credited Sat several times.

    • Jenny said

      Yes he did, and it was good to hear, they are quite friendly though. He always credits the two R’s, but he hasn’t always sufficiently credited some other players who have beaten him. Right now, he needs to get back and enjoy playing tennis, because last night he simply was not.

  4. Carolee said

    STAN, not SAT!!

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