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Who has the toughest road to the title now?

Posted by tennisplanet on September 5, 2010


25 Responses to “Who has the toughest road to the title now?”

  1. Bettyjane said

    It’s really dead even between Fed and Nole isn’t it.

    • Jill said

      Still think Nole has it tougher than Roger, Rafa’s has become pretty easy now, imo.

      • M said

        Like we said in the other thread, you never know what’ll happen.

        I do think Nole’s draw has gotten tougher, but even if (after? Chucky! Shall Not! Advance! lol!) Roger breaks down the Chucky the Sod, he still has to get through a semi with Nole, his second in two years. And everyone gets a year older.

        As for Rafa — well, Feli has a good S&V game (when he keeps his head on and actually chooses to use it), and he did beat Rafa in Queens.

        Ferru is playing great tennis, so I don’t rule out him beating FeVer at all — and Ferru and Rafa have a pretty even H2H on hard court.

        And if FeVer does advance over Ferru, well — we all know what happened the last time he and Rafa got into it at a semi. I feel like I’ll never catch up on the sleep I lost that year.

      • jennifur said

        agree w/jenny…fur surrre.

      • jennifur said

        m fed wudnt hv potential 5 time uso champion in semis!! no way his path harder than noles … noles harder…

      • Jenny said

        Fer has never beaten Rafa on any surface. Ferru has beaten Rafa twice on a hardcourt, albeit 2007.

        FeVer/Ferru H2H 6-4 Last beat FeVer 2010 on clay Rome – straights
        Lopez/Nadal H2H 5-2 Last beat Rafa 2010 Queens

      • M said

        I just don’t want to jinx Roger’s way, jennifur.

        I’m thrilled at the way he and PA are working together; I think he’s made some changes in his conditioning as well as his headwork which is why his play seems to have rocketed on an upward trajectory since those problems in Paris and London, but … I just never rule anything out.

        I mean, there were all those people who practically had AndyMur in the final, who would never have counted him out, and even if they did, wouldn’t have bet on Stan to be the one to take him out. I think Sol went to bed, she was so sure Stan wouldn’t win. 😛

      • Jenny said

        Agree, Nole has a real toughie.

      • M said

        “Ferru has beaten Rafa twice on a hardcourt”

        You never know.

      • Vr said

        It is a joke. Rafa walks through to finals with two top guys eliminated.

      • M said

        He doesn’t walk it if he has to play Ferru.

      • Jenny said

        I’m sure you’ve seen this M, this is just to reiterate your point.

      • M said

        Good grief there was some amazing shotmaking going on there, wasn’t there, Jenny?

      • Jenny said

        Too true, M. Who says these guys just play from the baseline, some great net play and volleys too.

      • chieko said

        Thank you Jenny san for such great video. I wonder what year it was . I enjoyed watching it.

      • Jenny said

        You’re welcome, Cheiko san. it was the semi of the 2007 year end Masters [the top 8] which was held in Shanghai [now in London]. Roger and David were the finalists, Roger won.

      • Sol said

        Thanks for the vid, Jenny. I remember this match, it was a thriller. But it was in 2007 and a best of 3 format. Nadal is a better HC player now and beating him in a best of 5 in another mountain to climb. And unfortunately, I think the spaniards do have some inferiority complex when they play Nadal.

  2. Bettyjane said

    Ok whose the wiseguy that picked Nadal! LOL!

  3. Kitty said

    Nole’s draw will always look tougher since it will always have nadal and federer at the end. Nadal has made his own luck, such a cake walk to the finals. I am still afraid of Sod vs Fed. Sod nowadays plays with a lot of confidence when he faces Fed specially when he is crusing in earlier rounds

    • Growltiger said

      Nole has had a tough draw from Day 1 when he drew the 47th player in the world and his teammate on Davis cup. Berdych’s (35) and he lost. Ferrer drew #45. The rest go no one under 50 and Chucky got #214. It’s almost as though the Tennis Gods wanted to get rid of some players early or make it so tough for them they couldn’t go on.

      • Jenny said

        The whole point being, Nole is still in the Tournament, this is what being a great player is all about. Nobody is entitled to an easy ride, it’s probably done him a lot of favours instead of just coasting through, look at Murray who had it easy peasy before he met Wawrinka. All the top seeds have tough draws from time to time, you should know that. Fed had a shocker at Wimby 2006, his first opponent was the red hot, but unseeded Richard Gasquet who had just won a grass tourney the week before, he had also beaten Fed on clay a couple of years previously. There are no exceptions or conspiracies. You mention Ferrer, one might think the tennis gods had conspired against him last year when he had to face three giants, Isner, Cilic, and Del Potro one after another in the same tournament, finally to fall to Delpo, how about that for a nightmare, the guy’s 5’9″ and weighs 160lbs! I bet Mikhail Youzhny wasn’t relishing meeting the dangerous John Isner either, he survived a barage of 30? aces and won. No guarantees, the better player on the day is the winner.

      • Jenny said

        Correction: 33 Aces to Youzhny’s 5.

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