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Federer just got handed another compelling reason to win US Open.

Posted by tennisplanet on September 6, 2010

He is after record-breaking 6th US Open title. No. 17. Need to reverse the ill effects of the entire season and inject life into his faltering career by ending the year with two Slams. Not let Wawrinka’s effort go to waste without the ‘reward’ he has been asking for, for far too long………………

All these are fine and demanding reasons in their own right but the one that just got added may possess the sharpest edge. Have a clue? No, you don’t!!!!!!!!

It’s the sudden brush clearance from Nadal’s path to the title. If Nadal wins this, it will bring back painful memories of this year’s Wimbledon where not only did Federer lose early, Nadal lifted the trophy which Federer still believes belongs to him. Besides, it will allow Nadal to match yet another hard-earned record of Federer, damping some of the sparkle from it just by the proximity of its occurrence if nothing else. It’s called the career Slam for rock people. Only 6 people in the history of the sport can claim that honor. Not enough? That brings Nadal to No. 9 for Slams – at 24.

All that collectively delivers massive power to the significance of following numbers: 7-14 creating a near vacuum in a building housing the GOAT debate.

4 Responses to “Federer just got handed another compelling reason to win US Open.”

  1. As federer’s fan, i always think about what will block Nadal from tie federer’s record, indeed … how can federer don’t even think about it 😀

  2. Xeres said

    TP maybe he just wants to star in a Gypsyish video with Gwen n Gavin 😀

  3. Somebody Else said

    It’s high time Federer started winning some meetings in that head-to-head with Rafa. He needs to do his part in this rivalry of which so many have spoken. Play him more on hardcourts and grass? Is that the solution? At least he could even it up between the two. Such a massive chunk of that deficit is from the clay season. But without Fed’s clay results over the years to go along with everything else, TMF wouldn’t be as much the GOAT he’s touted to be. I think it’s Fed time. 😉

    • wuiches said

      they have faced each other 9 times on fast courts and 12 times on clay, as you can see the difference it’s not too big, if Fedex were as dominant(in the H2H I mean) on fast courts as Nadal is on clay he won’t need more matches to tie the record, it would be 8-1 or 7-2, but it is 5-4 for Fedex!!!!! So he is just not that good against the spaniard!!!!

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