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Time for Spaniards to come together again this year to bag another prize?

Posted by tennisplanet on September 6, 2010

-Shouldn’t the three Spaniards blocking Nadal’s next two rounds just roll freaking over? Lopez, Verdasco and Ferrer are once again standing in the way of not just another crowning achievement for Spain this year but in the making of history. All three are fodder material for anyone they meet in the next round with minus zero chances of winning the freaking title.

Not only should they not attempt to win against Nadal now, they should ‘fix’ it in such a way that they don’t drain too much of the fuel Nadal has historically fallen short of at this stage of the tournament over and over freaking again.

And there’s the fourth Spaniard named Robredo whose sole job should be to WIN – over Youzhny, Querrey / Wawrinka to open the semifinal spot too. Anyone of them not doing their obvious job will result in wide scale condemnation at home and abroad.


3 Responses to “Time for Spaniards to come together again this year to bag another prize?”

  1. Jenny said

    LOL TP! The handsome Senors won’t roll over for anyone, and why they are high seeded tough pros with a lot of Spanish pride, and imo a credit to their country and our sport. Who expected the diminutive Albert Montanes to even take a set off the powerful Soderling, I certainly didn’t. May the best man on the day win..

  2. Manal Ismail said

    FODDER material eh? U wicked u TP!


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