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Wall Of Fame contest.

Posted by tennisplanet on September 6, 2010

Roddick is having a miserable hard court season capped with this loss to Tipsy at US Open. There’s another factor exacerbating that pain lately. What is it?

First correct answer = Honorable mention @ Wall Of Fame.

49 Responses to “Wall Of Fame contest.”

  1. Stella said

    the mono maybe?

  2. Sir Vibhudi Aatmapudi said

    His marriage is falling apart

  3. Bettyjane said

    The rise of all the other Americans

  4. overcaffeinated said

    He is not that good anymore. He has made the best he possibly could of his talents, where his game has hit its limited peak. It’s the skids from here on in. This, and the fact that he doesn’t have a Ferrari. Yeah, that’s it 😉

  5. Jenny said

    The mono and other injuries this year? LOL This could be a trick question from TP’s pen. If it’s this, then I have no idea.

  6. chieko said

    That the foot fault call was Right !! 😆

  7. Somebody Else said

    continually poor shot placement, giving the opponent control of points.

  8. sperry said

    The slowly dawning realization that he is a 7 year old in a man’s body.

  9. kitty said

    all very nice and funny answers! can’t think of anything else, i will say all the above..

  10. Ricke said

    He has lost a lot of the respect and fans he gained after his classy performance at Wimbledon, especially after the “foot fault” fiasco. That and the fact that his wife will soon be a big movie star and he will be known as Mr. Decker. But I am still hoping for one last miracle. Forgive me Andy for trying to win this silly contest…

  11. Rick said

    I’m gonna go with this: he is now 28 and no matter what he tries in the way of coaches, fitness, match strategy, or trophy wife, he just can’t seem to break through.

    Federer is now 29, and on top of the 15 more grand slams that he has won than Roddick, now seems to be getting the second wind and lease on life that has eluded Roddick for years. He’s certainly still more competitive than Roddick, doesn’t have to agonize as much about slippage (even though he’s slipping too), and seems to get greater mileage with only minimal changes (like getting a coach, period), i.e. more bang for his change-it-up buck. He also doesn’t need to resort to umpire bashing to psych himself up. Nor does he need a trophy wife.

  12. chieko said

    I know I know, Roddick san finally realize that He is the one who always give Federer san the break, that is He always makes Federer san look good. 😀 Almsot like the song, Anything you can do worse, I can do worse than you !!

  13. Dee said

    His child hood friend Mardy who also being married and progressing forward than him?

  14. chieko said

    Could it be that his coach is also thinking of leaving him !!

  15. M said

    TP, is this about Brooklyn making the SI cover again?

  16. Jenny said

    The loss of his match against Tipsy, and possibly his last chance of getting a second US Open title.

  17. Lobbo said

    Wife pregnant.

  18. He so sad because he cannot see me in the court again, maybe ?? 😀

  19. D.S.G. said

    This is all very sad. Although he has never been a favorite of mine, it seems he is taking a lot of beating now…

    • chieko said

      D.S.G. san , good morning to you. I have to get up really early today.

      Thank you for reminding us all to be kind to him. He is a great guy really and very humorous. I am sorry Roddick san. I hope you recover soon.

      I think the sad thing to him ( as someone already mentioned above) that all the other Americans are doing so well even better than him, and by the end of the year, sadly, all the three other good American players could become top 10. and sadly Roddick san may be the only one who cannot make it.

      I miss a former frequent poster called Deep South Girl. I tried to communicate with her at Sadly she never come back. I hope one day she will. D.S.G. san, you will like her. She was very witty and very knowledgeble. I really miss her.

      Have a great day. I have to go to work very early today.

      • D.S.G. said

        Hey Cheiko san ! It’s me! Deep South Girl !! (aka D.S.G.)

        For some reason I wasn’t able to post for a while but I DID change my moniker several times and was able to post as “Kato,” “Tweedle -Dum,” “Tia,” and maybe one other person…

        But now I am here again !

        After reading your kind words in response to my post about Roddick, I am ashamed of what I posted a few minute ago about Soderling. I must try not to do that. Thank you for making me think of that.

        I am loving the U.S. OPEN And I hope we can have a Federer-Nadal final. How glorious that would be.

        It’s so nice to hear from you!

        Love DSG

      • chieko said

        Oh my dearest Deep South Girl san (a.k.a.) D.S.G. san what a gift to me today. I am going to be rushed so I speak very fast now. Half dressing and eye on computer and very quiet so I would not bother my father or I shall have a lecture 😳

        It has been a long time. I cannot believe it is you. I miss you for a long time. I saw your post on You were sad that you think TP sama had blacklisted you ( I forgot the exact word you used) and a few other people jumped in and some even told you to change names , to forget about us and to avoid this site etc. I did try to talk to you many times but I guess it is hard there for it is not a blog site so some of my comments were deleted too by their webmaster. Never worry now, you are back. I welcome you with all my heart.

        I do believe TP sama explain somewhere that you need to put your name and most importantly an email address. He even said that if you don’t just make one up or something like that. I guess I am happy you are ok now.

        Welcome back D.S.G. san My dearest Deep South Girl san !! Yipppeeeeeeee!!

        Would you please have a mailbox if you have time. I am sure a lot of our residence miss you too.

        Lots of love from Chieko

        What a wonderful day !! 😆

    • Rick said

      Understandable reaction, DSG (and yes, I have also wondered where you have been, although unlike Chieko I did recognize the recent posts as none other than 🙂 — so welcome back, we hope you stay around this time!

      I have two responses, I think: one is that I think the site is overall pretty balanced and fair in its distribution of accolades and criticism (or just plain trash talk). And I think it’s important to be able to demonstrate that this is so when new or infrequent posters accuse us of being prejudiced for Federer or for Americans or against Serena or against Djokovic (well, OK, maybe Murray doesn’t get a lot of love around here 🙂 ) . In my experience, it’s generally not that way at all — players get equal opportunity support and abuse on here, based for the most part on their own behavior.

      That said, my second response is that while I like Roddick’s press conference performances as much as the next person (even the most recent), he really crossed a line with me and a lot of other tennis fans with his latest display of unnecessary and prolonged on-court brat boy behavior at the expense of an official who is moreover under instructions not to respond. He’s going to have to dig himself out of that hole with me, and I expect this may also account for the hard time he’s being given here. A lot of people are seriously pissed off and fed up with him for his incessant bullying temper tantrums at officials just trying to do their job.

  20. Stella said

    I agree with Dee. roddick considered himself the big fish in the small pond of American tennis men but now Fish is the big fish

    • Ricke said

      This is hard for me to swallow as well. Mardy Fish was so inconsistent and never seemed willing or able to put in the hard work that it took to be a top player. Now he has beaten Roddick twice and has seen a re-birth in his career. Andy has always worked hard and has tried to change his game up…get better at volleys, net play etc.. The thing is he seems to have lost the aggressive tennis he used to play, content with just keeping the ball in play waiting for an error. I will not defend his treatment of umpires, but I feel most of it is due to his frustration with himself and this is the way he lets off his steam, not pretty to say the least. Off the court he is not mean spirited and he has apologized to many umpires after the fact.

  21. Xeres said

    Fellow Americans got all the attention…Fish,Querrey,Isner and not to forget that kid(yeah the Wawrinka clone as TP calls him).
    All of ’em entertained the crowd more than him.

    But since TP has used “lately” in the post I am going to go with his wife is getting more noticed ..there was that ESPYs(?)and after the movie releases who knows she might to shoot to fame that Roddick never expected her to.

    • Somebody Else said

      “lately” – you’re right, Xeres.

      Wow, my reading comprehension on this site has been horrible lately. I’ve also been posting too hastily by not fully absorbing all the information before adding my silly comments. I should probably cut out the nonsense and be more analytical about the sport like I used to be.

      • sperry said

        SE…i dunno… i’ve always been partial to nonsense. Is that not why we stay with TP? (Cold shot…sowwy.)

  22. WINNER: DEE.

  23. Bettyjane said

    Congrats Dee! Well done.

  24. Jenny said

    Congrats, Dee!

  25. chieko said

    Congratulatioins Dee san.

  26. DMK said

    I’ve never been a Roddick fan, so don’t know much about him. I only see that he goes around with a huge chip on his shoulder. He seems to be a bit of a poor sport. Maybe he is just bitter because he hasn’t achieved what he hoped to achieve in life. Whatever it is, he needs to lighten up.

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