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Can Djokovic win US Open this year?

Posted by tennisplanet on September 7, 2010

Stars are moving around in unison to align for that to happen, don’t you think? If Federer-Soderling match turns into a dog fight, the winner may be far too fatigued – mentally and physically – to fully compete for a place in the finals. And Nadal, even with his relatively easy ride to the big stage, will still be considered an underdog vis-a-vis Djokovic’s credentials here and on this surface.

Will all that add up to Djokovic’s second Slam? Maybe, maybe not. But this could be his best shot even surpassing the final he lost against Federer few years ago – if proceedings play up to the script.

Federer-Soderling match has lot hanging on it – not just for the two players directly involved but for the remaining clowns still alive. It has the potential to be the de-facto final or being able to produce a winner elsewhere based on what transpires on the court.

Djokovic, other than the opening five setter, has settled down to the extent that he made a roaring Fish look ordinary – in straight sets – with a break stick in the LAST set. That was Djokovic’s equivalent to Nadal’s potential encounter with Murray or Federer’s against Soderling. With a comparatively mundane Monfils next, Djokovic maybe able to make up for the time he lost in the five setter by the time other bigs are done with their own crosses.


2 Responses to “Can Djokovic win US Open this year?”

  1. Vr said

    Djoko was good but Fish was flat. Happens to the best sometimes.

  2. Jill said

    If he plays his best there’s certainly no reason why not.

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