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Federer vs Soderling.

Posted by tennisplanet on September 7, 2010

Federer enjoys about two hours ‘time on court’ advantage that may very well come in play with Soderling’s physical power play and the dying need to insert that thumb over and over freaking again. It that doesn’t work ANY of the other stats will step in to make the difference as Soderling is losing in each and every freaking category. Considering Soderling has played more sets, loss in the ace column has to be most alarming for him.

Doesn’t look like much of a fight with these lopsided numbers.

Player Aces Ist serve
Sets lost Unforced errors / Winners Bk pt conv % Time on court. Matches played
Soderling 44 57 3 144 / 144 44 9:21 4
Federer 56 60 0 100 / 147 46 6:56 4

15 Responses to “Federer vs Soderling.”

  1. O said

    So many 4’s here, the winner will be in the last 4.

    • M said

      You’re right, O – even in the multiples.

      Is there a feng shui issue in there somewhere?

      • chieko said

        For M san ( feng shui info)

        Four sounds the same as Death in both Japanese ( sounds shi) and Chinese ( I do not know about Korean pronounciation). I understand that in some buildings in Chinese ( I only heard about it) that there is no 4th floor. And liscence plate number, street address and telephone number often avoided by the believers. Very interesting indeed.

        Federer san is a Catholic believer. I guess feng shui will not touch him. His own God will protect him whatever number he is . By the way, 1 + 7 = 8 which is a lucky number. Good luck to you Federer san. Go for your 1+7 which is 8 as soon as possible!! :Grin:

        P.S. M san I am no expert in this matter, so please do not believe that I am correct!! 😳

        Have fun today my dear M san.

      • Jenny said

        Thank you for the info on Feng Shui, Cheiko san, most interesting.

        In numerology the No 8 is governed by the planet Saturn, the number of fate and hard work.. Saturn is a cold planet, the teacher in life’s lessons.

      • chieko said

        Thank you Jenny san. That is most interesting indeed. 😆

  2. bunnee said

    aaaaahhhh, i still believe soderling will give a good fight, he is mentally quite strong & that can make some big diff…

    nevertheless, go rogi go

  3. Ash said

    Good as Soderling is, Federer believes he can take him out. His body language is now more confident than I’ve seen in a long time. The outcome is entirely up to Federer and I cannot see an upset.

  4. Bettyjane said

    This is the most confident I’ve felt in months about a Fed-Soderling matchup. With the lopsided draw I hope he goes in for a swift kill.

  5. Good Luck Fed …

    Murray’s defeat from your countryman should be converted well into 17 😀

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