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Nadal’s real motivation to own a muscular body.

Posted by tennisplanet on September 7, 2010

It’s also why ‘not good looking’ girls possess the most revealing dresses. With Nadal now about to begin the downward spiral as far as physical peak is concerned closely followed by some serious hair loss, look for the muscles to get only bigger and badder.

It could also be the reason for Federer zeroing in on fashion so much. Could this also be the reason Williams sisters are becoming bolder and bolder with their dresses on the court as father time plays havoc with looks and youth? Could there be any other reason?

Venus’s dress has to be a freaking joke screaming of insecurity and ‘look at me’ syndrome. If this keeps up and the points get longer, she may be pulling her dress from her neck anytime now. Is this strip tease the precursor to bigger and better things ahead?

How long before the shrinkage starts from the other end? And doesn’t that stupid sparkle on the dress wreaks of desperation in being able to drive the point home? Point of ‘I am aging so this is the only way now for me to make people look at me any longer’.

Geeeeeeeeeeeeeezzzzzzzzzzzzzz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What blatant shamelessness.


5 Responses to “Nadal’s real motivation to own a muscular body.”

  1. Sir Vibhudi Aatmapudi said

    ha ha. Great stuff TP. This is why I visit your website!

  2. chieko said

    😕 🙄

  3. james said

    I think Roger and Nadal could pick up a few more women than you?

  4. chieko said

    TP sama please please take it easy!! 😆

    IMHO , no offense intended. The only thing I do not go along with is sparkles on outfits. ( I do not mind if the dress is pulled from the neck or anywhere due to the wind)but it is the sparkles sparkles and twinkles in the srong sun or evening lights and it may distract the opponents such like camera flashes. If they do not allow camera flashes on court, why do they allow sparkles especially in the sun? 😦 🙄 The same applies to bold and sparkling jewellry on men and womem . That is not fair to the opponent that is all. Taste is very personal. But rules should be implemented to support the fairest game. That is why I love wimbledon. All white and no distraction. And that makes the loveliest game.

    • M said

      Actually, to be fair, Chieko san, Rafa *did* have sparkles on his night outfit shorts for AO ’09.
      But they were very *subtle* sparkles.

      (I liked them. 😛 )

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