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Pictures – USO 2010 Roger’s 4R. From M. Thanks.

Posted by tennisplanet on September 7, 2010


Pictures – USO 2010 Roger’s 4R

Photostory: The Ballad of Roger’s Fourth Round

Good news and bad news. The good news (hopefully) is that I think I managed to find about 40 halfway decent pics out of the bushel I shot.

The somewhat strange news is that to read the little photostory on the correct timeline, you have to start from the end since photobucket, for some unknown reason, decided to load them backwards. They are, however, in numerical order, so hopefully it won’t be *too* problematic.

(The easiest way, I think, is to scroll down and click on “View All” to start from 001.)

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20 Responses to “Pictures – USO 2010 Roger’s 4R. From M. Thanks.”

  1. M said

    Thanks for posting these, TP! Also, thanks to Stella, the order is fixed.

    To all – I promise to get a new camera! 😳 The fact, though, that Roger is in the center of 90% of the shots, helps them a lot, I think. 😀

    The Ballad of Roger’s Fourth Round

    I’m no photographer as Sir V is,
    And Stella’s poetry is much more nice,
    But if your tolerance be generous,
    Then I will try to entertain you twice.

    For I was there as Roger did advance
    Though more than once we thought he might not win it –
    Watched breathless as his elegant court dance
    Banished spectre of final with no Roger in it.

    And many times you called it, Planeteers,
    Your commentary validated fears
    How little did we know the match with Meltzer
    Might leave Rog fans with need for Alka Seltzer!

    But Roger fought the weather and his man
    Through shanking and through second set tiebreak
    And rose again like phoenix in the third
    Whip, counterpunch, all shots, for his fans’ sake.

    Friends, fans were legion! Gavin, Gwen too,
    They came to marvel at our hero’s range
    (But management *must* toss that kiss-cam, though –
    distracted, I missed a Roger shirt change).

    And so the moral, o doves, if there’s any,
    Is though a straight set victory shouts of glory,
    You may consider, ‘fore you bet a penny,
    Just if the scoreline’s telling the whole story.

    Go Roger!!!

  2. M said

    P.S. to all — password is case-sensitive, no spaces.

  3. Jenny said

    Thank you very much, M.

  4. Bettyjane said

    Loved it M! Looks like you were sitting in a great spot for that match. You probably blew on those net cords during the tie break to help Rog out.

    • M said

      I had a lovely loge seat, Bettyjane.

      I was actually a little frustrated because I thought “I have this great seat! Why does Roger still look so tiny in my shots?” LOL!
      (I’ve always been much more of an audio than a video girl. Tennis will change you. 🙂 )

      “You probably blew on those net cords during the tie break to help Rog out.”

      Shhh! Don’t tell anyone! They’ll hear you! 😛

  5. jett09 said

    Thanks M! Lovely photos!

    Lol when I first saw photo #8, I thought “what is that round stool with towels doing infront of Roger?” oopppsssss 😳

  6. Sir Vibhudi Aatmapudi said

    Ah! This brought a smile to my Wednesday afternoon, M. Very well done and thank you!

    • M said

      You’re quite welcome, Sir V! I wish you’d give those of us in need of photo-literacy a tutorial. 😀

      I don’t think I asked you … what kind of camera did you use for your lovely shots of Roger we saw from this year’s Wimbledon?

      • Sir Vibhudi Aatmapudi said

        Fujifilm FinePix F30 Digital Camera – Silver (6.0MP, 3x Optical Zoom) 2.5 inch LCD

        That’s the model I bought in 2006, on the recommendation of a friend. He said it was going to be discontinued. Apparently it takes pictures as good as an SLR camera and I have been pleasantly surprised with the results in daylight.

        By the way, I loved your signature sign-off – the waterfall towards the end. Wish I was in NY!

  7. Bettyjane said

    My husband is a photo geek and says that you simply need a telephoto lens IF your camera has that capability. If you look on courtside, these professionals have humongous lenses don’t they. If your camera doesn’t have this capability use Photoshop and do a digital zoom to blow him up.

  8. Manon said

    Thanks so much for this! Loved your little ditty…! Lucky you, I had to watch on tv…it was a breathtaking display of some gorgeous tennis.

    Let’s hope Roger keeps that killer serve against Novak up next…

    Thanks again!!!

    • M said

      I’m glad you enjoyed them! I have pictures from Rafa’s QF up now as well (taken with the new camera!), if you think you might be interested.

      “Let’s hope Roger keeps that killer serve against Novak up next…”

      Perhaps next year … 😕 🙂

  9. Sol said

    Thanks for sharing, M.

    • M said

      You’re quite welcome. (Sorry such a late reply; for some reason – sleep dep, perhaps? – I’m only just seeing this now.)
      I have my new camera now, so hopefully we’ll have better Roger pictures next year.

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