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Quarters and beyond US Open chat.

Posted by tennisplanet on September 7, 2010


TP, can you please start another one from quarters, this one is very slow now.


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  1. Isn’t Wawrinka a LOT heavier for a tennis player in this day and age?

  2. Bettyjane said

    If this goes five, it has the potential to really plug up the works. The ladies afternoon match would still have to be played and so I wonder if they’d dare shift a night session match to Louis Armstrong. (If Venus weren’t in the mix I’d say maybe)

  3. Sol said

    I just tuned in and Stan is playing some really bad tennis. I’m sorry, but no way is Querrey a better player than him. He needs to get a grip. WTH is he doing?
    This just so typical. Take out a big contender and then lose in the next round. Ugh.

    • Rick said

      He was playing OK before this set (which I haven’t been following, did he get broken?), Sol, just not aggressive enough, in my estimation.

    • BANTI said

      Yeah I mean wake up Stan. If your going to beat Murray show some gonads in the next round! These two don’t stand a chance against Rafa. Free ride to finals for Rafa in my opinion. Really bizarre stuff.

      • Bettyjane said

        Our only hope is Youzhny replaying his defeat of Rafa several years ago. But that was a different Rafa. This is a crap draw.

      • BANTI said

        Insanely fortunate draw for Nadal. Rafa does not have a career winning record on this surface with 8/9 of the top ten players. The one he does have a winning record with (undefeated against) Verdasco , is the only player in his way to the finals. For Murray and Berdych to go down is bizarre to say the least. In 12/16 of Rogers GS wins he faced atleast two top ten seeds in winning, usually 3. Out of the 4 he didn’t 3 have been at Wimbi his favorite surface and once when we won the French. He faced Potro the 5th seed and Soderling (who repeated as a finalist) in the French. Rafa getting a free ride on his worst surface?

    • Bettyjane said

      I wish the commentators for US television would enlighten viewers. Instead you get McEnroe attempting to make Nadal’s road through his countrymen appear tricky one. An Academy Award winning performance.

  4. Julien said

    Come on Stan, forget the 4th set, and close it out nicely !

  5. Rick said

    Stan has no business losing this match.

  6. Sol said

    Well, Querrey can thank his serve, as usual. And Stan can’t even buy one.

  7. Stella said

    I wrote a vsrse about umpires during Wimbledon and what a terrible job they have with unnpronouncable names. I spotted this lineup in the juniors draw today. say those 5 times fast.

    Ganna Poznikhirenko(UKR) /
    Zarah Razafimahatratra(MAD) def. Karolina Pliskova(CZE)[2] /
    Kristyna Pliskova(CZE)[2]
    7-6(4) 6-3

  8. Wasn’t that Querrey lob going out on break freaking point? Wawrinka may have made the lethal mistake.

  9. Somebody Else said

    It would appear that Rafa’s place in the final is set. Unless Youzhny can get hot and play really smokin’ tennis, I don’t know anyone else on that side who poses a threat. Looks like too many inconsistent guys up there. Who knows?
    Also, let’s see what the Federling match produces. Mon-FEECE/Djoko QF might be a stunner.

  10. Who can provide tougher resistance to Nadal in semis? Querrey seems far fresher than Wawrinka to be able to play one more match before facing Nadal and still provide trouble.

    • Sol said

      Querrey seems far fresher? Are we watching the same match?

      • Julien said

        Querrey was definitely more tired in that last set, however I don’t see Wawrinka going further if he isn’t able to win the next match in 3 sets.

        But congratulations to both players, the match was well fought !

    • BANTI said

      Querry was like a 70 year old country club member out there in the last few games.

  11. Rick said

    (the war of attrition ends)

  12. Sol said

    Woohoo! Go Stan! Well done!

  13. BANTI said

    Holy Swiss Cheese! Two Swiss in the quarters. Likely in the semi’s:) Stan needs to pick it up big time, even for Youzny. He played very well in that last set, but his serve needs to be much better for his next few matches. What’s Roger thinking at the moment? “Stan, lets switch sides, I’ll take Rafa in the semi’s over Sod in the quarters?” 🙂

    • Bettyjane said

      Wind affects serve big time here. Also I’m wondering how much is the strained quad going to play a role.

      • BANTI said

        Hope this is not the case. Have to see his match with Youzny to access either of their chances against Rafa. As of right now, not looking good.

      • Bettyjane said

        Youzhny has shown impressive mental toughness during his matches. PLaying against Isner in that incredibly Davis-Cup like atmosphere and then refiring after letting down in the third set today.

  14. Bettyjane said

    He attacked and grabbed it. So happy for him.

  15. Rick said

    Yea, Virginia Wade commenting on the Williams – Schiavone match.
    Good riddance to Luke Jensen.

  16. Dominic Anderson said

    Ohh no Venus, again in that outfit, I didn’t see her last match but I heard that she was just pulling it down the entire time, and now I see it, not good at all

  17. Rick said

    Yeah, did she design that thing? The hem is constantly riding up.
    OK, Schiavone is fun to watch, but I’m sorry, she walks and grunts like a guy.
    Of course Venus’s scream isn’t that great to listen to either, and the way she shambles around the court between points always cracks me up.

    • Sol said

      Lol, Rick. Bascially there’s nothing about this match that you like 😉
      I’ll take Schiavone’s walk and grunt over Venus’ unbearable shrieking anyday.
      The Ferrer v. Verdasco isn’t too bad.

      • Rick said

        LOL no, actually, I really do enjoy watching Schiavone play a giant like Venus.
        And I really admire Venus’s attitude in general — would that her sister would take some lessons from her in that regard.
        I just can’t watch any woman’s tennis match for too long a stretch because (a) they can’t hold serve and (b) the baseline bashing just becomes mind-numbing after a while.
        But Schiavone makes it a little more interesting with regard to (b).
        Good God, listening to those vocalize antiphonally in the background while I type this is something else.
        Ferrer v. Verdasco is on?
        Time to switch.

    • Sol said

      Oh, and the outfit…geez. Why is it more important to wear girly glittery stuff that look highly uncomfortable since she keeps pulling at it, instead of something that just make you look fashionable and nice but still like the great athlete that you are?

      • Rick said

        Would that she would have tugged at her hem a lot more at Roland Garros and spared us all the spectacle.

  18. Dominic Anderson said

    Congratulations to Venus Williams for reaching the semi-finals, if Clijsters is next it will be a good match, I hope she does not go out there with that outfit again, and the grunting, I think she play better when she is not grunting, is not that the grunt has an efect in her game, but they are matchs where she play great without any noise, like her RR match againts Serena in last year YEC. Altough she lost, I think that’s one of her matchs between 2009 and 2010, she was serving well, powerfull FH and BH, and playing awsome at the net.

    Best of wishes for her, I hope she win the chsmpionship.

  19. Joy said

    Some really shoddy line calling here at the end of set 2. Two consecutive shots of Ferru mistakenly called out, possibly derailed him a bit & he’s understandably pissed off.

    • Rick said

      Absolutely — and it looked like Verdasco may have double faulted on one of the set points on his last service game too.
      But Ferru prevails!
      I actually think he has a better chance of taking it to Rafa than Verdasco would anyway.

  20. Rick said

    Great matches today.
    I’ll say this for Schiavone: she fought like a little bull terrier.
    Ferrer v. Verdasco also really really tight, still in the second set tiebreak.
    (though I don’t think either of these jokers can match Nadal, they both get too mental)

    • Rick said

      Wow these guys are playing some fantastic points.

    • BANTI said

      I don’t know, not thinking they have what it takes seeing them play. They produce some great shots but nothing consistent. Still favor Youzny/Wawrinka against Nadal, but thats pushing it as well.

      • Rick said

        Banti, I agree 100% — that’s what I meant above with “I don’t think either of these jokers can match Nadal, they both get too mental.” And I was only thinking as far as the quarterfinals (though I did ask earlier if Youzhny can give Nadal trouble 🙂 ).

      • Jenny said

        Youzhny has been known to choke.

  21. Joy said

    Hi Rick, totally agree about Fran. She went down fighting tooth-and-nail, I love that.

  22. Joy said

    Jenny, Ferru’s looking really good out there, so gutsy, you must be loving this 🙂

  23. Sir Vibhudi Aatmapudi said

    That was indeed a great second set tie-break. As for the womens section, when I watch he williams sisters, sharapova and other growing numbers of barking( literally) mad tennis players, I miss Steffi Graf. A lot these days! I dream and hope of a time when Women’s tennis will be set right with champions like Graf and Navratilova.

  24. Nadal must be loving this Ferrer-Verdasco duel. Longer the match goes the greater are his chances of reaching the finals as Youzhny or Wawrinka appear incapable of beating the winner of this match – unless this goes five sets. That would be Nadal’s dream.

  25. Somebody Else said

    It has come to my attention that the elder commentator on the live stream for the Ferrer-Verdasco match doesn’t know sh*t about sh*t.

  26. Joy said

    “Hi Jenny, I’ll bet you have a big crush on Bill Pullman :)”

    LOL Sir V.A., so THAT’S who he reminds me of–thanks a lot!

  27. How come all women in front seats are in shape? It’s because someone else is paying for it? Or fat women don’t like tennis – that much? Or they don’t have much in the way of ‘returning’ the favor?

  28. Rick said

    And here I thought the Wawrinka v. Querrey match was a war of attrition….

  29. Ricke said

    Can Clisters or Stosur hold serve?

  30. BANTI said

    break point 2/2 in the fifth for the pit bull!

  31. Ricke said

    Wish I could watch the men play. ESPN showing the women.

    • Rick said

      It’s been equally exhausting for at least the past hour.
      But Ferrer seems to have woken up all of a sudden.
      Can’t you access the live streaming on the US Open website?

  32. Sir Vibhudi Aatmapudi said

    Nadal must be smiling wide in his sleep now as Uncle toni hastily whispers into his ear, how his buddies are killing themselves just to get a chance of being killed again by Nadal!

  33. BANTI said

    what a roller coaster. This match is crazy. Verdasco deserves the win for coming back.

  34. Sir Vibhudi Aatmapudi said

    Well, strap on your seat belts folks. This match is taking off beyond the stratosphere!

  35. BANTI said

    Verdasco way to dramatic after match point in my opinion. Well done though.

    • Kitty said

      seconded, did’nt like his antics there

    • Chicago fan said

      I agree. Granted, Verdasco was excited about his victory, and it was well-deserved, but you shouldn’t do that to a friend.

      Remember when a few French Opens ago, Rafa pummeled Roger. His celebration was very muted, out of respect.

      With that said, some of the shots that Verdasco hit yesterday were absolute missiles. Silly ESPN showed an error-fest between Clijsters and Sosur instead of the amazing tennis from Verdasco and Ferrer.

      • Jenny said

        I’m sure it was just in heat of the moment, that match could have gone either way and Fer knew it. They probably had a drink together after. 😛 I know when David beat Rafa some years ago, he flung himself to the ground and many thought that was disrespectful.

        I remember when Fed beat Santoro at Wimbledon, he just stepped over the net and shook his hand. As did Stepanek when Ferrer beat him in that classic DC final last year.

  36. Jenny said

    Amazing match! Sorry David, but I think it’s back in the top 10 come Monday and where you belong. Congrats Fer.

  37. Rick said

    Is that Obama doing the on-court interview lol?
    (I’m only getting audio)

  38. Kitty said

    All this for him to roll over before Nadal in straight sets. Would have preferred Ferrer

  39. Rick said

    All right.
    Does Verdasco have a prayer in the quarterfinal?
    And please don’t cite the AO 2009 semi-final, that was almost two years ago.

  40. Ricke said

    Two great warriors. These players should be glad Fererer is not a couple inches taller and a bit bigger. He would not get over powered by anyone. He fights for every ball. Impressive.

    • Somebody Else said

      His name is Ferrer, but you wanted to type Federer, huh? 😉

      • Ricke said

        LOL! I slept 3 hours last night and I don’t know what I was trying to type. I should go to bed, but of course I have to see how Rafa plays. Net time I will call him David, that I can spell for sure!

  41. Still feel Nadal would have been better tested if Ferrer faced him in semis. Nadal may already be in the finals with very little fuel spent compared to clowns from the other side are expected to expend.

  42. Stella said

    ESPN are now gushing that it has been one of the greatest matches of the tournament and yet they hardly showed more than 10 points of it

    • Ricke said

      Thank-You! What is wrong with these people? The other match was not great tennis at all. Why would they stay with it?

    • Somebody Else said

      ze américains don’t want to watch 4-hour tennis matches, they only want ze SportsCenter highlights after ze hour-long football talking.

    • M said

      “ESPN are now gushing that it has been one of the greatest matches of the tournament and yet they hardly showed more than 10 points of it”

      This. So. Much.

      “ze américains don’t want to watch 4-hour tennis matches, they only want ze SportsCenter highlights after ze hour-long football talking.”

      So, SE — do you think the cultured continent is ready for us tennis-watching Americans?
      Is there a “Give us your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning for decent tennis coverage on ESPN” sign on the hallowed shores?

      • Jenny said

        I’m sorry you guys in the US didn’t get to see the full Verdasco/Ferrer match live. No falling asleep for me! I did watch most of it on a stream, because Sky chose not to show it all on TV either. That match was what tennis is all about, talent, shotmaking, guts, hard work, good spirit and sportsmanship. These guys gave their all. 🙂 As with all of these closely contested great matches, there can only be one winner and that’s the hard part.

  43. BANTI said

    0/40 on Rafa’s serve and Lopez can’t convert. I think that says it all.

  44. Nadal comes back from 0-40 to live. This has now happened so many times against so many players that breaking him first has to clear the mental hurdle before it translates into the real world.

  45. Black outfit has to intimidate at some subtle level in your opponent’s mind. Haven’t you heard of certain colors at restaurants urge people to leave early?

  46. Jenny said

    Right now, I’m seeing a straight sets victory for Rafa.

  47. Nadal already has 2 freaking aces. That’s what he normally used to get for the whole freaking match. It could be the sole factor propelling him to career Slam by compensating for his physical style of play – specially when his tank is hardly spent today.

  48. Is Lopez aiming to kill some birds or freaking what? He has hit what six shots in the air already.

  49. This match is fixed. Lopez has been bought. Money may not be the only pay off.

  50. Somebody Else said

    This is still the 4th round. I forget he’s still got a QF and a SF to play.

  51. Lopez’s quads rival Berdych’s and Fiona’s.

  52. Wonder why Lopez even attempts to go to Nadal’s forehand. Just hit his backhand ONLY. Geeeeeeeeeezzzzzzzz!!!!!!! Is that even have to be pointed out.

  53. jett09 said

    Wow it’s still going!! Vamos Rafa!!

  54. Wawrinka may have a very real shot at facing Nadal in the semis after this five setter between Ferrer and Verdasco.

  55. M said

    Feli and Rafa both look peeved.

  56. Nadal wins another service game from being 0-30 down. Geeeeezzzzzzzzz!!!!!!!!!

  57. BANTI said

    Enjoying lopez play. The serve and volley seems to be working!

  58. There, that was the 7th shot of Lopez at the birds.

  59. I wouldn’t be sitting behind those two ball kids crouched so badly that their head is nearly touching the ground and their fannie is about to go off anytime.

  60. And does Aunt Tony never wears trousers. Must be some theory connecting this behavior for never being hugged as a kid AND as an adult.

  61. Turkey necks might as well start flying saucers to take advantage of those Lopez misfires.

  62. chieko said

    Hi I am on my lunch break. A quick peek at the results here. Oh my goodness. Poor Ferrer san. I am so sorry for him for I voted for him. I quess it is going to be very easy for our Nadal san. He will be in the final for sure then. 😀

  63. Have you noticed front seaters adjusting their grill to fit the camera screen?

  64. Have you noticed that lady sitting behind the umpire with the radar gun that follows the ball like a robot? It’s weird. Or is it something else? It’s long and hard.

  65. chieko said

    Have to go back to work. May the best player wins. 😀

  66. Lopez is proving, if it was not already known, that knowing Nadal and his game as intimately as Lopez does makes no difference.

  67. jett09 said

    Nice forehand Rafa!

  68. Lopez occasionally breaks out into his version of strip tease whenever he remembers he is in front of a crowd who cannot leave. How far up are the sparkly thingies?

  69. I think Nadal is most dangerous when his forehand down the line pass is firing on all cylinders – specially when changing direction.

  70. jett09 said

    Good hold feli.

  71. Rick said

    This seems like a perfectly good waste of a round of 16 match….

    • M said

      Oh, Rick – I would have left you a personal note, but you still don’t have a mailbox.

      (Why don’t you have a mailbox? :P)

      If you’d like to see some photos I took of Roger’s fourth round match last night, the link is in comment 103 in Wanna Post. Use the Guest Password: TennisPlanet.

      They’re not great photographs like Bluechyll’s were, because I didn’t have a great camera with me (I’m getting a new one! I promise!) but they are of Roger, which I think makes everything better. 😀

      I just wanted to make sure none of his fans missed them if they want to have a look at them.

      • BANTI said

        Hey M going to the Quarters tom! Kinda excited. Surprised you didn’t choose to see Rafa today!

      • M said

        Hey, Banti! I was wondering if, if I looked hard, I’d see you last night.

        I still remember last year’s quarters. Waiting to see if we were going to be all the way rained out. It was *freezing*. And then, it ended up spanning over two days!

        I’m sure your pictures will be better than mine. Roger looked amazing.

      • Rick said

        Hey M, thanks for thinking of me — just looked at the pics, nice! You guys in NY have my envy.
        The only events I’m ever in close proximity to are the US Open Series events in Southern California. Meh.
        Why don’t I have a mailbox? I guess because I don’t want to have to check email in yet another account.
        I’ve been using email since before there was a public access internet, so I don’t love it that much.
        For you, however, I’ll take it under consideration. 🙂

      • M said

        “The only events I’m ever in close proximity to are the US Open Series events in Southern California. Meh.”

        A friend of mine goes to IW every year. Never misses it unless she’s … well, I can’t remember the last time she did. LOL. Food for thought. 😛

        “For you, however, I’ll take it under consideration.”
        Yay! Thank you!
        *claps hands*

        If it makes it any better, it’s not a real mailbox, just a WP site to post that’s off the main threads. Look on the left sidebar; you can see how it works. TP can set it up for you. 🙂

  72. Nadal fires three freaking aces in ONE freaking game? That’s sick.

  73. Somebody Else said

    Feliciano L 🙄 pez

  74. O said

    I just saw Rafa sliding a couple feet, did he slide a lot on these hard courts, any comments?

  75. M said

    *sigh* Oh Feli. You are not Roger.

  76. Lopez, even Williams sisters do a better job of shaming when they play each other. Geeeeeeeeeeeezzzzzzz!!!!!!!!!

  77. M said

    Do these first serve percentages seem low to anyone else?
    Roger’s was in the fifties in the first set last night, I think.

  78. M said

    The commentators make me 🙄 when they do silly Armada jokes.

    “Holes in the Spanish galleon”?
    Somebody’s sense of humor is sleep-deprived, I think.

  79. jett09 said

    OMG it’s past their bedtime!! and probably another hour to go?

  80. Nadal is just toying now – and practicing.

  81. jett09 said

    😆 Rafa you’re not Roger! Good try!

  82. O said

    Lopez is eager to get some kind of treatment by Nadal tonight, I mean after the match.

  83. M said

    Oh man. Now I wish I was there, lol.

  84. Rick said

    Any sliver of a prayer of a fourth set?

  85. M said

    Oh. All those empty courtside seats with the ushers gone just hurt my feelings.
    *sigh of longing*

    I have a friend that takes the full two weeks off for the Open. I used to think he was quite crazy. Not so sure I do anymore …

  86. Rick said

    Wow, that was a real nailbiter.
    I feel so wound up after all that intensity.

  87. M said

    He changed his grip! She should know this!

    And why would she think Rafa would give away his weapons before his QF match??

  88. M said

    And Rafa tucks us in.
    Good night/day, everyone! 😀

  89. kitty said

    Another insane stat for Rafa – he has faced 13 breakpoints in this US open and NOBODY broke him even once till now

  90. kitty said

    I will give 100 bucks to anyone who can go to usopen dot org site and successfully manage to click the Live Scores link on the right

  91. BonnyBee said

    Rafa has just left the ESPN2 booth (was there during first 3 games of Monfils/Djok match). He was charming and self-effacing, as usual. Can’t believe how much his English has improved.

    • M said

      Oh, I hope they play that back later. I’m not where I can watch right now. I remember ESPN had Roger in the booth after one of his 2nd week matches at the AO, and how charming and funny he was.

      “Can’t believe how much his English has improved.”

      He was so charming last evening — BonnyBee, did you see him? It was late — and has been poised in his interviews all week, fielding some of the craziest questions.

      I remember how disdainful some people used to be about Rafa’s English. I’ll bet none of them can speak Català. Or Castilian Spanish, for that matter.

      • Jenny said

        I remember how disdainful some people used to be about Rafa’s English. I’ll bet none of them can speak Català. Or Castilian Spanish, for that matter.

        Too true, M! I love Davydenko’s interviews, some of his answers are hilarious to native English speakers, but actually his English is pretty good, certainly better than my Russian which is zero!

      • M said

        You’re so right, Jenny. Davy is an absolute riot, especially when he talks about how his wife apparently runs the house. 😛

      • Jenny said

        When Davy referred to the Round Robin system at the Masters, I believe he called it Robin Round, and also about his wife shopping. He has, what I would call, a dry wit.

      • BonnyBee said

        I did see him last night, you mean the post-match on-court interview? He’s almost giddy, much less shy. It’s as if the looser grip on the serve has loosened up his tongue/personality. It must be so nice to be able to understand questions and be able to give an answer other than “one match at a time I keep trying to improve.” I’m hoping his vastly improved English could get him more endorsements here in the U.S. Federer has about 100 commercials running regularly here–and there’s a new one with Monfils (!) that’s been running for a week or so on the Tennis Channel. The only ones I ever see for Rafa are about his racket or strings and he doesn’t even talk.

      • M said

        BonnyBee, Rafa does have a pile of endorsements that play *outside* the US, in Europe and Asia. He talks in lots of those.
        And he didn’t start racking them up just five minutes ago, either. He’s had Cola Cao and Kia since, like, 2007, I think, and he had a Spanish L’Oreal commercial in 2006, back when he had those miles and miles of hair. 🙂

        And, of course, there’s the fabulous “Disfruta mis islas” for the Balearic Tourism Association.

        Do you have a mailbox here on the site? I have to dash now — I’m glad I have a deadline; I’m not sure I have the fortitude for Roger’s upcoming match — but if you like I’ll see if I can find some of them to put up for you later.

        (Speaking of Roger, some of my favorites of his are when he doesn’t talk at all. Like the Swiss insurance ones? And the Nike guitar? So cute.

      • M said

      • M said

      • BonnyBee said

        Thanks, M. I meant ads in English for U.S. consumers. I’ve seen ads in Spanish on YouTube (love the ones Rafa does with Pau Gasol, since I’m a Southern Californian). But haven’t seen anything for Rafa like Gilette, Mercedes, chocolates, NetJets, or even for Nike or Babolat. Hoping that will change, not that Rafa needs the $. But all that extra cash waiting for him here in the U.S. should be a perk for The World #1. (I saw a very recent interview and they are still putting subtitles under Rafa’s English–with his recent progress, that won’t last long.)
        Don’t have a mailbox–don’t have a clue how to get one!

      • M said

        “Don’t have a mailbox–don’t have a clue how to get one!”

        Ask TP for one! He can set you up. 😀

        “But all that extra cash waiting for him here in the U.S. should be a perk for The World #1.”

        Can’t disagree with you about that.

        “I’ve seen ads in Spanish on YouTube (love the ones Rafa does with Pau Gasol, since I’m a Southern Californian)”

        Aren’t they hilarious? I must confess I really didn’t give two crumbs about the Lakers till Pau joined them (and then because he was a friend of Rafa’s). I have to admit to following the Celtics.
        And please don’t tell Spike. I’d be run out of New York. 😈

        “I saw a very recent interview and they are still putting subtitles under Rafa’s English”
        Ugh. 🙄
        Perhaps I’m biased, but I really think that says more about ignorant consumers than the quality of Rafa’s English.
        Even Roger speaks English with an accent! (A very lovely one, but an accent nonetheless.) And it’s one of his languages from birth, since his mom is SA!

        *is indignant*

      • D.S.G. said

        Ohhhhh….I REALY agree with you, M, about the subtitles. I think you are spot on about it saying more about ignorant viewers.

        HTH do you make those red eyed emoticons?? I love that one and the bug-eyed one.

        I’m glad it’s cool in NYC. It’s blisteringly hot and humid her in the Deep South. Ugggggggggggghhhhhhh.

  92. kitty said

    I just read this in some other blog — obviously came from a diehard fed fan…thought it was very funny with nice facts to support his claim

    It’s highly amusing to watch Rafael ‘No Weapons’ Nadal raise the hopes of his fans, yet again, at The U.S Open.

    Nadal’s dream of winning The Open being extinguished has almost become an early-Autumn ritual. The sights and sounds of Nadal’s hopeless attempts to join the ranks of Tennis’ Greats, by winning ‘The Toughest Tournament in Tennis’, are proving an excellent addition to the Flushing Meadows experience.

    One might call it: ‘A Sad Sight’.

    The 2010 Open is panning out similarly to Nadal’s previous failed attempts at winning this most prestigious of titles:

    A ‘Dream Draw’, littered with ‘good’ displays, then a crushing defeat to the 1st serious player.

    In 2008, ‘Rafail’ beat not a single seeded player on route to the semis. Some foolishly thought it could be his year. He was then completely out-played by Andy Murray. Murray was still a little green but he hit twice the winners Nadal did in their match.

    Remember this: Nadal was at his very best in 2008, but he didn’t even get close to the title. Murray was decimated by Federer in The Final.

    In 2009, Nadal beat his 1st seeded player at The Open – but it was Almagro, so it doesn’t really count. After he scraped past Monfils and Gonzales, his fans were proclaiming that it was his time. Needless to say, Del Potro embarrassed Nadal in the semis.

    Fast forward to 2010 and little has changed. Nadal’s game is still limited, his strokes rudimentary, his talent negligible – who could forget his laughable attempt at replicating the ‘tweener’ that Roger Federer has perfected.

    Many are hyping up the fact that Nadal has yet to drop serve. Well, anyone can hold serve against players like Lopez and Gabawhatever.

    A little known fact: Nadal held his serve 70+ times in a row at Wimbledon 2006. That is, until he reached The Final… where Federer embarrassed him, taking the 1st set 6-0.

    Nadal’s best years are long gone. He isn’t the player he was in 2008 (and he was limited then, so that’s saying something).

    ‘Rafail’ will fail once more. Nadal will lose by the early hours of Monday morning. And when he does; I, Paul Bearer, will carry the Career Coffin of Rafael Parera Nadal out of New York City… and into the darkness beyond.

    • It sound so federer, hahaha …

    • Sir Vibhudi Aatmapudi said

      Ha ha. This is awesomely funny!!!

    • Joy said

      LOL. You can practically SMELL the fear Rafa brings out oozing from Fed fans when they start citing stats from 2-4 years ago.

      “A little known fact: Nadal held his serve 70+ times in a row at
      Wimbledon 2006. That is, until he reached The Final.

      I did NOT know that, but I’m grateful to whoever wrote about that, because now I’m even more excited to see how far Rafa can go with his new serve!

  93. Rick said

    Is Monfils the Wozniacki of the men’s side?
    I think I’ve seen one aggressive shot from him all afternoon — all he seems to focus on is retrieving.
    WTH does he think he’s doing?
    Or does he think at all about what he’s doing?

    • chieko said

      🙄 😕 👿 😆 He is being Blown to pieces !! 😦

      • not really chieko … he still can hold Novak till tie break 😀

      • chieko said

        Oh I came back and he lost!! Sorry Monfil san I was rude to make that remark. Basically KutuBacaBuku san , you are correct. I guess I wanted him to do better but was disappointed at his reaction to the wind condition. Thanks for reminding me. I shall remember next time.

      • i also (proved) wrong chieko …

        after the 1st set Gael can’t do anything to hold Novak
        hope Roger can beat Robin without get himself so tired
        Oh God, i pray to you !

      • chieko said

        We pray together all of us KutuBacaBuku san!! The wind is sooooooooooooooo strong and the outcome is soooooooooooooo unpredicatable !! Gezzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!! ( TP sama’s favorite expression)!! 😀

        Poor Ferrer san. He could have won today. Sometimes life is soooooooooooo unfair. Ne!! 🙄

    • there are so many reasons that crossed my minds :
      – he think he has a better stamina than Novak
      – he feels so tired from his last match
      – etc

      finally, he lost the first set … hope it will push him to play more aggresive :))

    • Bettyjane said

      He is a naturally conservative player whenever I’ve watched him. Strange as he’s so quick around the court.

  94. Kitty said

    who is the guy in the executive plastic chair sitting exactly in the middle of both players right behind the umpire?

  95. Kitty said

    lol, its funny when monfils with all that grunt sends the ball at the pace of women’s tennis, he was spent after the first set, he has stamina issues for quite sometime now.

    • Rick said

      Ya know, during the Gasquet match I was wondering WTH they were doing then as well, the ball was clearing the net by about two feet on every shot, it was like watching a lawn tennis match in your backyard or something. And I thought the same thing (“women’s tennis”) but was afraid to say anything lest M get on my case about “playing like a girl” again 🙂 )

  96. Bettyjane said

    Right now it’s the beginning of the Wozniaki match and winds are worse than they’ve been the entire tournament. It’s gusting up to 30mph. Fed and Soderling beware!

  97. UM17 said

    Alright, I’ve had about enough of Pam making fun of Cibulkova’s height. As a shortie myself, I’d like to see her go far! Hmph. If anything, she should be commended for her success without the treetop advantage.

    • claire said

      Ditto UM17! I believe I heard the average height of woman on tour is 5’10”!!!

    • Jenny said

      If anything, she should be commended for her success without the treetop advantage.


      I entirely agree, about both male and female players. Some of these people have a real problem going on – not clever or even funny. It’s one of my pet hates. We have a saying here, ‘the best things come in small packages’.

      • claire said

        Haven’t heard that in awhile Jenny “the best things come in small packages” ; my Mom has always told my sister and I that – we are 4’11” and 5’3″ (me) and shrinking!! At 5’3″, I am the “giant” in my family:)

    • Joy said

      Totally agree. Look at Justine Henin, barely 5′ 6″ (much shorter than the average height on the WTA) but with 7 Slam titles & an Olympic gold.

  98. Has anyone here post Wawrinka’s daughter photo? Her name is Alexia … so cute 😀

  99. Is there anyone here want to expand the discussion by sharing Twitter account ?
    because so many players are using twitter now 😀

  100. Kitty said

    Wind is sooo strong tonight! did somebody say 30mph!! All stars pointing to Rafa’s advantage in this Open

  101. Rick said

    Good Lord, Wozniacki’s forehand is pathetic — or was today anyway. Half the time she was lucky to get it past the service box.

  102. chieko said

    Oh Bluechyll san where are you!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙄

  103. Federer seems tense at the tunnel interview. No smiles.

  104. chieko said

    Breathe Chieko breathe !! My heart is very fast now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  105. Soderling looking like Delpo in the first game. Power, power and more freaking power.

  106. Federer HAS to get his first serves in at minimum 65%, I think.

  107. Rick said


  108. BP already for SOD?

  109. Saved by the hair’s hair.

  110. That was Sod’s power in that backhand bringing up another BP.

  111. chieko said

    Oh what a save!! Thank you thank you.

  112. That lineman facing Soderling may not survive this match.

  113. chieko said

    Can one die of a heart attack watching tennis at a young age???? Air air air…………………

  114. Kitty said

    Sod looking strong and positive. Roger serving ok but looks like UE might be a problem here

  115. Sod serving at just 36%. Federer needs to capitalize NOW.

  116. Somebody Else said

    I hope Federer grows some balls real soon.

  117. Rick said

    Do we really need to see Mirka passing mints to Gwen Stefani during the points?

  118. Federer’s serve doing the job there. He needs that for the entire match. Is it possible?

  119. chieko said

    Ace ace ace ace ace … more air please breathe slowly now.

  120. Kitty said

    Mirka’s tresses blowing into Ananconda? lol..kidding, Fed has made sure they don’t sit together anymore

  121. bluechyll said

    I’d like to see Roger make a move early in this first set.

  122. BP coming up?

  123. Kitty said

    Fed’s newly found ball scrambling won him that point for 30-15

  124. Kitty said

    Sod pounding Fed’s backhand already and then shot into open court working well so far for him

  125. Federer serving at 71% and already has five aces to 53% and 0 aces – but Soderling has the BPs.

  126. Kitty said

    Fed’s serve and Sod’s lack of it is helping Fed so far. Once a rally starts Sod has been relentless

  127. Kitty said

    Fed has also choosen this opportune time in wind to ridicule hawkeye, ball that clearly out and it shows up so close. Meanwhile Fed saves another BP 🙂

  128. Low balls working for Federer. More slices?

  129. Rick said

    I think Sod actually digs having the crowd against him….

  130. Kitty said


  131. chieko said

    I love my Federer san’s dropper!! Yippeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!

  132. Match is on now with first BP conversion.

  133. Rick said

    NIIIIIICE hold

  134. Soderling appears to be acting like Berdych against Federer at Wimbledon despite being down a break. Recipe for an exciting match? Sure.

  135. chieko said

    I love it I love love games at set point!!!! Love love love love!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yipeeeeee! 😀

  136. Bettyjane said

    Last year Roger got off to a flying start against Sod and it ended up being a nail-biter.

  137. Federer holding serve on love for the last two freaking games right after the break when he was going to deuce and BPs just minutes ago. Sod broken?

  138. Somebody Else said

    1st set over.
    Now is typically when things start getting tricky for the Fed, unless he can produce something nice.

  139. M said

    I’m not watching.
    I know Roger has a set.

    What I’m gleaning is that he’s serving well, but not keeping up with Sod Balrogderling off the ground.
    I also understand the Sod is indulging a hissy fit or two.


    Come on, Roger.

  140. UM17 said

    OMG WHY IS PAM DOING AN INTERVIEW DURING POINTS?!? We all respect Billie Jean King, but I don’t want to hear her while they’re playing!! AHHHH!!

  141. Rick said

    Sod couldn’t have picked a more opportune time for a DF 🙂

  142. Second curtain coming down already?

  143. chieko said

    SOdesu ne!! Double soult!!!!!

  144. Federer playing with fire. Needs to close early before Sod’s nerves return.

  145. Rick said

    Is this Somebody Else’s predicted second set lapse already?

  146. chieko said

    Federer san forever!!! Break back !! Yes yes yes. I can breathe again.

  147. Somebody Else said

    The wind is ridiculous out there!

    • Sir Vibhudi Aatmapudi said

      Indeed. Federer is better acquainted with these conditions than Soderling who’s having a miserable time with his serve. Not one freakin ace!

  148. Rick said

    The man is a serving machine tonight.
    Thank God.

  149. Rick said

    Soderling constructing his points in that all too familiar way now.

  150. Rick said

    Wow Fed serving at 86% currently.

  151. chieko said

    He holds oooooo great Federer san thank you thank you thank you.

  152. Kitty said

    Dip in Fed’s serve that game but manages to hold. Isn’t it a big mental blow and very frustrating for someone when you have multiple BPs but fail to convert and your opponent converts the small chances he receives rarely

  153. chieko said

    Holding my breath again…..breathe breathe breathe turning purple….

  154. Sir Vibhudi Aatmapudi said

    Soderling’s forehand is waking up. So is his serve. Interesting 3rd set coming up.

  155. Rick said

    Still 11 aces to nil.

  156. Ricke said

    Serve it out Rog you got the wind!

  157. chieko said

    Holding my breath again…..breathe breathe breathe turning purple yipppeeeeeeeeee !! 6-4 6-4

    I love this planet!! 😀

  158. Rick said

    Aside from that miserable final last year, how many matches has Fed lost being up 2 sets to love?

  159. Bettyjane said

    ESPN is getting cocky. Showing “duration of game” clock on Fed’s serve. They usually reserve this just for long deuce games!

  160. wuiches said

    Fed has a record of 164-0 at GS’s when he wins the first 2 sets!!!

    Soda is done!!!

  161. chieko said

    From now on I shall love all windy days , windy nights and windy anytime!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  162. Sod can only delay the torture now. End is inevitable.

  163. Djokovic just crapped in his pants.

  164. chieko said

    Calm calm calm

  165. wuiches said

    Damn, I wanted them to play a 5 setter!!

    that’s not gonna happen!!!!

  166. Ricke said

    Soderling is playing against Roger and the wind with his power game…..not looking good for him!

  167. O said

    You miss an easy smash, you are 0:2 down quickly.

  168. Soderling’s only remaining lifeline: His first serve and aces.

  169. Rick said

    Sod has found that backhand
    When he talks to himself I swear he is reminding himself of his game plan

  170. Soderling has already rationalized the loss to windy conditions denying him second wind.

  171. chieko said

    What a pass!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  172. chieko said

    Be careful Federer san!! Be focused.

  173. chieko said

    Another passs!!

  174. wuiches said

    Sod should be asking for his membership of Nalbandian’s club!!!!!

    Whose vicepresident is Murray!!!!!

  175. Sod getting blown away by Roger. Roger is in danger of being blown away by the wind. It can happen.

  176. O said

    Federer seems to hit anywhere he wants to!

  177. wuiches said

    Can’t believe Soda doesn’t have a damn ace!!!!

  178. chieko said

    OH Federer san you are incredible!!

  179. Rick said

    Sod gets his 1st ace!

  180. chieko said

    OOOPs First ace by Sod san.

  181. chieko said

    3-2 in the third set. Oh please please please finish it soon so that I can breathe normal again. !!!!!!!Please please please

  182. wuiches said

    poor joker, must be thinkin’: “not this clown again”

  183. chieko said

    Ping Pong time!!

  184. Rick said

    Great rally

  185. Sod lost a ‘man’ point there after hitting bombs.

  186. Sod is totally at Federer’s mercy. What a showing. Federer with these numbers deserves at least half the trophy already.

  187. chieko said

    3 all!! Please be careful!!

  188. wuiches said

    who is the clown next to anaconda??

  189. chieko said

    Less windy now.

  190. Sir Vibhudi Aatmapudi said

    Paul and Mirka’s undeniable chemistry is probably the reason they no longer sit beside each other. Like in this match f’rinstance.

  191. chieko said

    Oh no our Federer san missed it. 3-4 now. oh please please please

  192. And why is Anaconda sitting closer to Federer’s mom? My Mirka suspicion was correct? Should I start another one?

  193. Bettyjane said

    Why is Lynette Federer pulling out a cellphone?

  194. wuiches said

    hahahaha TP: Dr Heart!!!!

  195. This could be set point for Sod right here.

  196. wuiches said

    oh my!!!!

    oh my, my!!!!!

  197. chieko said

    Oh no oh no a surprise breaker!!

  198. Sir Vibhudi Aatmapudi said

    3rd set to Robin. Now we have a contest

  199. jett09 said

    Can someone pls pls update me the score..Fed’s match, I’m at work…cheers guys thanks 😉

    Goodluck Rog!!!

  200. Federer looks like a midget in comparison and frail. Should close in three sets then?

  201. chieko said

    I have stopped breathing!!

  202. wuiches said


  203. chieko said

    oho ohohhohh I revive myself…….

  204. Rick said

    YES WE CAN!!!

  205. Sir Vibhudi Aatmapudi said

    Fed breaks back. Back to even terms in set 3. I feel this will go to a tie-breaker

  206. If Federer fails to close in three, this may turn ugly in a hurry.

  207. Federer leaving the door open.

  208. Sod was more angry on his making a second attempt to return that ball than the actual miss.

  209. Federer is seeing and feeling the ball like a watermelon. Geeeeezzzzzz!!!!!!!!

  210. Rick said

    Yeah, man, this isn’t Paris in the rain

  211. Ricke said

    Closing now!

  212. Djokovic just had a second accident on that Federer lob. Going on runs anytime now.

  213. wuiches said

    au revoir Robin!!!!!!

  214. Masterful clinic. WOW!!!!!!!!!!!

  215. Rick said

    He. Got. A. Coach!
    Chucky. Did. Not. Pass!

    • chieko said

      No he did not pass… we love M san;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;

    • M said



  216. Sir Vibhudi Aatmapudi said

    Hey TP! When you come back to earth, don’t forget that Paul-Mirka sequel. Can you hear me from up there???

  217. Sir Vibhudi Aatmapudi said

    pam Shirver is asking some irrelevant rubbish questions. Federer’s laughing at the idiocy of it all.

    • M said

      “pam Shirver is asking some irrelevant rubbish questions.”

      As she is wont to do. I think she just enjoys giggling over Roger and Rafa.

      She was catty enough about the ladies last year; I guess that’s why they put her on the floor this year.

      However, I will not continue in this vein. As Coach Yoast said in Remember the Titans, “This is a time for reflection, and for prayer.”

  218. overcaffeinated said

    Wow. That dude called Roger Federer, seems to be a good player, no? He beat Robin Soderling in straight sets and is in another USO semi final. So much for being done and dusted in majors, where QF would be as good as he could wish for. TP, perhaps time to revisit / revise your physchological analysis of settling for less… or whatever dribble that was 😉

    Bring on the semi with Nole. This should be a crackerjack given the way both played their QF matches today.

    Vamos Roger!!!

    • M said

      “Vamos Roger!!!”

      LOL. I got carried away the other evening and almost said that, Overcaffeinated. I caught myself just in time.

      I hope Banti is enjoying himself. 😀

      • overcaffeinated said

        I’ve no doubt Banti is loving this… perhaps as much as I am 🙂

        “Vamos Roger” for sure.

        At least one mouth-watering SF is coming up … YAY

    • BANTI said

      Vamos Roger!

      Yeah I had fun:) Thanks for the kind thoughts M ! By the way, Pure Maestro-ness! That drop shot at break point in the first set was so ridiculous, first one for him in the match, he does it from the baseline almost! Smooooooooooooth sh$T. I’ve watched him for a while on the tube, and watching a 29 year old Roger kick the crap out of Soderling live was just amazing. Bliss! Roger’s graceful artistry is going to be missed. He just putts around waiting for a point than instantly produces the most mind blowing thing you can possibly see on a tennis court. So cool!

      Ohh and every single ball goes back to the ball boys/girls! from Roger:) Cool to see.

      I’ll be staying home for the Fedal final, so I can break things if necessary:)


      • i also see how he return it to the ballboys, Banti …

        and they go directly to the ballboys, so accurate, so amazing 😀

      • BANTI said

        Kutu yes super accurate:) Clip posted here recently, when he hits one to a ball boy on the opposite side of the court. Look for it, its quite amazing.

      • I’ve seen it Banti … 😀

        and how he described it when he was asked about that in a interview : “It’s fun !”

        just see how he really enjoy Tennis, hehehe

      • overcaffeinated said

        And it shows Roger’s total mastery of the ball, as the ball kid didn’t really have to move. Just goes to show that the recent Gillette behind-the-scenes video is indeed “real”… hehe.

  219. wuiches said

    damn, I really wanted Nadal to win this, but this clown is playing amazing!!!

    The devil is knocking at your door Rafa!!!!

  220. Soderling may be just happy he wasn’t blown off the court with bagels.

  221. wuiches said

    How many games is going to win joker???

  222. UM17 said

    Something in me was hoping for a little bit more of a fight, but I suppose I’ll settle for a thumping… 😛

  223. M said

    I’m so happy that Roger played well in the wind.
    He seemed to be struggling with it a little in 4R, and Rafa tends to handle the wind very well (at least he certainly did in last year’s QF part I; it was kind of breathtaking).

    But I don’t want to get ahead of myself. That way lies grief.
    *shuts eyes tight*

    • claire said

      Let’s hope Federer plays as well Friday as he did tonight! I was afraid Federer would go off and lose focus – sooo glad he didn’t!!! 🙂

  224. claire said

    Anyone see Wayne Greski (sp) – he sure is sporting a full head of hair!! Has he been hanging around with Agassi?

  225. claire said

    Why is it that semi’s are played on Saturday and final is next day?? Seems like player with easiest semi will have a huge advantage over other player! Also are both semi’s played in afternoon or is one in afternoon and other in evening? Isn’t this the only GS that semi and final are played back to back? Crazy especially when it’s best of 5!!

    • M said

      “Why is it that semi’s are played on Saturday and final is next day??”

      Ratings. (*cynical answer* 😕 )


      “Also are both semi’s played in afternoon or is one in afternoon and other in evening?”

      Live network coverage for the men’s semis goes from noon to 6pm EST.

    • overcaffeinated said

      Yes, as M states, it is all about ratings for this tournament.

      For many moons now, the second Saturday of the USO has been titled “Super Saturday”. For a while, the structure of this day saw the women’s final sandwiched between the two men’s semi finals.

      In recent years, it is the two mens semis first, followed by a night time ladies final.

      Crazy for sure, but thems the way the power of the $$ works in the USA.

  226. Roger was perfect this night … he is The King of The Wind

    Let’s prepare for the 17th 😀

  227. jett09 said

    Lordy I’ve got 247 messages to read 😯 I’ll sit back, read and enjoy 😉

  228. Jenny said

    Congratulations Roger, well played, great stuff 🙂

    • Kitty said

      Indeed great exhibition yesterday, hope he keeps his serve consistent, that gives him double confidence to go after his ground shots.

  229. anon said

    Hey TP and all the rest, you should probably watch this, hilarious.

    Hitler upset with Federer and Nadal over US Open seeding ORIGINAL HQ
    http:// www. youtube. com /watch? v=SeMcyamz-g8 &feature= related

    It’s hilarious!

    PS Tommy Haas just became an American.

  230. Sol said

    Woohoo, Go Roger!

    Thank you all for your comments.
    I couldn’t see the match or the highlights or anything else since I was in a place with no Internet for 2 days (yes, it happens). But your comments help me get the general feeling. The 2 comments that stuck with me are TP’s: the one where he called Fed “Roger” for the first time ever ! (and probably, by doing so, betrayed his I’m-trying-real-hard-to-pretend-that-I-hate-Rogie line) and TP’s “Wow” comment which makes me think Fed really played great.
    I was sure Chucky was gonna win this match, so thank you Roger, TP’s anti-jinx or M’s mantra. whatever it took, I’m just glad he’s in the semis.

    • Sol said

      I just read something on another blog about Fed lacking sportsmanship because he didn’t give Sod a disputed point. Anyone know what that’s about? I didn’t read anything about that in your comments here

      • D.S.G. said

        Yeah…Soderling disputed a call, Pascal Maria told him that in his opinion the ball was out or something like that then Soderling, in a bit of an aggressive or sarcastic way said to Fedrerer,” Are you going to take that point? “(or something very similar). Federer didn’t respond to Soderling. Patrick and John McEnroe , who were the commentators, saw a Hawkeye display and said the point should have been replayed…that’s pretty much it. Anyone else remember more clearly???

      • Sol said

        Thanks DSG. That’s a little weird. Why does he expect Fed to give him a point that the umpire gave him. Maybe I need to watch it to understand why Sod was upset.

    • D.S.G. said

      BTW, I don’t understand the “Chucky” name. The only Chucky I know of is Chuck-E-Cheese (a very noisy and annoying hamburger/ video games/loud children place.

      Does this mean that Soderling has been given the name of ChuckECheese?

      That would be kind of funny.

      • M said

        D.S.G., you remember when TP gave us this post?

        http: // tennisplanet. wordpress. com/ 2010/09/04/ another-chucky-contender/

        (push spaces together to get link, as per usual)

        Being a bit — a *tiny* bit, compared to some others I know — of an LOTR films geek girl, I sort of mixed that up with the scene from the first movie where Gandalf stops the Balrog from destroying the others in the Fellowship, and, um, kind of ran with it, here

        http: // tennisplanet. wordpress. com/ 2010/09/08/ this-is-what-round-federer-and-djokoic-have-to-win-to-be-safe-from-losing-ranking-if-soderling-wins-from-claire-thanks/ #comment-142569


      • kitty said

        Talking about names, I heard this –
        Vernando Fiasco 😀

      • Jenny said

        lol Kitty, let’s hope he isn’t a fiasco when facing Rafa. I want a competitive match, win or lose, I’m sure many of us do.

  231. Jenny said

    Stan and Misha on the court! A single back hand feast!

    • chieko said

      Good morning Jenny san. Please enjoy. I shall check the scores from time to time. 😆 The comments really help me know what goes on !! See you.

  232. BANTI said

    Go Stan! Fred Stolle my favorite commentator. He’s like perfect.

  233. Sol said

    The wind is making this match slow and boring. It’s too bad.

    What’s the weather forecast for the next couple of days in NYC?

  234. BANTI said

    Can’t watch this. Their playing horribly (4 breaks in a row?) This will drag out forever. Catch all of you for Rafa’s match, hope Verdasco puts in a good fight.

  235. chieko said

    Somebody please what is the score now. Thanks. 😕

  236. imelda said

    6/3 7/6 6/3 0/2 (Wawrinka leading 2 sets to love)

  237. Bettyjane said

    6-3, 6-7, 6-3, 0-3 Wawrinka up 2 sets to 1

  238. Kitty said

    Anybody still watching these slicing wussies? Stan looks dead

  239. Kitty said

    Is it wind or are they dead tired? I am confused, started watching just now

  240. Kitty said

    It looks like I am watching yesterday’s fed-sod match in ultra slow motion

  241. Bettyjane said

    The wind is a big issue again. And Wawrinka’s been taking medical timeouts (he’s run out of them). I like them both but what’s the point of Stan winning this and then facing Rafa in this state.

    • Jenny said

      I like them both too. I give Misha the edge tennis wise, but then I’ve seen him a lot of him over the years, it’s his head that’s held him back.. Apparently Roger used to practice with him many times.

    • Kitty said

      the russian had an injury time out too…whoever wins is dead meat for rafa next

      • Jenny said

        I missed that Kitty, what was the problem?

      • Bettyjane said

        Kitty, perhaps not. I think Misha was using a blister as an excuse to halt Stan’s momentum after being broken.

      • Kitty said

        Jenny, it looked like blisters and as betty says if it was to halt stan’s momentum at that time when he broke back then that excuse worked for him. Hope it is that and he is fit for rafa

      • Bettyjane said

        And ESPN is trying to make the Rafa quarterfinal sound like it will be a dogfight. I just can’t buy into that I’m sorry.

      • Jenny said

        When Stan took a second med time for a different injury, right foot, our comms said similar. As they said, it is legitimate.

    • Jenny said

      I can’t see too much of a dog fight either, but you never know. We keep being reminded by our comms that Rafa has won all of the 10 times they’ve met – yeah we know guys!

  242. Somebody Else said

    Looks like Youzhny was packing a solid backhand late in the match.
    No apparent breakdown problems from his side, physical or mental.
    Should Rafa get to the semis, I expect Youzhny will be rested and ready to go at him. Maybe. 😉
    It is Youzhny, after all. I think he really wants to relish this occasion.

  243. UM17 said

    Whoa! That was unexpected. Beautiful from Tabasco.

  244. Jenny said

    4 games all, Rafa broke back.

  245. You can literally see Nadal’s scalp on top. He better win this title or lot more than his hair will start thinning.

  246. Verdasco still has the pop on his strokes. Can it last?

  247. Turkey necks couldn’t find security guards with bigger guts? Geeeeezzzzzzzz!!!!!!! They wouldn’t be able handle even my youngest goat.

  248. Verdasco is completely resigned to his fate.

  249. Ist set should do it. Verdasco should just ask for money right now and leave.

  250. UM17 said

    Where do the bananas come from? Are there just a stash back there for whoever needs them? I always thought players brought their own…

  251. And what’s Verdasco attempting to freaking achieve with hair that’s seems to growing out of his wazoo? Giving Nadal a complex?

  252. Watch for Verdasco in ‘broke’ mode from now on out.

  253. Kitty said

    Vernando Fiasco double faults at the wrong freaking time

  254. BANTI said

    Verdasco will never beat Nadal. Double faulting twice up a break bc of “mental issues” he has with Rafa tells it all. You know you have an issue when your the only person in the top ten who hasn’t beaten Rafa.

  255. All I want to know is this: Whom did Nadal pay more? Lopez or Verdasco? And shouldn’t Youzhny attempt to extort too?

  256. Kitty said

    Fiasco lost his pop and spring from his feet already and playing passive again, when will they learn to play nadal

  257. Verdasco is not even freaking attempting to hide it. Look at his freaking body language. Geeeeezzzzzzzzzzz!!!!!! He should be punished and made the President of USA.

  258. BANTI said

    Youzny best possible opponent left for Rafa since Murray was knocked out i’m thinking, not these Spanish fools. Youzny is ahead in his career H2H on hard courts vs Rafa.

    • Jenny said

      Spanish fools? aw come on Banti, that’s not fair, they’re not the only players who have problems beating Rafa on any surface and that includes Roger on clay. I agree about Youzhny though, it depends if he can hang touch.

  259. Nadal may be hoping to post a showing that in some way matches Federer’s last night bash to even up the intangibles.

  260. Nadal needed two bagels given his opponent’s tank to match Federer from yesterday. Not happening.

  261. Kitty said

    This match is fixed, what the heck is he playing again, what a moron, he draws nadal into a corner and then scrambles to get to nadal’s simple return?

  262. Nadal’s already thinking of Youzhny? Or is it Federer?

  263. BANTI said


    “I like players you can see that are thinking, analyzing points, etc. I just don’t see that with Verdasco”


    • Jenny said

      Have to agree about Verdasco, he was never known as a guile player with a plan, good serve, hard hitter, shotmaker – yes.

  264. Here’s my prediction: Verdasco will past no. 15 for double faults for the match.

  265. Anybody feel Ferrer would have given a slightly better effort? You freaking bet!!!!

  266. Kitty said

    really what a aweful body language, dolt!

  267. Nadal should just stop wasting energy trying to break twice. One break and then just coast to save himself. Verdasco is not breaking him this century.

  268. Haya said

    How on earth did Verdasco manage to get this far? O_O
    He’s sooooo terrible.. and yes, a free ride for nadal definitly.. even if Murray were still in it, he’s already been in a bad shape after Toronto..

    All those people talking about nadal’s improved play make me laugh.. which freaking part do they mean.. it’s the same game!!! And it’s crappy! I don’t want to sound mean, but I surely don’t want him to win it.. Oh God forbid :S

  269. Verdasco proved once again that the victory dance is quite an accurate reflection of player’s expectation for next round.

  270. Kitty said

    We miss you david ferrer, this show-off freakin clown is good for nothing

    • BANTI said

      Agree.David would have fought his heart out atleast and hope for the best. This air head is just pissing me off.

      • Jenny said

        What can I say, Kitty, Banti. David might not have Verdasco’s big weapons or big serve, but he has his own deadly weapons including a tennis brain, net play/volleys, returns, legs, intensity and he’ll fight like a tiger to the last point. The only time he’ll fade would be due to exhaustion, injury, or simply being blasted off the court. Actually he’s like Rafa in that respect.

  271. Rick said

    Just tuned in.
    This looks pathetic, based on the comments.
    Complete waste of a quarterfinal berth.

    • Rick said

      I think what maybe annoys me most about Verdasco is his constant whining to his box when he loses a point.
      Reminiscent of many a (female) Slavic tennis drama queen.
      In fact, given his attitude tonight, his display against Ferrer, and his behavior in Nice, I think maybe he just *IS* a drama queen.

      • BANTI said

        11-0 vs Rafa. They should ban him from the World Tour finals, until he pulls off his first win. Only player in the top ten with a losing record against Rafa on a hard court, now I know why.

    • chieko said

      Rick san I missed the match. Too bad.

  272. arbit said

    as good as Nadal is, off and on the court, there is no denying that he asks for and encourages on court coaching (see match against Verdasco). He breaks all kind of rules while being on court (including the time he takes to serve), and it is high time one of the player’s entourage, or the commentators and the media raise this issue with the tourny management.

    • BANTI said

      Gimelstob said “blatant coaching violation going on” during this match. He also said “but its Nadal”.

      Not sure of the rules, but there is something there.

    • chieko said

      🙄 Really??

    • claire said

      Totally agree, it was obvious last night! Again, the announcers mentioned it several times! Once, they said I bet Uncle Toni said to serve it out wide!!!!

      I think they need 4 hawk eyes – the other 2 focused on coaches and when coaching happens, it is shown on the big TV! 🙂

  273. Blake said

    I call b/s on your comments Arbit. But time. Lemme guess, another Fed-Fan?

    • UM17 said

      Feel free to call BS on whatever you want, but leave other players out of it.

    • Somebody Else said

      tit for tat, Blake. You do your part, they’ll do theirs. 😉

    • Jenny said

      I have to say the alleged coaching issue wasn’t mentioned by our comms on Sky, and they are an impartial lot and wouldn’t keep quiet. At the end of the day, it’s down to the umpire to issue a warning if there is blatant coaching going on. Rafa has been warned before.

    • Kitty said

      I saw that on some fromsport/atdhe channel I think eurosport and I saw the coaching too. This was in the first set when verdasco broke and a few games after that I think when it was 4-3 something. That was a blatant coaching by tony to nadal below. At that time I was surprised too that the commentators were not saying anything.

      • Jenny said

        I was watching on SKY. To be fair, I was in the room, but not glued to the TV for every second, purely because imo it wasn’t competitive, apart from the first few games, although I did stay up to watch the complete match. I certainly would have taken notice if our comms, a different group to Eurosport, had said anything, but they didn’t.

      • Jenny said

        This offside coaching issue is, imo, a grey area. I’m sure it goes on to some extent, a nod there, a wink here, a hand gesture, and not just with Rafa. Seriously, as if Rafa or any of the top 20 would need in-play coaching?! I could understand if it were a novice 18yr old. Maybe there should be official warnings issued to coaches and not just to the players? If it happens too often, put the offending coaches/advisors out of sight before the match and there can be no arguments.

  274. Jenny said

    Congrats Rafa! A disappointing match in terms of competition, the big build up which burnt out like a damp squib.

    • jett09 said

      “A disappointing match in terms of competition”

      Ditto Jenny. I missed the third set but I guess it was pretty much like the 1st and 2nd.

      Congrats Rafa! Rest up coz your next match I think will give you a much tighter game!

  275. arbit said

    do you (Blake) call b/s on my first call or the second. If you are saying he doesnt’ take longer between points…..then let us not discuss this all together….because then “Lemme guess, another Rafa-Fan?” can be thrown at you to discredit you before putting the facts out… regarding my first claim…..this is not the first time such claim is being made…..and in today’s match (as shown on ESPN), you could see rafa asking for help (while looking towards his bench) time and again, and they were definitely replying….obvisouly i never heard what kind of “coaching” that was being provided….but the onus here lies on rafa…..not the spectator to clear the air…..because communication was initiated….and was encouraged…..and performed……now this was shown on tv, even though johny mac loves rafa to death….and would shy discussing this …..and yes Blake….i am waiting for ur reply now

    • Somebody Else said

      “and yes Blake….i am waiting for ur reply now”
      — sorry, Arbit. It won’t happen, not from hit-and-run posters with no backup.

  276. Dee said

    Mirka was sharing something (guessing Chewing gum or Mints)with Gwen Stephani and the next and the next— They are just like us aren’t they!

    • claire said

      Dee, I saw that during Federer’s match also. 🙂 I pretty much thought the same thing! It is so cute the way Federer’s face lights up when asked about the twins. Those must be 2 spoiled girls -parents,grandparents,nannies, etc. to spoil them! 🙂

    • jett09 said

      “They are just like us aren’t they!”

      Indeed Dee.

  277. D.S.G. said


    • pepita 64 said

      Tne last three matches of Nadal were just a farse and as
      a tennis fan i am very disappoited.IMO if Federer retires the men tennis is going downhill with full force
      and will get the same level as women tennis is now maybe worse.

  278. Joy said

    Very solid play by Zvonareva. Weird thing with the racquet changes (like a tic, almost); suprising she didn’t get a code violation or something. But it’s great to not see a meltdown this time.

    • Bettyjane said

      Missed the first set but it seemed that Wozniaki didn’t play aggressively enough. She better develop a true weapon or she will only beat great players when they have an off day.

      • Joy said

        Spot on, Bettyjane. Not only that, the too-many UEs Caro made in this match didn’t even come from having attempted anything new to try to fluster Vera.

    • Dee said

      They asked her about the strings and she said “stringers work very cast here so it’s ok.”
      But strings of 5 rackets? hmmmmm! conspiracy!!!!!

  279. rogerfanusa said

    Can’t wait for the women’s final!! Go Clijsters!

    I almost think that the deliberate, slow build serve that Venus was doing was ruining her service game. Stop thinking about it so much!! Rely on the fact that you’ve been serving for 3/4 of your life. I actually prefer Rodick’s pace- get back there, serve, and keep the game moving. I understand if you are trying to slow your opponent’s pace, but I think it gives you too much time to think about what can go wrong. Especially in the wind!

    • Dee said

      I love Kim but would like to see vera winning this one. She reached so many finals and she seems calmer and working on her game very time.

      • Bettyjane said

        It could well happen Dee. I unfortunately missed their Wimbledon quarterfinal match and Kim admitted that loss was particularly hard for her to take.

      • Joy said

        Me too, Dee! At first I was lukewarm to the match, expecting inane points all around, but I enjoyed seeing the steady focus with which Vera played and won against the seemingly indefatigable Caro. It’s about time she fulfills her potential by winning a Slam title.

  280. Rick said

    So much for “We never talk about our injuries”….

    “I feel like the last few times I’ve played her I haven’t been at my top, I haven’t been very healthy. So knowing that I can still obviously almost win, you know, I’m just looking forward to the last time, where I can be a lot closer to 100 percent and play even better.”

    I’m a little disappointed in Venus, I can understand she’s disappointed, but she’s usually above making this kind of statement (as opposed to her sister, AKA that mystery woman sitting in her box).

    Either you don’t talk about your injuries — ever — or you do. But don’t tell us you never talk about your injuries when you don’t want to be asked about them and then turn around and bring them up and talk about them when you lose.

    Oh which topic, in the interest of fairness, I ran across this exchange in a Clijsters interview last week:

    Q. Serena obviously stepped in at the last minute to play that incredible exhibition in Belgium. Did she say anything to you before or after the match about her injury?
    KIM CLIJSTERS: No, no. We also did a press conference together. No, I mean, they asked her about it, so no. I obviously saw her injury, but I didn’t get the explanation.

    Q. Have you been surprised about the severity, how severe it’s turned out to be?
    KIM CLIJSTERS: No, because I saw — I saw the injury, so — and it’s not something that she’s making up or that it’s a small cut or anything.

    Q. Is it on the bottom of the foot or the top of the foot?
    KIM CLIJSTERS: Both, both feet.

    Q. On both feet?

    Q. Was it on the bottom of the foot or the top of the foot?
    KIM CLIJSTERS: Um, I don’t remember. I wasn’t paying such close attention.

  281. M said

    ‘Twas the Night of the Quarters

    (Pictures – USO 2010 Rafa’s QF)

    ‘Twas the Night of the Quarters, and all throughout Ashe
    Whipped the blustering wind with its shiver and lash
    And fans looked at each other and said “Oh, enough!
    Come on! *How* are the boys going to play through this stuff?”

    Nonetheless, post-interview, they came forth to fight —
    Gladiators, they marched from the left and the right —
    It’s Nadal! And Verdasco! It’s them! What a sight!
    That historic AO semi! Maybe more dynamite??

    Well … not quite. The wind *buffeted* the ball about,
    So perhaps with Fer’s pace, some Planeteers were put out,
    but he’d just battled through five sets facing Ferru.
    First Ferru — then play Rafa? I’d be tired too.

    And it wasn’t so much that the playing was passive,
    But the force to exert past the wind must be massive
    And you know in tennis’ balancing act takes its toll –
    It means more wild shots, sacrificing control

    … which we saw from both players. They’d thunder some aces,
    Then pop the ball up to the weirdest of places —
    But the good shots! Felt hit off the ball! Spin! Whack! Whizz!
    (TV makes it look easier than it actually is …?)

    And oh yes, there were hints of Tabasco Verdasco!
    He dunked DTLs, aces, ’twasn’t all fiasco –
    Even in that cold stadium, some fans got hots
    at the angles on some of those “Fyah!” passing shots.

    And of course there roared Rafa, ripping winners from corners,
    Slicing angled drop shots drawing cheerers, not mourners,
    And the pundits he wowed and the crowd he did please
    When he spun for three hundred and sixty degrees!

    Celebs came to see too! Craned their necks like the rest of us,
    like on some made-up holiday better than Festivus!,
    sporting laudings like modeling, Oscars, and such.
    (Well, Charlize and Christi B. KK, not so much. 🙄 )

    Now we so, oh not so, would not have the temerity
    Not to have this preserved somewhere for posterity.
    (Plus the tale, without photos, might seem a bit flat. 😛 )
    And so pics. Oh, yes, pics! I was getting to that.

    Now, though pix TP has are the hottest of hot —
    I missed “Double Match Point” *and* the “Victory Shot” 🙄 —
    it’s sometimes nice to know stuff that led up to that.
    And we haz some! Links below ‘ll tell all where it’s at. 😀

    To those pleased with the Rog shots, I invite you again —
    Come and see “RAFA’S QF – USO 2010”!
    Now my new camera’s nice, so shots are a touch better
    But — I didn’t quite hew to photography’s “letter”.

    See, there were sequences that just seemed too neat to lose
    So more “string that string up”, not so much “pick and choose”.
    This camera has “burst-mode”, so we took quite a bevy,
    And some may find selection of shots Rafa-heavy.

    (Cam delivery didn’t come soon enough for Roger’s 4R glory,
    And I kept some blurred Rafashots rather than truncate story.
    So if you think Fer short-shrifted, or Rog’s shots a tease,
    get it over with now … roll your eyes, say “M — please.”

    Though I say to all Roger fans – wait a sec, here.
    I can use this camera for his matches next year!
    Those who think for *all* players I need be better fan –
    You should know me by now. R & R. Partisan. 😛

    And you’ve had all the tennis you thinks you can takes?
    Well, there’s something for you too – we got station breaks!
    “Everybody Dance” man, his “Love New York” shirt and such —
    Plus the lady who yelled “LOVE YOU RAFA” too much. 🙄 )

    And so now! We have come to the Best of the Best!
    They fight on in their quest! The rest felled by their test!

    FEDAL Plus Two are left! Let’s get on with the show!
    Happy Tennis to All!!

    To the Semis We Go!!!


    Some notes:
    Rafa’s QF pictures are here
    http: // s953. photobucket. com/ albums/ ae16/ roolz1/ USO%202010%20QF%20Rafa/

    I’ve moved Roger’s 4R pictures to this link here
    http: // s953. photobucket. com/ albums/ ae16/ roolz1/ USO%202010%204R%20Roger/

    Password remains the same.
    Syntax looked a little strange to me though, so if you have trouble with the new links, they should be through when TP is done with moderation for the day.
    Have a great Super Saturday, everyone!

    • Jenny said

      Thank you very much, M – that was great! 🙂 Enjoy your tennis watch!

      • M said

        Thank you, Jenny! (You know I’m trepidatious about Super Saturday, given the past two years …)

        Please enjoy the pictures too!
        (I have to tell you; I wish I’d had this camera when Rafa and Feña played last year … *sigh* )

    • claire said

      Thank you for spending so much time writing this (or does it just flow without much work?). 🙂

      • M said

        LOL, Claire. As far as “natural flow” goes, I think you are confusing me with Stella! 😛

        I do tend to get inspired after great matches though. 🙂

    • Bettyjane said

      Marvelous stuff M. Thanks!!!!

      • M said

        Glad you enjoyed it, Bettyjane!
        I always think I’m going to go to a match one of these days and someone will be holding up a “Tennis Planet” sign! Like Serran did when he posted his pictures!

        (Speaking of which, please do pop over and see the shots — I would love to know what you think.)

  282. Zorana said

    Some interesting stats.

    Rafa 14 break points offered, broken 1.
    Roger 25 break points offered, broken 5.
    Djoker 40 break points offered, broken 10.
    Youz 33 break points offered, broken 13.

  283. claire said

    Let the matches Begin!!! )

    I always try to watch delayed so don’t have to watch commercials but somehow I go live because I can’t stand not knowing what’s going on at that moment! 🙂 Oh well!

  284. Rick said

    God, does Nadal make people wait for everything he does (in this case, tunnel interview)?

  285. Didn’t someone tell Youzhny to freaking smile when being freaking interviewed – anywhere – specially in a tunnel for Slam semifinal match? Geeeeeeeeezzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!!!!!!!!!!!! It’s common freaking courtesy.

  286. Youzhny’s body language looks eerily similar to Verdasco’s. Geeeeezzzzzz!!!!!!!!!!!!

  287. kitty said

    What is the wind today like?

  288. kitty said

    May be the black band on colonel’s shoulder is why he is not smiling?

  289. kitty said

    Colonel looking very sluggish, perhaps his feet bothering him or tired from 5 setter??

  290. Rick said

    Is this the de facto end of the match already?

  291. RafaFan said

    This match is a walk in the park for Rafa! I predict 3 sets in 2h.

  292. ricky said

    good youzhny! I’m all for you!

  293. kitty said

    He should keep going at nadal’s backhand

  294. Youzhny at least showing signs of some life to make Verdasco look bad. Or is it the lack of cash in the mix causing the disparity?

  295. Bettyjane said

    Misha seems to be wearing a bowtie to remember 9/11. But I don’t see it on Rafa’s shirt.

  296. Federer has just been photographed in his room on his knees praying about something on this match? Wonder what could that be.

  297. Have a feeling Wawrinka may have provided tougher resistance considering he would have had more than just him winning as motivation!!!!!!!!!! For rock people, it would have helped Federer. Geez louissssssssse!!!!!

  298. Federer in his room:

  299. Rick said

    Wake me up when it’s over….

  300. What’s the dealio about standing so far behind the baseline for serving?

  301. Don’t you get the feeling that there will be two bagels dished in just the third set?

  302. RafaFan said

    OMG Nadal takes a medical time out! Roger’s voodoo dolls are taking effect!

  303. The medical trainer is on Federer’s payroll.

  304. Youzhny’s coach is expected to pass away after this match. He has lived past his time. He was expected to croak at the last match.

  305. claire said

    TP, that is really mean even if meant in fun!!!:(

  306. What super defense from Nadal. WOW.

  307. Rick said

    OK, so it’s not Nadal’s fault that Berdych and Murray wussed out, but THIS………… ridiculous.

    • ricky said

      right! I can’t believe it’s a semi final at US OPEN?? Am i watching the best player in the world??? Doesn’t it look more like a semi final in a 250 series?

    • Haya said

      What’s so weird about that? When on earth did we have an interesting Nadal match if Roger or Djokovic were not the across the net? 😉

  308. Every time Nadal serves an ace or the serve return doesn’t fall within the rectangle, it brings him that much closer to the title.

  309. kitty said

    Absoltely spinless display by all rafa’s opponents. I mean even you freakin lose do so by atleast executing a good game plan. Except Vernando Fiasco in his first 3 games where he seemed to come out and do what he planned(after that he was a big clown), NOBODY seems to get it that being aggressive is the only known and proven way to beat Rafa. Looks at colonel and fiasco’s body languages, they have just given up to the core. utterly disappointing

  310. Third set bagel appearance on?

  311. or not.

  312. Bettyjane said

    So will Rafa be honest and say he’d rather face Fed tomorrow?

  313. claire said

    Why would Nadal wear his shoes size or size and half to small???

  314. The stupid design on Youzhny’s shorts is the lamest attempt at being creative I have ever freaking seen.

  315. Bettyjane said

    Clever shirt color selection by Nadal. The ball is identical. This should be illegal!

  316. ricky said

    Anybody knows at what time Fed is playing?

  317. ricky said

    Misha should do like Nadal, maybe change his shorts?

  318. RafaFan said

    Here we go! BREAK! And the winner is? RAFA! lol

  319. claire said

    Will Federer intentionally lose his match to avoid embarrassment plus should Nadal win Nadal would have greater H2H on hard court??

  320. ricky said

    So far Nadal has met only fellow countrymen or dead men which amounts to the shame, and the result is: HE is in the final at the prestigious US OPEN! Can’t believe it!

  321. Tennis Gods are paying Nadal back for ruining ’09 for him just like they did for Federer at the FO.

  322. Whoever feels they have a better chance of winning the finals tomorrow will have an edge in the match between Federer and Djokovic, don’t you think?

  323. ricky said

    wow! what a champion!

  324. Really, Youzhny? Is this the time to be coming up with that roar? You just saved from being eliminated. Delaying the freaking inevitable and the pain.

  325. Rick said


  326. The word Federer and Djokovic are thinking of right about now: Federer – Aces. Djokovic – Federer’s back hand.

  327. claire said

    Let’s hope Federer’s match is a repeat of Nadal’s match -Federer comes out firing and continue to play amazing the whole match – none of this “going away”! If Federer does win how will I live through the match tomorrow!!

  328. And why has Nadal’s sister decided to make her lone appearance at this match? Dumped by her boy friend – nothing to do at home?

  329. RafaFan said

    Sorry, Misha is a freaking TC!

  330. And hasn’t Tony suddenly started looking like a grandpa with those glasses from being a hip uncle?

  331. Now Youzhny, wasn’t it better to go away in the last game?

    • chieko said

      No TP sama, he really works very hard to be at this spot being no. 12 against the world’s no. 1. We should salute to him also. Good run this tournament Youz san. I hope you do not feel bad. It is better than a lot of other higher ranking playings. Good job from Chieko.

      • Bettyjane said

        Well said Chieko san. I know Youzhny would have given a better effort if it were physically possible.

      • chieko said

        You are right Bettyjane san, in fact under such pressure and being so low down in ranking ,he must have a complex. I always did get nervous in competition for my mental toughness was never too good. He did very well indeed.

  332. If nothing else for Nadal it’s progressing from semifinals to finals here.

  333. Bettyjane said

    The only negative for Nadal is the possibility (slim though it may be) of not being “match tough” after these matches. Yeah I know—I’m kidding myself.

    • chieko said

      Bettyjane san. Good day to you. We do not know who will be in the final yet from our side. If and I hope our Federer san wins, I hop he has a good rest tonight. I hope it will be a good match on Sunday. No matter what, really, for us tennis fans, it will be a very memorable match. One day, I shall tell my children that I have witnessed that on computer TV. AND of course I hope I can tell them that my hero did very well.

      Have a great day everyone. I hope your hero do well too. Dewa Mata.

    • chieko said

      Hi Bettyjand san , have a wonderul weekend.

  334. Rick said

    Wow, that was a real thriller for about 3 or 4 minutes.

  335. Rick said

    Know what?
    Just realized that for maybe the first time ever, I’m totally into the “may the best man win” thing in a Fed match — even and especially a Fed vs. Joker match.
    This was certainly not the case last year, where I was entirely partisan.
    I suppose it has something to do with the fact that Djokovic annoys me far less than he used to (maybe because he of necessity has to act more humble now without results to back up the braggadocio).
    Or maybe it’s because I want Nadal to finally have a competitive match.
    Or maybe it’s because I’m just maturing as a tennis fan (like Djokovic 🙂 )

    Hello, US Open, the Valkyries’ job was to transport the corpses of fallen heroes to Valhalla….

  336. Federer in freaking trouble already?

  337. Djokovic going after Federer forehand so early?

  338. Federer’s serve not on full in flight so far. Can be danger time.

  339. claire said

    I’m having a beer – it’s 5 a’clock somewhere!!!!!

  340. Both having flashes of Nadal between points? You bet!!!!

  341. And why are the stands not already packed?

    • M said

      Because people are outside haggling with the scalpers who are trying to get five thousand dollars for nosebleed seats. They just don’t want press coverage, so we can’t see all that from here.

  342. Federer serving at 57%, Djokovic 75.

  343. Kitty said

    Mirka looking good today. Fed not in good form right now

  344. If Mirka continues to improve her grooming from years past, I WILL attribute it to Anaconda.

  345. Djokovic has been able to already evoke a few squash shots from Federer. Good sign for Djokovic.

  346. Five set format goes SO against Djokovic that if not in three he is done.

  347. WOW. Great point for Djokovic.

  348. Djokovic playing with some confident aggression.

  349. Rick said

    The evil twin clone impostor appears to have showed up today.

  350. Kitty said

    When Fed starts to shank he starts to become more circumspect with his shots and that will mean playing to your opponent’s game plan and that means more shanking with some winners. Djoker is content to keep ball in rallies and Fed doing the rest…

  351. What happened? I lost the sound.

  352. Oh got it. That man is on Federer’s payroll too.

  353. Djokovic is forcing Federer to pay attention to his open court thereby forcing more backhands – the weaker wing.

  354. The form the two have displayed so far leaves very little between the two – boiling the outcome on a couple of points if not ONE.

  355. claire said

    Yea, Federer breaks back – what, Federer is 100% at the net! I don’t have computer in front of me, what do I hit to re-fresh the screen?

  356. This is when the need for a break intensifies – 4 all.

  357. avidtennisfan73 said

    Hi all! Fed suddenly looking very aggressive after he broke the Djok back!

  358. Djokovic escapes the break threshold for the first set at 4 all. Federer’s turn next.

  359. avidtennisfan73 said

    I’m a bit nervous about Fed’s next service game, the Djok looking very solid so far.

  360. claire said

    I’m sick of McEnroe – now talking about what Federer has to do to beat Nadal!!! Never mentioned during Nadal match what Nadal needs to do to beat Federer! I think time to watch match on computer!

  361. Fed still at 52% for serve. Djokovic 68.

  362. avidtennisfan73 said

    Fed can’t buy a first serve in this game

  363. Djokovic’s grunts getting louder.

  364. RafaFan said

    Come-on Roger! BREAK!

  365. Nadal team already picking Federer apart – far easier proposition than working on Djokovic historically.

    • Rick said

      Yeah, when Nadal said in the on-court post-match interview that he was going to watch the other semi-final because he loves tennis, I thought yeah, you and Uncle Tonette.

  366. Nadal about to get his third wish of the tournament: Federer in finals – after Berdych and Murray.

  367. Bettyjane said

    Fed’s winning percentage on 2nd serves was a mere 35%. Nadal is loving how he pulled out this set.

  368. chieko said

    Score ??

  369. Why is Mirka sitting next to another man? Doesn’t that validate Anaconda theory even more?

  370. claire said

    That beer and Federer taking the first set has really relaxed me! Thank you MIller Genuine Draft 64 and Roger!

  371. Kitty said

    Why is Fed again reverting back sometimes to being passive on second serves? I don’t like it

  372. Kitty said

    Fed again suffering from his infamous lack of concentration at the start of second set

  373. Kitty said

    What in the freaks..fed serving at 42%….2 double faults and 2 shanks cost him the break and he is not done with the shanks yet

  374. Federer taking it for granted after first set. Djokovic straightening him out with inspired play.

  375. Kitty said

    Fed’s sudden dip in level of play after playing so good at teh altter part of the 1st set is a mystery and good case study for neural research

  376. It seems Federer NEEDS a close match to pay attention to THIS match. If not, his mind wanders to Nadal’s doorstep producing that sinking feeling taking him away from the moment.

  377. Rick said

    It’s my fault, guys, I am a certified jinx.
    I swear when I tune in he’s down, when I tune out he’s up.
    I can’t stand watching him play like this anyway, so I’m out again, maybe that’ll help.

  378. With the turnaround to finals so tight, Nadal may be hoping for Djokovic to at least keep Federer on the court for some protracted time.

  379. Is that Federer’s first failed drop shot attempt or freaking what?

  380. Oh oh, Federer AND Nadal in trouble.

  381. Kitty said

    Double break!!?!! geeeeezz

  382. Bettyjane said

    ugly stuff.

  383. wuiches said

    What in God’s name is going on with Fedex???

    is he thinking already the game plan against Nadal or what??????????

  384. It’s finally sunk in with Federer: Djokovic winning a title is better than not only Nadal winning one, it’s heck better than me losing to Nadal at another Slam final, leave alone on hard courts.

  385. Joy said

    What an odd scoreline for Fed, 7-5, 1-6? Did i miss something when i stepped out?

  386. BANTI said

    Anyone know what time the finals are? If Roger makes it, a night match is preferable. At this point I think we should think what’s best for Djokovic though. Roger doesn’t seem confident out there, and that’s no way to approach a Fedal match. A loss here is way better than seeing him self destruct tom. Really thought he would pick it up after the Sod match. Guess not.

  387. Kitty said

    Basel revisit?

  388. avidtennisfan73 said

    Let’s not lose hope people. I think he will pull through this…serve percentage already improving in this set. Although, this game is not winning against Nadal tomorrow.

  389. Kitty said

    what I don’t understand about the schedule – semis and finals guy doesn’t get even one day rest for slam 5 set matches?! all other rounds get 2 days

  390. Nadal didn’t drop a set on his way to the finals. Federer just did. Should count somewhere.

  391. BANTI said

    Roger wakes up in third? Not watching match, just scores. Playing much better, or Djoko much worse?

  392. Kitty said

    Fed has just 1 winner on backhand when it was on fire with Sod. Hopefully he can turn it around

  393. Bettyjane said

    a rare shot of Lynette pumping Roger up.

  394. Djokovic’s girl friend named shadow slowly moving to his rescue?

  395. Federer falling apart. Nadal too big in rear view mirror?

  396. Nadal is blamed for not keeping a date with Federer at hard court matches. Is this the time for Federer to return the favor?

  397. What the heck was that?

  398. It’s that time again – 4 all. Break time.

  399. Kitty said

    Fed’s first serve is directly propotional to his confidence and inversely proportional to his shanking and backhand UEs

  400. Come on from Federer – on Djokovic’s error.

    • chieko said

      🙄 😀 You would too TP sama , or even more , won’t you 😕 But thanks for letting those of us who are not watching know what is going on. 😆

  401. Federer should win it in four – or five. Why? Because Djokovic doesn’t have that much in his tank to keep slugging at this ‘top’ level that much longer.

  402. ricky said

    in case you need to change your mind/sports:

  403. But the win will ensure a tougher time on Sunday – exactly what Nadal wants.

  404. Kitty said

    Bring on some gusty winds please! What is funny is that Fed did’nt have these wild shots and shanks even when it was windy

  405. Bettyjane said

    On paper we knew this match would be the more competitive of the two semi’s. So why the heck is it scheduled second when there’s no day off before the final. RATINGS, yeah—I know.

  406. avidtennisfan73 said

    I like it!! agression on the first point!!

    • chieko said

      IS it Fed san you are talking about Avidtennisfan73 san?? I hope so. Someone please post the score if you can help it. I turn the computer on and no time to change site. Please…..I am very sneaky here doing both. Thanks. 😀

  407. Djokovic has lost the pop on his shots allowing more time for Federer.

  408. wuiches said

    au revoir M. Djokovic!!!!!

  409. Bettyjane said

    where does he come up with THAT. lol!

  410. It’s just a matter of time now and a bagel too.

  411. Rick said

    Looks like my tuning out didn’t help.
    Good Lord.
    And the comments here offer no glimmer of hope for tomorrow.
    Maybe he just needs to admit that he longer has the racket control he used to and just get a freakin bigger racket head, call me crazy.
    But I said the same thing about getting a coach, and that doesn’t seem to be helping a bit in this dismal spectacle.
    I guess he’s just…..losing what he had…..guess it was inevitable.
    So sad to see it happen though.

  412. avidtennisfan73 said

    Rick, if you’re still away, stay away 🙂 Fed just won the 3rd set! Broke the Djok at love!

  413. Kitty said

    Stat- Of the 7-6,7-5 games these two have played against each other Fed has won 9 and djoker 1
    Hope Fed doesn’t lose cocentration again

    • Rick said

      This is always the deciding factor.
      He should be throttled for that second set, no excuse.
      But if it gets the hiccups out of the way for tomorrow, amen and so be it.

  414. Djokovic’s got second wind but he has decided probably to use it to go broke.

  415. Dominic Anderson said

    Gooooo Roger

  416. Rick said

    Do I see a break of serve there?
    If so, bye everyone….

  417. Nadal will completely destroy Federer if he shows even the slightest semblance of his showing today. Maybe it’s better to lose here instead.

  418. wuiches said

    can’t believe what I’m just watchin’

  419. And why is Mirka’s bra strap showing?

  420. wuiches said

    hope it’s diet coke Mirka!!

  421. Kitty said

    This CANNOT be momemtum theorythrown out of the door

  422. wuiches said

    oh my… oh my my!!!!!

  423. It seems that the Soderling match took a lot away from Federer as the energy spent in navigating everything on the table was equal to a five set match if not more.

  424. claire said

    I believe if Federer loses this set, it’s Djokovic’s match! I’m beginning to think Djokovic will have a better chance against Nadal. I believe Djokovic has beaten Nadal several times on hard courts!

  425. wuiches said

    if this was a boxing match both guys would have their faces full of blood!!!

  426. Federer is one foot fault away from blowing up.

  427. Sir Vibhudi Aatmapudi said

    Neither of these two are playing at their best. The career slam is Nadal’s.

  428. Kitty said

    I am oing to have a depressing weekend if Fed loses this

  429. This is a great opportunity for Federer for reverse that ‘weak mentally’ label. Winning the event will be that much sweeter now if at all.

  430. wuiches said

    it seems that the stars are alignin for the spaniard!!!!!!!!!

  431. Rick said

    Just checking the score quickly, over and out.
    I want Federer to continue playing as long as he’s comfortable as much as the next person, but this evil twin clone needs to retire immediately.

  432. wuiches said

    I don’t care about the match anymore, I care about Rodge’s health now, he’s 29 geeezzz!!!!

    this is too much!!!

  433. Kitty said

    I only hope for Fed’s serve to improve, please!!!

  434. Bjornino said

    They’re trading heavy body blows out there now. And they both know that whoever wins this will be squashed by Nadal tomorrow.

  435. Joy said


  436. avidtennisfan73 said

    GOOO Fed! Nice aces in that last service game.