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The Ways Europeans Can Spot an American A Mile Away.

Posted by tennisplanet on September 7, 2010

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7 Responses to “The Ways Europeans Can Spot an American A Mile Away.”

  1. MM said

    Like I care what some Euro-weenie thinks of me-they don’t like being reminded that if it wasn’t for America, they’d be speaking German? Tough titties.

    Ever see Mike Myers do that all black, “touch my monkey” bit on SNL? That’s what I think of when I think of snotty Euro-weenies in their outdoor coffee shops bitching about Americans.

    Every time I’ve been to Europe, with Iceland being the worst(3 times there) it’s like a condensed version of Boulder or San Fran-holier then thou.

    Now of course Germany definitely gets the failure of spending trillions in fairy dust money. They, unlike President Cry Baby, have cut government spending, union pensions and have passed tax rate cuts for business and individuals. Their GDP vs ours? Over 9% vs 1.6% Too bad all conservatives can do now is just stop this idiot, it’ll be 2 long years before we can get some adults back in the WH. So for that, I give Merkel and her administration all the credit in the world.

    • Sol said

      People like you are the reason why Americans have a bad rep among some Europeans.
      It’s unfortunate since most Americans are nothing like you.
      But the minority always ruins things for the majority.

    • Jenny said

      Many Brits have a terrible reputation in some European resorts and quite rightly so. Actually, those morons act like louts fuelled by booze, casual sex and whatever else that gets them on a high, they are an embarrasment to their country, end of. Draw attention to yourelf in the wrong way anywhere, you will have a problem no matter what nationality you are.

    • D.S.G. said

      Good Grief, MM ! Take your Xanax ! Now ! Didn’t they warn you about coming off your meds too abruptly ?

      Iceland ?? You had a problem with ICELAND ?

      Have you really ever been to Europe ? You say so but I sort of have the feeling you only know it through your impressions of satirical t.v. shows. Truly.

  2. Growltiger said

    I really don’t much care of a European can tell I’m an American; I’m proud of my country. I’ve traveled to Greece – nice people, but the shops are closed most of the day while they sleep (and we wonder why their broke!), beautiful ruins that are like stepping back in time, lovely topography, lots of unfinished buildings — kinda like they started and just quit, body odor, clouds of hair fluffing from under women’s armpits.

    France: Rude and arrogant, a deadly combination. Don’t ever want to go there again.

    Britain: Love Britain; love the history; love the people — stiff upper lip and all that; love the buildings. But God are they aggressive about getting onto public transportation. I got speared numerous times by grannies who were determined to board before I. It got to be amusing in that I missed bus after bus because this pushy American ISN’T.

    • Growltiger said

      Forgot: The Germans seemed to be the most accommodating.

      Italians are Italians.

      Portuguese are a little like Greeks – they need a good shampoo. I love their Lusitano horses though.

    • Jenny said

      I got speared numerous times by grannies who were determined to board before I. It got to be amusing in that I missed bus after bus because this pushy American ISN’T.


      LOL GT, I can assure you us UK natives are subjected to it as well, it isn’t just from aggressive elders on public transport – no-one is safe! At one time folk used to queue politely, not an more. To be fair, I’m sure we didn’t start the push and shove treatment, and I’m definitely not blaming American tourists, the ones I’ve met here have always shown respect. Seniors [60+ for women, 65+ for men] get to travel free in London.

      MM: I’ve visited many cities in other parts of Europe, been in many cafes and bars, and I haven’t heard any folk bitching about Americans!

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