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Strong wind and the likely outcome.

Posted by tennisplanet on September 8, 2010

While the conditions impact both players, it’s logical to conclude that the player with superior talent should overcome the variable far more comfortably. But can that be true under all conditions? Maybe not.

When conditions are so windy, it may come down to who is playing closer to the basics, don’t you think? I mean, the one with more flowery verbage to his repertoire is likely to feel greater resistance to his natural game than one relying on basic fundamental tennis. Or the one requiring greater precision on timing is most likely to falter first.

With Soderling relying near solely on power tennis he may be hoping for current conditions to continue to level the playing field as close to even as possible. Federer, still recovering from the season long funk, may end up feeling the need to adjust far more drastically than his opponent to make this move his way.

Either way it seems serve will be the major factor determining the outcome in this match with far fewer rallies.


3 Responses to “Strong wind and the likely outcome.”

  1. D.S.G. said

    Last night I heard Billie Jean King being interviewed by Pam Shriver. Pam asked Billie Jean how it was growing up and playing tennis when the Santa Ana winds blew through. B.J. said of course it was difficult but one could adjust the game a bit to combat the wind. She said play more in the center of the field instead of trying to make line shots….practicality and common sense prevails.

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