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Nadal has two sacrifices to make back to back now.

Posted by tennisplanet on September 9, 2010

Both are coming off the same altar called the five-set stone.

Verdasco played a five setter against Ferrer and Youzhny has just completed his version of it against Wawrinka to make Nadal’s road to the finals strewn with rose petals. It that good or bad?

Bad because facing a red-hot Federer in the finals may be too much of a bump for Nadal after these easy pickings. Good because it will protect the most defining factor in determining whether Nadal wins or loses – on ANY surface: Fuel.

Besides, past history between the two points to total and complete irrelevance to what trail they leave before meeting each other. Both have produced questionable performances in the previous rounds at almost every tournament they have faced each other at – so many freaking times – that their unique match up idiosyncracies dictate everything moving forward.

But just as Federer finds himself in a must-win situation after this Soderling thrashing, Nadal is not too far from it, if not with an even acute case of affliction, emanating from the draw that appears to be getting better with every round. If this keeps up a walkover or a retirement in the finals shouldn’t shock anyone.


6 Responses to “Nadal has two sacrifices to make back to back now.”

  1. Vr said

    You are truly unbelievable TP! On the button! Pressure is on Rafa. Just saw Verdasco break hon at love in the third game. Youzhny is a talent who, for whatever reasons, under achieved the last three years. He may take a set or two off winner of NadalVerdasco (and lose to …(you know who!!!)

  2. Vr said

    Meant ‘him’ not ‘hon’

  3. Joy said

    Hon broke back! And won too. 🙂

    Must say this, though: Rafa is NEVER NOT under pressure on hard courts. In fact he’s on record saying that if there were anything he’d wish for, it’s to be able to play as easily as Roger. But win or lose, Rafa is a comer.

    So bring on Youzhny–someone so talented deserves a chance to show he can use his racquet in ways other than bashing his own head bloody with it.

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