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Soderling gets threaded in a lawn mower called Federer @ US Open.

Posted by tennisplanet on September 9, 2010

Soderling was reduced to a peculiar dance at the baseline. Did you notice? No, you didn’t. He would bump up a little as if receiving a minor electric shock and then start his walk to the other side of the court – endlessfreakingly. Know what I am talking about?

It’s about the spectator status he was clothed with when receiving serve from Federer. Federer had 18 freaking aces to two from Soderling. Not enough? Not only did Soderling hit no aces, his first serves that found the mark won him just 67% of the points compared to 86 for Federer. I am talking about the shock response the player goes through when receiving an ace and then starts his trot to the other side. And why do I have to freaking explain everyfreakingthing here. Geeeeeeeeeeezzzzzz!!!!!!!!!!!! Toddlers.

Federer produced a masterful performance which may have triggered from fear of messing things up given the opponent and the conditions. His senses were heightened similar to a blind person possessing far keener and sharper senses of hearing etc. than the rest of us. It didn’t matter how much pace Soderling was able to generate. In fact, the harder he hit the response was proportionately upgraded time and time again leaving no place for Soderling to hide and hoping for just unforced errors to win points.

In Federer’s mind, this win may have reversed not just his Roland Garros loss to Soderling earlier this year but also last year’s loss to Delpo in the finals here – given the similarity in trajectory and pace the two players live off of.

At one stage of the match, Federer was actually using the windy conditions to his advantage by allowing the wind to make the ball go where he wanted. Case in very particular point: Drop shots. Not only did the drop shot attempt never fail and land far away from Soderling but the wind ensured the bounce moved away to make it even tougher for Soderling.

This could quite possibly be one of the greatest showing from Federer given everything that was on the table. If you missed this symphony, please step in your kitchen – carefully – AND DROWN YOURSELF IN THE KITCHEN SINK. Geeeeeeeeeeeeezzzzzzzzzzz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Downside? You know it was coming, didn’t you? After this devastating form, winning the title becomes an ABSOLUTE MUST. It’s like having the most delicious and sumptuous dinner and leaving the table without the dessert. Losing now – against anybody – will dampen a lot of sparkle this win has produced.

But if after this, Federer manages to lose to Nadal in the final – given everything on the line for both players (Hard court H2H, career Slam, No. 17, each denying other another milestone, record-breaking 6th US Open…….) Federer’s claim to being a GOAT WILL take a major hit. Not only will Nadal beat Federer at another hard court Slam final, he will have done it at the peak of Federer’s game with Anaconda and the works. Nadal will also even up the hard court H2H releasing hot air from the argument of his clay dominance over Federer to skew the overall stat.

Federer HAS to now win it. Winning it after beating Nadal will be a cherry on the cake – far cry from the accolades Nadal will earn if he beats Federer – but that’s the price you have to sometimes pay if you aim higher than anyone else. In other words, Federer is back to where he has languished forever – lot to lose and not much to gain. Nadal knows the dynamic all too well by now and is bound to play on it through the media to muster intangible advantage.

However, if current pattern of improvement is any indication of Federer’s form starting as far back as Toronto, it’s hard to imagine Federer faltering now. He may actually get even better as tougher challenges ahead force his talent to release even greater tennis vs the likelihood of throwing water on all good already achieved so far.

But Nadal is the ONLY one now, if the progression stays true to script, to not only handle Federer’s improved game but actually supersede it with his own strong antidote – physically and mentally.


11 Responses to “Soderling gets threaded in a lawn mower called Federer @ US Open.”

  1. Kitty said

    very very nicely summarized TP, it was an awesome display indeed and you have a solid assessment on what is on stake for nadal and fed here

  2. Bettyjane said

    Regarding the plight of Fed having alot to lose and little to gain: One almost thinks he’s better off losing to Djoker and giving Rafa an interesting matchup in the final. Of course I’m just kidding.

  3. O said

    Everyone else will be brushed aside or run over. It will the be the match of the century, or what?

  4. Sam said

    Well said, TP, re a (hypothetical) Rafa/Roger final. It would be good to see a Federer victory, preferably in style against a resurgent, re-modelled Rafa who absolutely cannot be called a one-trick clay court pony anymore.

    However, facing facts and nothing else, since the end of 2007 the H2H between this pair stands at 6-1 in Rafa’s favour, with 4 of his 6 victories on clay and Roger’s on clay too in Madrid, 2009. It’s great to see Fed serving so well again. He now has to recreate his annhilation in Shanghai of Rafa in both 2006 & 2007. It won’t be easy as Rafa too is serving significantly better than ever — and as noted since RG2006, how will Roger deal with the diet, the barrage of high topsin drives to his backhand?

    Speaking only for myself, the admiration I’ve developed for Rafa’s game makes a Roger defeat just about tolerable but am still looking for payback for the RG2008 defeat! I’ve also just recalled a comment Fed made to Sue Barker in the immediate post-match interview after Wimbledon 2007: something along the lines of ‘ it’s great to win before he starts winning them all’. Check the tapes, it was said with a big grin. But that’s the mental barrier Roger must overcome — especially after Wimby 2008 and the AO2009.

    First, though, let’s get through the semis.

  5. Ash said

    A Fedal final seems certain now (no disrespect to Djokovic)given Federers performances of late but I’m uneasy about the outcome. My head says Nadal and my heart says Federer. All things considered Federer should take it and Annacone should be working on a more sensible game plan for him to counter Rafa, including helping him with his psychological barrier. However, we all know that these finals don’t always go to plan. Prepare for a nail biter, whoever you support.

  6. RafaFan said

    A typical masterpiece from a thrilled Mr. TP! Thanks.

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