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Can Djokovic spoil the party?

Posted by tennisplanet on September 10, 2010

Djokovic camp has to be banking on Federer’s  full awareness that Nadal is next. The history between Federer and Nadal by now is so deeply embedded in each one’s psyche that it’s reasonable to assume that their impending meeting being so close has to arouse emotions that can disturb what’s on hand – positively or negatively depending on the individual based on past outcome.

Besides, Djokovic has built up his own history against Federer largely grounded in ‘standing up to him’ – something Federer is not too fond of. Besides, the last six matches the two have played – 2009 and beyond – the H2H is 3-3 with Djokovic victories including not just one on clay but one on the hard courts of Basel, Federer’s birth town.

So recent history does not provide any serious dominance from Federer to make this a slam dunk for Federer. Given that this is Djokovic’s favorite surface and he has typically performed well in the second half of the season spoiler alert may not be completely without merit.

But purely based on recent showing from both players it’s hard to imagine Federer losing three sets no matter what. His serve is working so well that breaking him appears near impossible. It’s quite difficult to break when you are being aced on every second point.

But this is Djokovic’s moment to shine with a very real possibility of winning the whole enchilada if he beats Federer. For him it’s the de-facto final – repeat of ’07 final here when he lost to Federer in straight sets – two of them tie breaks. Djokovic has a far greater chance of beating Nadal than Federer – on hard courts. After all, he has defeated Nadal all of the last three times they have met on the surface with overall H2H on hard courts favoring Djokovic 7-3.


21 Responses to “Can Djokovic spoil the party?”

  1. claire said

    I’m kinda afraid Federer’s serve will go away in one of these matches – hasn’t that happened before. I’m feeling Federer or Nadal won’t be in the finals!

  2. wuiches said

    yep I remember that Basel match, both guys were playing awful!!!

    seemed as if they were sick or something!!

    “winning the whole enchilada” LOL!!!!!!

    we love to eat those things in my country.

  3. jennifur said

    what party? is there a party?

    didnt know that …

  4. BANTI said

    If Novak makes the final, he wins his second slam.

    • sperry said

      Yup. And I don’t think it’s at all unlikely. And if Fed wins, he wins his …. whatever… some obscene number.

    • Jill said

      That would be quite amusing if Djokovic got his 2nd slam when it’s always Murray being touted as “one of the favourites/favourite” to win each and every time and still hasn’t won one. I shouldn’t snigger but I just can’t help it.

      • Jenny said

        :-). I must say, it’s nice to see Djokovic in the semis. I guess Murray’s next chance will be at the AO. According to some newspapers, Nick Bollittieri has offered to help him. At least us Brits aren’t getting the constant hype and comparison to Fed and Nadal these days.

    • Bettyjane said

      And it would be a very well deserved victory. Toughest draw of the lot.

  5. Growltiger said

    Djokovic is my favorite player, and, of course, I’m rooting for him. But I give him zero chance of winning. Federer always brings it to the Slams. He’s chasing records, not wins and money. He wants to go down in the books as the best player ever. He wants Nadal and the No 1 position back. He’s not going to let a nice kid from Serbia stand in his way. Djokovic has the game to beat them all, but not the head (and maybe the health). He needs a serve which he doesn’t have, a new coach, which he maybe has, and a sports psychologist to make him see that on the tennis court, he can’t make the other guy love him unless he loses. So far he’s been willing to trade wins for popularity and has neither.

    • Jenny said

      Be positive, GT – he’s reached the semis without collapsing in a heap. He was ruthless enough to win a slam a couple of years ago, I’m sure he can do it again, although it may not be this time, but he has youth on his side and a champion’s mentality. Obviously, the crowd will be behind Roger, but he has to try and ignore it and play his game. It will be the same scenario for Rafa and Youzhny.

    • UM17 said

      It’s hard for me with these top three – I really like Djokovic, but just couldn’t bear to see him win over Fed. It’s like I wish Nole was 2 or 3 years younger than he is, so Roger could safely win his 20, retire, and then leave the slams open for the next guys. 🙂

      • Jenny said

        I know how you feel, UM17. I have this conflict between Fed and Nalby myself, not so in the early days believe me, it was always Fed for me, but once he was on his way and went on to even greater things, I’m still a fan, but I stepped back somewhat as I began to appreciate other players of this generation, their talents and also what they give to the game and of themselves. Infact I didn’t appreciate them enough in my early Fed days. Should Fed happen to meet a fit Nalby in a future slam or tourney, I will be rooting for him, I did when he won those back to back Masters in Madrid and Paris in 2007!

    • Jenny said

      “But I give him zero chance of winning”

      Faith, Growltiger. You must be a proud Nole fan.

  6. jennifur said

    NOW … there will b a freaking party! congrats 2 nole 4 a huge win! furre surree. fed fought good but nole was da man tdy.

  7. Bettyjane said

    Hey Claire, you called it (see first post) Well done.

    • Claire said

      Thank’s Bettyjane! 🙂

      I’m really thinking a Djokovic win tomorrow!

      Djokovic took chances when down match points today- he’s got heart and I think he wants this slam as much if not more tha Nadal wants his career slam! Bet Djokovic won’t let this chance slip away without a hugh fight!

  8. M said

    Well, we know now how that turned out.
    TP, I don’t think you get to ask those questions anymore. They’re too evocative.

    Not that Nole didn’t earn his victory. I’m just too disappointed that we’re bereft of a FEDAL final to be the best sport right now.

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