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Live chat for finals @ US Open 2010.

Posted by tennisplanet on September 11, 2010


TP, you may need a new thread just for the final tomorrow.
Anyone else think so …?


342 Responses to “Live chat for finals @ US Open 2010.”

  1. Growltiger said

    I have a feeling the Fed-Djoko semi was the real final. EXCITING tennis. On the edge of my seat. Wonder if Djoko has anything left over for Nadal, or if Fed would have had anything left either. This is what Djokovic and Nadal did to each other in Madrid allowing Fed to win (2009). As a Djokovic fan, I am thrilled, but by set five, I didn’t want either one to lose. Congratulations Novak and Roger, you made tennis exciting.

    • Jenny said

      I was obviously rooting for Roger, but I’m pretty chilled out about his defeat, Nole deserved his victory, I think we’re all agreed. Today I’m just going to watch and enjoy hopefully a competitive match. Can’t ask for more.

      • Vr said

        Totally agree. Was there screaming my lungs off and was devastated when Roger lost. But Djoko was fantastic. Hope he wins the finals now that he got his rain delay and sholed get the rest he deserved.

    • chieko said


  2. Bettyjane said

    John McEnroe is always but ALWAYS harping on the unfairness to the health of players at Wimbledon of the lack of a 5th set tiebreak. The extreme example of course being the recent Isner/Mahut match. But what about the unfairness of having the semifinalists having no day off in between here at the Open? This has affected finals before and it will continue to do so. Lendl/Cash being the obvious example. McEnroe dismantled Lendl the next day.

    I would imagine McEnroe isn’t going to knock his employer as this is an obvious conflict of interest.

    • M said

      I think it may be a question of “choose your unfairness”, unfortunately, Bettyjane. I also remember the AO 09 scheduling getting a little crazy.

      “I would imagine McEnroe isn’t going to knock his employer as this is an obvious conflict of interest.”

      I would imagine too. I think even the mighty JMac has finally learned some tact and circumspection. 😛

  3. Bjornino said

    Hoping for a great final! It starts at 16.00 NYC time, right?

  4. Bjornino said

    Hoping for a great final! It starts at 16.00 (NY time), right?

    • Bettyjane said

      The official U.S. Open site says “not before 4:35” so you’re a half hour early. For those vieweing via CBS, they MAY delay this start time or merely break in slightly late as they often do depending on the football game.

    • Jenny said

      Sky have it scheduled live for 21.00 GMT, I think you’re an hour ahead of us in the UK, Bjornino?

    • Bjornino said

      Thank you both! Yes, when it’s 21.00 in the UK it’s 22.00 in Sweden (although I am in Germany now, but it’s the same ^^)

  5. MM said

    Great match-I agree and think there should be a full day off before the final-I saw Nole beat Fed in Melbourne but Roger was ill then, yesterday he wasn’t-Fed had 2 match points and let Novak slip away-I don’t think he’s going to have a lot left for Rafa today, an extra day to rest would make for a better final.

    Man, did Kim find the zone her last few matches? Holee cow! can she hit.

  6. claire said

    2:30 ET – no rain – juniors are playing their finals! 😦

  7. M said

    For those who wanted to see it but missed it (and remember Roger in his red in the AO booth!) –
    Rafa commentating in the ESPN booth

  8. Jenny said

    The final has been officially abandoned. Source: Sky. It will be played on Monday.

    • Ricke said

      Nole looked pretty excited when Mary Jo interviewed him after the official announcement.

    • Bettyjane said

      Thanks very much Jenny. I find it incredulous that US Open’s site was a solid 10 minutes behind Sky in breaking the news.

      • Jenny said

        The Sky comms and pundits are all on site. You can bet the players were sent back to their hotel earlier than that. We got to see an interesting mini docu about Peter Fleming who was born in New Jersey and now lives in the UK. I know he was Mac’s doubles partner for years, but didn’t know he reached #8 in the world in singles. LOL One of the orginal treetops at 6’5″.

  9. birce ege said

    had tickets for the final hoping for a federer-nadal final.. even if it didn’t rain today in ny, i wasn’t interested in the nadal-djokovic final.. all credit to nole, but i just feel we’ve been stripped from another clash of the titans after feddie’s loss unfortunately.. i put my ticket with the re-sell option, for a cheaper price that i got it for, so far no calls since yesterday evening. i guess i’m not the only disappointed one!!

    • Somebody Else said

      I would still want to be around for that match. It’s a U.S. Open final!!!
      AND, it’s between two top players who have a rivalry of their own.

      • M said


        SE, while I agree Rafa and Nole’s final has the potential to become its own classic — they will both be rested, each has the chance to become a first-time US Open finalist, Rafa will be playing for his Career Golden Slam — though his (her?) comment might inch slightly close to soliciting ?), I sympathize with Birce Edge.

        Especially as they’ve become more special occasions as they’ve become more rare, some of us really, really wanted a FEDAL final.

        (Maybe even more of us than I thought.)

        P.S. Off-topic — did you get that link I sent you about the HTML?

      • Jenny said

        Me too, whoever was playing, and I’m a Fed fan. Just goes to show there’s nothing guaranteed in tennis.

      • Somebody Else said

        I was anticipating FEDAL too, but it didn’t happen. What’s interesting about Nadovak is its air of uncertainty, especially now with this rain postponement. I’m comfortable in Fed’s semifinal loss, suspecting he, based on that Saturday display, might not have been at an optimum level to potentially prevail in the final — and that is no fun for me. He should go try things out with Annacone, tighten up some bolts and screws.

      • Somebody Else said

        M, yeah, I got the HTML message you sent me.
        Thanks. I can’t wait to go crazy with the italics!!! jk 😛

      • Vr said

        In terms of nuts and bolts being tightened, for Fed to have that many UEs after five matched with a 50+ ad in winners, something was wrong. It is not something a coach can fix. And the forehand errors. Running and otherwise. They were (are) mind boggling. He didn’t show up for the second set and almost didn’t for the fourth. I wonder if his back was acting up. I was there and saw, as all could on TV also, that he wasn’t moving AT ALL in the second. He needs to decrease his mis hits.
        I am convinced of his genius. He needs real rest. I think he has his motivation now (he said so) and needs to get his back to be ok so he comes back on top in 2011.

      • chieko said

        Thanks Vr san. I think you are right. Please enjoy your final and please take pictures to show us if you can.

  10. birce ege said

    yeah i can understand nole and nadal have their own thing going on but this was the only slam we never got to see a fed-nadal final. everybody here in ny was really looking forward it. there was already a lot of hype pre-built. after the soderling QF i definitely had my money on for this final. i can almost easily say fed even draws much more celebs than anybody else. i wouldn’t be surprised if nole pulls this one off tomorrow- given the fact that he had a good amount of rest today..
    as for federer, i watched his post game interview, i think he wasn’t looking horrible but definitely a lot of disappointment though, especially after the 2 match points he had. i think it took a lot of balls (not the yellow ones) for nole to save those points, he has grown mentally.. oh and by the way, if anybody is interested in my final ticket, feel free to e-mail me at, i am willing to give them out for free. they are electronic tickets so all you have to do is scan them..
    good night new york.

    • claire said

      Don’t you want to see Nadal get his career slam??? Of course there is no doubt he will win today- being a 100% given – just give Nadal the trophy why go through the motions???! I’m soooo sick of this BS!! Poor Djokovic – he got the same crap before he played Federer! Do it again Djokovic!!!!

      I watched Sports Center last night – I wanted to throw-up?? Why does Nadal get all this hipe – I don’t remember it when Federer won his career slam at FO, etc.,etc. – what is it about Nadal?? When he begins to match or pass Federer’s 16GS, then you can say he’s the GOAT (I personally don’t believe in this GOAT thing).

      We don’t know what the future will bring for anyone including Nadal given his past knee problems. Yea, what treatment is Nadal getting for those knees?? Is it good for Nadal long term for his health. Seems like whatever they are doing needs to be done on a regular basis. Wonder if ATP knows/needs to know what the treatment is? Didn’t he get another one after Wimby?

      • birce ege said

        i have no problem with nadal completing his career slam. the point is i do not care to be there. if it was nadal vs fed and nadal still prevailed, i would still come to watch the game. i am not sure what the mentioned bs is here. certain people enjoy watching fed, certain people nole, or certain people may even enjoy me playing.. there is nothing wrong here. it’s not like i’m taking credit away from any one of them. if there were only 2 channels and 1 tv in my house available, and if one was was the tennis channel showing nole-rafa final and the other channel was a rubbish talk show, i would still probably be watching the talk show (providing the pam shriver is not the host or the guest!!!). ok, i confess, i would switch back and forth to see some points of the final..

      • Jenny said

        This is the great thing, Birce Ege, we have a choice to support who we want, watch any match we want. As we would say in the UK, ‘you pays your money, you takes your choice’. I will be watching the final and hopefully some great tennis. I’m hoping Sky will show it after yesterday’s disruption. If not, I’ll hunt for a stream.

      • jett09 said

        Claire I know that Roger’s loss really hit you hard, but try to relax. USO is over and there are plenty of matches to look forward too and Roger will be back 😉 . Take care.

  11. Anonymous said

    Claire: why are you such a sore loser re Fed and why are you so bitter about Rafa? Why do you begrudge Nadal his success or is it just that in your world only Fed is allowed to shine and have attention? You will have to get used to things changing..the one certainty about sporting excellence is that it does not last forever and someone else always, but always, comes along to change the landscape.

    And what exactly are you insinuating about Nadal’s recent treatment? This treatment is well-documented, researched and permitted.


  12. Nadal’s tunnel interview: Read “Get out of my face. I am about to start scratching before …………”

  13. Kitty said

    C Freaking BS showing college football?! I had to go to fromsport again.
    They just make Nadal wait for 40sec at the interview before leaving to the court – a payback to his semifinal match where he arrived 2min late to the interview?? lol 😀

  14. Bjornino said

    Nadal entering Arthur Ashe Stadium accompanied by Wagner’s “Ride of The Valkyries” 😀

    (“In Norse mythology, a valkyrie (from Old Norse valkyrja “chooser of the slain”) is one of a host of female figures who decide who will die in battle. The valkyries bring their chosen to the afterlife hall of the slain, Valhalla, ruled over by the god Odin.”)

    So Nadal is actually a girl who will bring Djokovic to Valhalla? 🙂

    • Jenny said

      I listen to Wagner.

      • Bjornino said

        I love Wagner. The greatest music 🙂

      • Jenny said

        Me too and played very loudly! 🙂 Did you know he used to own Newfoundland dogs? Love them too!

      • Bjornino said

        He was nuts 🙂 But what a genious!

        I didn’t know about the dogs, no. Nice 🙂

      • Bjornino said

        He was nuts! 🙂 But what a genious! My fav operas of his are “Holländer”, “Walküre” and “Rheingold”. (and “Lohengrin” LOL)
        What are your fav Wagner operas?

        Didn’t know abt the dogs. Nice 🙂

      • Jenny said

        Those you mention and Tristan and Isolde – Prelude and “Leiberstod”. I just enjoy them all.

        From Wiki: “Russ – last dog of Richard Wagner, buried at the feet of his master in the composer’s tomb in the park of Villa Wahnfried in Bayreuth, under his own plaque: “Here rests and watches Wagner’s Russ.” 🙂

      • Bjornino said

        Aaaaw, that’s a beautiful quote 🙂

  15. Hugely surprisingly Nadal got a far louder reception coming out of the tunnel than Djokovic considering most are Federer fans. If that means something, Nadal will turn into a rock star for New York fans as he possess all ingredients New Yorkans love.

  16. Kitty said

    High quality rallying already! Nadal looks so focussed

  17. Joy said

    Hi everyone, it’s 4AM here, I’m bleary-eyed & trying to wrap my head around why it’s good to ‘pronate into the ball’ (comm Luke Jensen said it). Help, anyone?

  18. Joy said

    Or rather ‘pronates MORE into the ball’, sorry 🙂

  19. Bjornino said

    Djokovic totally thrashed that raquet. Nadal will break him down from now on.

  20. ricky said

    as long as it is not “prognate” into the ball it is fine!

  21. Julien said

    Wow that raquet just didn’t see that coming ! Hope Djoko finds his pace, he already looks exhausted !

  22. Does Djokovic look tired already or is he just playing games? The rallies are getting longer and longer making that a very real possibility.

  23. Nadal playing with ton of authority and this is just the first set AND is after a rain delay.

  24. I have a feeling that once this match is done we are going to say this: Wonder what would it have been like if there was no rain.

  25. Djokovic is serving at nearly 80% but has won just 52% of the pts on first serve. Once that first serve percentage dips, Nadal will move in for the kill.

  26. Someone printing / sewing / engraving No. 9 somewhere already?

  27. Turkey necks have announced that they will build the roof here once US Open final begins to jeopardize WTF – finals.

  28. Djokovic winning three sets now after Nadal has won the first one is like Murray winning a Slam.

  29. Jenny said

    Good hold for Novak, second set.

  30. Djokovic’s backhand starting to do damage.

  31. Djokovic should go after Nadal’s backhand with far more urgency. What’s there to lose now?

    • Haya said

      .. and with consistency.. he has to shake Nadal’s confidence.. I believe that despite winning the first set, Nadal, with this showing, proves that he doesn’t belong to this surface.. Djokovic has to keep reminding him of this every single point!

      O Roger, where art thou?! 😦

  32. jett09 said

    Vamos Rafa!! I’m happy that you won the first set! Keep going.

  33. Match looks quite evened up in the second set. Djokovic has moved up.

  34. There’s some life. Nadal is broken.

  35. ricky said

    Nole just woke up, no more shyness towards n°1!

  36. Djokovic’s realization that he is down a set is opening up his game as pressure is released opening up the door for his natural game. If Djokovic keeps this up Nadal’s only shot will be to tire him.

  37. WOW that first serve from Nadal hit the freaking baseline.

  38. Anonymous said

    Nadal is so wound up he is close to being negative.

  39. ricky said

    go on like this Nole and the trophy is yours…

  40. Djokovic has realized that he may really be able to lift that trophy today. Belief transfer in progress.

  41. Chicago fan said

    Rafa looks so nervous and tentative. If Novak wins this, I will be crushed.

    I’m not sure Rafa will have a chance at another U.S. Open.

    Vamos, Rafa!

    • Haya said

      So, you believe this is a one-time visit? And you want him to win it.. what a well deserved Career Slam then!!

      Anyways, I second what you said, except for I don’t want him to win it.. sorry 🙂

      • Chicago fan said

        He deserves it more than Novak, who is not in the same league.

        Also, Federer and Nadal have consistently been at the top. Rafa is only a year older than Novak and is 7 slams ahead of him. His place in tennis history is secure, even if he wins nothing else. And yes, it would be a very well-deserved career slam.

        With that said, I fully acknowledge that this is Novak’s best surface. However, his game, his serial retirements, his constant complaining and temper tantrums, and the attitude of his parents does nothing for me.

        Vamos, Rafa all the way!

  42. Djokovic’s face is shrinking so fast that the whole thing may become all one big nose anytime now.

  43. Good sign Nadal is in panic mode: Tries to take EVERY ball on his forehand.

  44. Why Djokovic has a smaller window to close this match – in four sets: This is Nadal who WILL force you into longer rallies unlike Federer AND Nadal is lot stronger than Federer in five sets.

  45. Nadal is just killing it with his volleys. WOW.

  46. Djokovic is loving the shoulder ball as there’s no depth on it. If Nadal gets depth it will be tough.

  47. You cannot freaking let Nadal earn aces on top of what else he can do to you.

  48. Bryan_B said

    Nadal looks like he is possesed again.

  49. Djokovic win depends on how successfully he can engage Nadal’s backhand.

  50. It’s that time again – 4 all – time when the need for break intensifies.

  51. Haya said

    Other than stupidity, what do you think the reason behind losing 3 (and now perhaps 4) consecutive games?!!

  52. Bryan_B said

    Djokovic is lying when he said he doesn’t know how to invite rain. 🙂

  53. If Nadal loses this match, it will be blamed on rain that not only refreshed Djokovic but it also softened him up with complacency. It WILL be his worst loss of his career – hands freaking down.

    • Kitty said

      Nadal will prove to everyone that he won this against all possible odds. Did’nt you realize the tennis gods were with him. They gave him an easy draw and since they did’nt want anyone to point out that djoker did’nt get enough rest they even got the rains on sunday.

  54. Jenny said

    Bjornino, Go to your mailbox. A nice interlude during this rain delay.

  55. Chicago fan said

    Ugh, this going to go into Tuesday, which completely favors Nole. The rain is allowing him to hit the reset button over and over again.

    Sorry, Rafa. I’m pulling for you, but the weather is obviously not.

  56. How rain is working for both Nadal and Djokovic even though for one it’s not as obvious: Djokovic – rest. Duh. Nadal – removing extenuating circumstances from easy draw, tired finalist opponent etc. as best as it can under current conditions.

  57. Haya said

    What’s with the tunnel interviews?! What’s the point? Why don’t they leave those players alone?!

    Djokovic looks tired already, like he didn’t get any sleep yesterday!

    Game over!

  58. Kitty said

    question: are players allowed to talk to coaches once they go back to locker rooms? I heard somewhere that they can but doesn’t make sense why they would allow that?

    • Arjun said

      Why should they stop it? They’re tennis players, not prisoners

      If the match is postponed to Tuesday, they won’t be kept locked in a room until they can finish the match

      • Kitty said

        i understood that for long time delays, but short delays…makes sense we can’t differentiate between them..thanks!

  59. Bettyjane said

    To alert U.S. viewers. When the match resumes it will be on ESPN2 NOT CBS.

  60. Chicago fan said

    Is it just my imagination, or have they brought out the drying machines? (Viewing on

  61. Chicago fan said

    Oooh, if they carry on playing today, then my favorite Spaniard still has a fighting chance.

  62. Jenny said

    Stopped raining!

  63. Hope said

    play should B resumed soon right ?

  64. Haya said

    Do US Open organizers know the concept of the “roof”? If not, somebody please tell them!

    • Jenny said

      I can understand a roof on the huge court might be a real problem, but why don’t they cover the court when it rains, like everyone one else does whhere there’s no roof, it would cut down on drying time at least. I heard it was because it wasn’t pleasing to the eye, duh!

      • Bettyjane said

        lol! I read this morning that there’s a committee that’s supposed to seriously look into it and that it would cost around 150 million dollars.

      • Jenny said

        Covering the actual court 150 million dollars?!

      • Haya said

        But Wimbledon (which is located in England!!!) now has one, so why can’t the US Open?

        I didn’t mean a permanent roof btw 🙂

      • Bettyjane said

        the roof would cost that, lol. Sorry Jen. They’d have to reconfigure the footings.

      • Haya said

        What I meant by the “England” remark is that English people are the most resistent to change.. they like sticking to their norms.. at least this is what I know 🙂

      • Jenny said

        LOL Thanks, Bettyjane. I thought they might commission covers made of platinum or gold! I can understand the huge cost if a roof is involved. It might be cheaper to pull it down and start from scratch including a roof.

      • Jenny said

        The LTA had been considering a roof for ages, they needed to, especially with our weather! LOL Haya, Most Brits welcome change, we’re all over the place, eg Spain and France, have you been to the Spanish Costas lately?! 🙂

      • Haya said

        Oh, then I shoud learn more 🙂
        England tops my list of places I wish to visit 😉

      • Jenny said

        Some good stuff, some not so good. I’m sure you will be made most welcome 🙂

      • Jenny said

        Haya, The big cities like central London are very cosmopolitan and lively. Folk in some rural areas can be reserved, but polite.

      • Joy said

        Jenny, my family was fortunate enough to visit London when I was a young teen. We all ended up in the streets in our pajamas because of a bomb scare at our hotel, LOL. But I absolutely loved the trip, and wished I could stay inside the British Museum forever, living on fish n’ chips from the pub (tasted great & was nothing at all like the ones in my country).

  65. Bettyjane said

    The players have just returned to the court.

    Lousy point for Djoker to have to come back to. If loses the first point he’s down break and Rafa just can serve out the 2nd set.

  66. Nadal let Djokovic off the hook making the rain work FOR Djokovic.

  67. Who is most likely to run up the stands after winning? Both?

  68. Haya said

    What a passing shot!! WOW!
    Why does he have to follow each awesome point with a stupid stupid mistake?!!!

  69. Nadal ace has to be the most deflating shot for Djokovic right about now.

  70. Djokovic’s retrieving skills getting on Nadal’s nerves.

  71. Djokovic has Nadal’s attention. 2nd set to Djokovic.

  72. BANTI said

    Novak not afraid to take it to him. Still going with Novak in 4. Go Djoker.

  73. Nadal has allowed Djokovic to own the most precious commodity – Belief.

  74. Djokovic broke Nadal TWICE in the second set. That is momentum changing.

  75. Jenny said

    Great match so far. Even, a set apiece.

  76. BANTI said

    Only person to win a GS on a hard court without dropping a set is still Roger Federer. Thank god for that:)

  77. Could this (second set loss) be the kick in the pants Nadal needed?

  78. Haya said

    Djokovic is so inconsistent!

  79. Don’t you think Djokovic wants to wipe the sweat from his hair real bad but can’t do it for fear of turning into fur ball?

  80. Djokovic’s dilemma: Can’t get a clean winner because of Nadal’s speed on the court and don’t want long rallies. Has to pull the trigger to keep it short and last longer.

  81. Ricke said

    Nole’s mom keeps disappearing.

  82. Jenny said

    Nole needs a second wind now to survive, he is being ground down.

  83. Nadal’s unforced errors are keeping Djokovic alive. He has 23 already.

  84. Ricke said

    Wow that was a great hold for Nole.

  85. BANTI said

    If Novak breaks back and wins this set, match to Novak. If not Rafa takes it.

  86. Djokovic may have already earned his colors by taking the first set of the tournament from Nadal. Any more is all gravy further strengthening Nadal earning it notion.

  87. Go to Nadal’s backhand. Geezzzzzz!!!!!!!!!

  88. Ricke said

    I have Dish network TV and they had the final listed in the guide today, but Oprah was on instead! I had to watch online till the rain delay. Now they have it on ESPN, but the guide shows the”World Series of Poker” listed! They would never do this to the NFL…..

  89. Wonder who Nadal’s sister looks like.

  90. Ricke said

    Amazing rallies!

  91. BANTI said

    Novak at 0-15 produdced the best point of tournament in my eyes!

  92. BANTI said

    Respect to Rafa serving so well. Novak in 5?

  93. Does Nadal look more winded than Djokovic?

  94. avidtennisfan73 said

    Novak really does have such a feel out there, and his movement is amazing. I really do wish he pulls this through, he is giving all he’s got. No doubt, his previous match retirements seem like ancient history now..

  95. Djokovic unloading all his horses now.

  96. chieko said

    Djoker san should have stopped the rally, it was an out ball. Too bad. I really think they should have spotted that ball. It was way out. 🙄

  97. Nadal has more aces than Djokovic: 6-5.

  98. Kitty said

    Nadal looks to be IN THE ZONE…this is OVER

  99. Haya said

    What exactly is Djokovic doing?!!

  100. Kitty said

    Nadal making Djoker service game miserable each and every time.

  101. chieko said

    Oh Djoker san was unlucky, the ball touched the net cord then bouced out. Geezzzzzz!!

  102. Possible reason Federer doesn’t want to watch the final: He wants to delay as much as possible knowing Nadal matched his career Slam record and is at No. 9. And not watching it may make it NOT happen.

  103. chieko said

    I think Nadal san is very confident and determined than ever now.

  104. Kitty said

    When Nadal gets into his groove he sort of locks himself into it, you have to make him play differently, as I see its Nadal who is dictating play here and its good night for Nole. Well deserved Rafa!

  105. Ricke said

    Nadal is on cruise control now……………..

  106. Kitty said

    I seldom seen people serving as well as they really can when playing Nadal..wonder why? Only seen Tsonga do it to him

  107. Nadal can see the finish freaking line.

  108. chieko said

    I am afraid it is obvious that Nadal san is playing better now. Sorry to Djoker san, he really fights hard. 😦

  109. Jenny said

    I think it’s safe for you to come out now, M! 🙂

    • jett09 said

      😆 yeah M come out now, you’re missing an exciting match 😉

      Jenny isn’t there a saying “it’s not over until the fat lady sings?”

    • M said

      Ladies, as it turns out, thanks to some very good luck and some very good friends, I was there!

      Pics to follow (link in moderation right now).
      Or, if you can’t wait, go to the main album and then to the folder named “USO 2010 Final – Rafa and Nole”.

      • jett09 said

        NO WAY!! You are soo lucky M! 😉

      • M said

        I was incredibly lucky, Jett – I didn’t think I’d get to go to the final. I’m sure (I hope 😛 ) TP will put up the link to the album later today.
        Did you get a chance to see the pictures from Roger’s fourth round and Rafa’s quarter-final, too? 🙂

      • jett09 said

        And all that time M, I thought you were hiding! 😆 Wow how did you handle the live match?? Wasn’t it exciting? Nole was sooo good too and very charming during his speech. Bless him.

        Yes thank you M, I have seen the pictures and they were wonderful, thank you. I have been busy with relatives hence I haven’t been posting much.

        Now that the USO is over, I can catch up on some good sleep 😉

      • M said

        “Yes thank you M, I have seen the pictures and they were wonderful, thank you. I have been busy with relatives hence I haven’t been posting much.”

        Of course! Always the consummate hostess, you. 😀
        I just wanted to make sure you hadn’t missed anything you wanted to see.
        (In focus or no 😛 Hopefully I’ll be improved next year.)

        “Wow how did you handle the live match??”

        I was so nervous one of the ushers remarked on the look on my face as I tried to find my seat.
        😯 😕

        “Now that the USO is over, I can catch up on some good sleep ;)”

        LOL. The USO, the Emmys, the MTV Music Awards … you and me both, I hope.
        Sweet dreams.

      • Jenny said

        LOL M! I thought you were quiet last night, or possibly peeking out from under a blanket! How great for you, what a match and atmosphere! Congrats to you both 🙂

      • jett09 said

        “I was so nervous one of the ushers remarked on the look on my face as I tried to find my seat”.

        😆 😆 you are sooo funny M.

        Oh one more thing, I have read that beautiful poem you made, very clever M, super brilliant! I was just too busy to comment. More More More pleaseeee 😉

      • jett09 said

        Thanks Jenny.

      • M said

        Well, Jenny, you know I was torn at first because that wasn’t the match I was looking for.
        I *did* only peek at Roger and Nole on LiveScore – I didn’t even watch. I’ve been working a lot — in other universes, things like the MTV Awards are going on, lol — and it doesn’t do to turn up to places all red-eyed and miserable.

        And also, I knew Rafa was going to have his hands full, and I wasn’t sure I could handle him losing on top of Roger having lost.

        And then I was fortunate to receive a ticket, and *then* I wasn’t even sure I’d get out of the office in time to see even part of the match. And then there was the rain delay! And then I thought to myself, “M, you will *kick* yourself if Rafa makes history and you *could* have gone and were not there. Get out there, now!”

        And so I went. And got some nice shots!
        (Though mixed in with a few that still show I’m a newbie, lol. I’m *so* jealous of the ones in “More Photos” that the sports photogs got. But then, I don’t have a big honking lens like what those guys carry around. They look like they could *literally* shoot someone, lol.)


      • M said

        LOL, thank you, Jett! I did try to muster up something that would be appropriate for this session’s photos, as well. We’ll see how I did. 😛

        (Seriously! The usher was like, “Miss, I know you’re very concerned about what’s happening down there. But I have to ask you to keep moving and find your seat. It’ll be okay.” LOL!!)

      • Somebody Else said

        This gent would also enjoy seeing the photos! Congrats on scoring a seat for the match!

      • M said

        It was thanks to the largesse of another forlorn FEDAL fan.
        Bittersweet. I’m very very grateful.

        And the link is in Wanna Post, SE – it should be up later today if the regular password doesn’t work right away now.

  110. Bettyjane said

    Congrats in advance to Rafa. Be interesting to see how he fares in future opens with the champ from last year in the mix.

  111. avidtennisfan73 said

    Wow, Nadal looks pretty invincible out there now! Nothing will stop him now, he is bulldozing through this…(including #16, I’m afraid).

  112. Bettyjane said

    Blake should be making an appearance momentarily I should think!

  113. Kitty said

    Nadal has been very very very lucky with the draw but he really played amazing today! Roger’s record doesn’t seem too far away now, a BIG turning point for GOAT contention

  114. chieko said

    Poor Djoker san.

  115. Nadal two points away.

  116. Bjornino said

    In a few minutes he will become the youngest player in history to win all 4 grand slam tournaments 🙂

  117. Kitty said

    Rafa ordered Aunt Toni to wear shorts every time to complete his superstition rituals

  118. Haya said

    What’s with the net and linesmen siding with Nadal? 😛

  119. Jenny said

    Nole is winning hearts in New York.

    • Haya said

      I wish he did this with a cup in his hands 😦

    • claire said

      I totally agree with you Jenny. I’m totally impressed with how Djokovic presented himself at the Open. I prefer him over Nadal – Djokovic has more to say than “I have to play my best”, ” I don’t know if I can win” so forth and so on!!!!! Djokovic has a personality. By this time Nadal should have more to say and be more personable!

      Congrats to Nadal – I totally convinced he’s half man, half bull!!!
      Let’s see how long that body can hold up – looking forward to next year!

  120. Championship point = unforced error coming up?

  121. Bjornino said

    GOAT! 😀

  122. chieko said

    That is over !! Congrat to both players.

  123. Not climbing the stands?

  124. Jenny said

    Congrats Rafa for the title, No 9, career grand slam, amazing 🙂 Congrats Nole and now #2 in the rankings:-)

    Great match 🙂

  125. Bjornino said

    What a great match, and such great players and persons. I wish the world for Djokovic. I hope he will win MANY slams! (after Nadal gets to 16 😉 )

  126. Ricke said

    Great match, really enjoyed it. Congrats to Rafa well deserved. Nole, you played your heart out. Keep it going!!!

  127. Bjornino said

    I really think Novak’s parents have improved, they’re not at all as obnoxious as they used to be. And somehow, in a bizarre way the tshirt thing is sort of cute 🙂

    • Jenny said

      Agreed! They were well behaved parents! 🙂

      • claire said

        My 13 year old son is writing a book “How to raise your Parents”!!! Maybe that’s what Djokovic is doing!
        My son’t book is actually pretty good, funny!

    • Joy said

      Nole was asked about his parents’ tees, and I thought it was nice of him to say that they’re parents, so they can wear whatever they want!

      • Bjornino said

        Yeah I saw that interview. Novak is so funny and classy. I would have been very sorry if Nadal hadn’t won but Novak clearly deserves to win slams as well. A great inspiration, and I admire him even more when I think on how he’s developed as a person over the past 3 years.

  128. Bjornino said

    Novak’s so impressive. What a guy! To face such disappointment like that… Bless him!

  129. Ricke said

    ESPN just cut off the trophy ceremony to start Monday Night football!!!! I give up.

    • claire said

      I think they switched to another channel – went from CBS – then ESPN2 after rain delay and I think at bottom of screen said they were switching back to CBS (I believe) at like 9ish. I missed last part, had to go somewhere!

  130. Bjornino said

    It’s gonna be an interesting fall season… Wonder if Djoko can keep this up and cement his status as world #2…?

  131. jennifur said

    rafa 22222 good. fur surre. congrats rafa. good try nole.

    • Haya said

      … and WAKE UP Roger!!!!!!!!!!!

      He’s missing out on a lot while he still has a lot to give!
      I’m disappointed with him.. but still believe he’s the best! I wish he believes as much in himself as we do!! 😦

  132. Joy said

    Got carted off by an ambulance when my blood pressure went through the roof when Rafa dropped set 2. So what did I miss?

    LOL Kidding of course- i’m over the moon! But what impressive play from both. Nice speech from Nole. And how nice of him to offer to hold the 1.7M checque so that Rafa would have both hands free to hoist the trophy! LOL

  133. claire said

    I think when Federer looks at these 2, it won’t matter if Nadal wins more than 16!
    Look at my post on “wanta post” !

  134. Chicago fan said

    YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEES! Congrats to Rafa! He so deserved it! I am very happy for him.

    Re: the GOAT conversation. Roger is still the GOAT, but it’s really too soon to have that conversation. Both are still active.

    With that said, full credit to Nole. He was very gracious at the trophy ceremony, and his parents are improving. Although I don’t think he has the most exciting game, he is starting to grow on me.

  135. Somebody Else said

    What a phenomenal player, this Nadal kid. He has the sharpest learning curve of any player I’ve seen. His determination and focus is superb. I thought Fed could hold on to the throne a while longer, but clearly Rafa is in charge of the sport right now. I wonder what next year’s slam results will be. Djokovic is a player deserving of more respect. I salute him. Both of them.

    • Bjornino said

      Djokovic’s comment on that subject after the match:
      (While Djokovic would take that set, Nadal eventually would prove too tough, too swift and too good—even at the U.S. Open.)
      “Nadal … is just proving each day, each year, that he’s getting better. That’s what’s so frustrating, a little bit. He’s getting better each time you play him,” Djokovic said. “He’s so mentally strong and dedicated to this sport. He has all the capabilities, everything he needs, in order to be the biggest ever.”

      • Somebody Else said

        concerning the Slams, Federer, Nadal, history, generations:

        I can’t help but wonder who will rise to challenge Nadal, the way he has challenged Federer. Historically, there’s always someone waiting in the wings who flips on the mental switch and becomes another major force at the slams. Surely, this player is a bit younger than Rafa. We’ll see how that transpires. It’s purely speculative, of course.

        On another note: In a historically-contrasting sense, this current phase in the sport makes me think a bit of the situation in the 60s regarding Emerson and Laver. Emerson stayed in the amateurs and placed several multi-slam seasons. I wonder if Laver could have been as dominant at those events during those years if he had not turned pro and been absent. Would Emerson have been an obstacle to his title success, and vice versa?

        My feeling: Federer should have won the French Open in 2004 😛 to get his calendar slam while he was young(er), like Graf did before Seles imposed herself at the majors.
        I say that in jest, in a “he-created-a-monster” way. 😉

        Interestingly, each great player this sport has had possesses unique achievements which the others do not share. It’s quite an engrossing enterprise to look back through past grand-slam stats and see who managed to do what for how long at what event, etc.

      • jett09 said

        Djokovic said.“He’s so mentally strong and dedicated to this sport”

        Spot on Nole.

    • jett09 said

      Well said S.E. 😉

      • Jill said

        Perhaps Del Potro will be the next challenger- need to see how his wrist is on return.

      • M said

        Jill, I started thinking after Polito won his Stuttgart 08 championship that he might be the next serious for Rafa, after Roger. (And Nole, now, I think.) A shame about his wrist. We’ll have to see.

    • Bettyjane said

      Great musings SE. I think most tennis fans aren’t true historians of the sport and don’t give due credit to anyone who played even half a generation before their favorite player. The “recency effect” I’ve heard it called, and for good reason.

  136. Sol said

    Congrats to Nadal!

    I couldn’t watch much tennis lately but saw the end of the 3rd set and the beginning of the 4th and I think Djoko has made me a new fan. We all knew Nadal was a champ but turns out Djoko is one too. He was great yesterday. He was clearly exhausted and yet he kept fighting, no injury time-out(although it would’ve been understandable if he had called for the trainer just to get a bit of rest), no giving up or retiring, not being intimidated by Nadal’s tennis. Kudos to him. Nadal’s achievements speak for themselves but to me, the real joy was watching this new Djoko and his new attitude. It makes it easier to accept that he took the #2 spot from Roger. As for him, well, I didn’t see the match against Djoko but having 2 MP and still losing, that’s tough to swallow. I’m sure he’ll bounce back though, I’m not worried.

    • Bettyjane said

      Those lost match points weren’t anything to lose sleep over. Djoker just went for it and connected. Wonderfully done on his part.

      • Sol said

        Yeah, I saw those Bettyjane (saw some highlights)
        He has earned my respect, to quote Jennifur, fur surrrrr

      • Bettyjane said

        I’ve been on the fence with Djoker for a while and this fortnight pushed me over to his side!

      • M said

        He’s grown on me too, Bettyjane. A lot.

      • Bettyjane said

        M, Congrats. I’m not a Rafa gal as you probably know, but I’m happy for you and his fans for sure!

      • M said

        Bettyjane, I am thrilled for Rafa as I believe he’s earned all he had.

        I didn’t much care about people laughing or being not so nice as he withdrew from Wimbledon after RG 09 … just as I didn’t much care about people saying “Roger is done” through his difficult illness recovery in 08 and Rafa’s early ascendancy.

        I try to be cool about their successes, like they are.
        It is hard, lol. 😀

      • M said

        “Had” and “has”.

        *sigh* Long days, in the wake of the year’s last slam.

      • Bettyjane said

        You’ve been awesomely cool throughout as always!

      • M said

        I’m so tiiiired, though! I don’t remember being this tired after the Open last year!

        (Maybe ’cause I had more time to stay in crying after last year’s semis? Polito took Rafa out in three, instead of fans having to stay with it through Roger’s five-set battle this year. IDK.)

    • Jenny said

      “I didn’t much care about people laughing or being not so nice as he withdrew from Wimbledon after RG 09”

      That stuff made me very angry, M. Rafa came to Queens pre Wimby and tried to no avail, the kid had chronic tendinitis for goodness sake, he could have stayed in Mallorca on his fishing boat!

      You know Ferru got some real trash conspiracy talk [not on this site] when he retired against Rafa in Montreal last year with chronic tendinitis.

      • M said

        I do remember that, Jenny. It makes me rather frothy when people just go off on a tear, judging players, sometimes without even any facts about what they may be fighting with.

        LOL. Don’t get me started again. I’m trying to be a more level-headed, serene M this year!

      • Jenny said

        I read on one site about David, ‘if it’s a Spaniard, it has to be knees’ other nasty too, he was in obvious pain, I saw it, and probably should have withdrawn from the match. Sorry, they know nothing about the player to be talking that way, the condition, and probably little about tennis. 😈 Sorry, I had to get that off my chest folks, stay calm and serene, M 🙂

  137. BonnyBee said

    It was enjoyable in sort of a sadistic way to watch Rafa beat up on Nole–and, I kept thinking, am I glad Nole beat Fed on Saturday. Wouldn’t have been anywhere near as much fun to watch Rafa beat up on poor old Roger.
    How many unforced errors did Rafa have in the final? Less than 10? Did he miss at all in the last 2 sets?
    There’s some new photos of Roger’s twins here:!/album.php?aid=225674&id=21161522764

    If I had those cute distractions at home, wouldn’t be able to focus on making forehands either. I love that they’re playing with balls. Look out, Bryan twins.

    • M said

      Apparently, Bonny Bee, not only are they already little athletes, but apparently they made friends with another little person in Central Park while they were here and borrowed her ball. LOL!

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