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Nadal vs Djokovic.

Posted by tennisplanet on September 11, 2010


23 Responses to “Nadal vs Djokovic.”

  1. M said

    LOL @ Nadal in one, TP.

  2. Chicago fan said

    I really, really hope that it’s Rafa in 3.

  3. claire said

    50% chance of rain tomorrow in NYC!!! Sunny in a.m., cloudy in afternoon with 50% chance of rain!
    Think Djokovic is doing a rain dance just about now? 🙂
    Hope it does rain, it’s crazy to play semi and final back to back!

    • M said

      And they have a notice on the official site that they’re going to go ahead as scheduled at this point, Claire.
      We all know how well *that* turned out the last two years …

      And it would just be 50%, wouldn’t it? It wouldn’t be, you know, 30%, so they could play and it would be overcast, or 70%, so they’d know to plan for Monday. Nooooo – the Weather Gods keep us in suspense till the last minute …

      They must be fighting for supremacy with the Tennis Gods up on Olympus, or something.

  4. chipnputt said

    Seems like Rafa is the overwhelming favorite in this poll and with the London bookies. I am not so sure — Nole has 7-3 H2H edge on hard courts and has won their last 3 encounters. But perhaps the length of today’s match swings it for Rafa. Let’s see… I think if Novak’s fitness holds, this could be one heck of a match.

    On a different note, if Rafa wins I wonder if the detractors of Roger’s FO title will say Rafa’s title is diminished because he never beat Roger in the final. After all, Roger has been as dominant (if not more) at the USO as Rafa was at the French. Just a thought.

    On another different note — if Rafa wins, the AO will be some tournament with Rafa being in a position to hold all 4 GS titles at the same time.

    • Claire said

      “On another different note – if Rafa wins, I wonder if the detractors of Roger’s FO title will say Rafa’s win is diminished because he never beat Federer in the final”
      Oh, shouldn’t they also say Del Potro wasn’t there to defend his title,etc.!

      I have no problem betting a hefty sum of money that neither of the above will ever be mentioned!

  5. Claire said

    Polls, Polls, Polls – what did your last poll tell us and what most people thought – Federer through to final!
    The past is the past, tomorrow and today is what matters!

  6. Adrian said

    44% of ppl think Rafa will win in 3??? Really?? With the 7-3 record on HC in favor of Djoker?? Wow!

    • Claire said

      I know Adrian – I bet deep down Nadal would have chosen Federer to play tomorrow!

      Djokovic won’t bring as much “baggage” to weigh him down as Federer would have if he played tomorrow. I’m thinking Djokovic just might win!

      • Adrian said

        Totally agree, Claire. I think both guys deserve to win — I’m just hoping both guys play great and that Djoko is not too tired from today’s ridiculous match against TMF!!

        Very excited!!

      • Jenny said

        I’m happy if Rafa gets his career slam and equally happy for Nole to reach the final and the chance of a No 2 slam. I’m looking forward to the match. 🙂

  7. jennifur said

    go nole

  8. Ash said

    Nothing but nothing will stop Nadal. He’ll win on one leg!

  9. Dee said

    Nadal in 3.

  10. Growltiger said

    It’s mind boggling to me that the US Open doesn’t have a roof.

    • Bettyjane said

      it’s probably an engineering nightmare. It’s huge. Largest tennis venue. Although I’ve no idea how much bigger it is than Rod Laver arena. Doesn’t that roof take about a half hour to close?

  11. Bettyjane said

    I think a more interesting poll would be comparing who we think wins this match if its played today, vs a rain-delayed Monday afternoon.

  12. BANTI said

    The Djoker in 4. Nadal on a hard court over Novak in 3? Novak’s his first real opponent this entire tourney. He’s avoided the entire top ten field that all get the best of him on a hard court. Not sure what everyone is seeing in his game, to make anyone think he’s beating Nole in 3 sets. If Rafa does win, hats off to him. I wonder what the odds are at. This is a great match to put money on Nole! Lots of crazies who do not know tennis out there in my opinion.

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