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Posted by tennisplanet on September 11, 2010

Serbian tennis player Novak Djokovic

Serbian tennis player Novak Djokovic

Serbian tennis player Novak Djokovic

Novak Djokovic of Serbia

Novak Djokovic of Serbia

NEW YORK- SEPTEMBER 11: Roger Federer

Roger Federer

Djokovic ousts Federer, books Open final with Nadal

NEW YORK- SEPTEMBER 11: Novak Djokovic

  Dijana Djokovic And Srdjan Djokovic, Parents Of Novak Djokovic, Watch Play Between Novak Djokovic Of Serbia And Roger

NEW YORK- SEPTEMBER 11: Roger Federer

Novak Djokovic from Serbia

Donald Trump

Roger Federer of Switzerland


17 Responses to “Photos.”

  1. Black36 said

    He blew it. He played like he was conserving energy for Rafa. Well, guess what genius, now you’ll have to use that energy tomorrow while rooting against Rafa, while watching the match from your daughters’ nursery. Don’t you understand that you are in full control of your dreams? When will you get it? Why do I root for you?

    • Claire said

      I kinda had the same thoughts during some of the match!

    • M said

      Black36, Roger said in one of his pressers that he won’t be watching tomorrow, but he hopes Rafa wins.
      So perhaps you root for him because he is a gracious, gifted genius who finds joy in his sport.

      IDK. Just guessing. 🙂

      • claire said

        I know Federer respects Nadal and they are friends BUT do you think he really wants Nadal to win? Do you really think these players tell the press what they really think?? Federer’s TRUE thoughts MAY be – Djokovic beat Nadal – I don’t want one more thing on Nadal’s resume to take away the potential “GOAT” title from me!
        I sure would have those thoughts!

        BUT I don’t believe in this GOAT thing. I think the only way to determine the GOAT -have a tournament when all of them were/are at their prime!

  2. Dee said

    I missed the whole thing so thanks for pics.

  3. Dee said

    Loved Djokovic’s interview. He was so humble and gracious. It was so funny when he said that he has more experience than Rafa because he reached finals in 2007. He was speaking very highly of Roger and Nadal. He is growing up. Well done.I guess it’s a good thing when his dad made 7 shirts with his picture.

    • TheHumbleOne said

      Agreed, Dee. I like how classy he was in the presser, must have been exhausted, but clearly pleased with his performance.
      He had very nice things to say about Federer AND Nadal, came across as very modest, intelligent, and down-to-earth.
      Not at all self-absorbed or arrogant like some others often tend to appear… 🙂

      • jennifur said

        yes agree w/u furr surre!

      • Jenny said

        🙂 Agreed!

      • claire said

        Thirded – Djokovic has come a long way! I’m liking his interviews – I LOVE the one about banana’s (see us open site – believe Thursday interview). He seems like a naturally funny guy! I liked the exchange between Fed and Djokovic at net – so happy that Fed was nice and even smiled instead of sulking!

  4. M said

    That last picture of Roger is beautiful, TP. Thank you.
    The others are beautiful, too … but I’m choking on most of them.

    Congratulations, Nole. Well fought.

    Congratulations Rafa for your first US Open Final! ¡Enhorabuena! We are with you!!

    • claire said

      Ditto! We can’t feel so bad for Federer when he loses – what a life he has; beautiful family, millions of fans and can’t forget tomention tons of dinario’s !

      Commentators mentioned yesterday details of Federer’s sickness in January(lung thing). They said Federer was on vacation with Mirka and twins (no nannies), Mirka got sick, went in hospital and then Federer got sick! Great to hear they don’t constantly have nannies with them, want to be a typical family!

  5. Lord Oompa Loompa said

    Djokovic: “Oh Please, Lord, make it rain tomorrow!”

  6. Bento said

    I dind’t like it when Federer said that Djokovic “hasn’t been able to get it done” in the last 3 years. It’s obvious and serves no purpose. A nervous display from Federer, however a good result against a younger opponent. It’s tough.

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