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Pictures – USO 2010 Rafa’s QF. From M. Thanks.

Posted by tennisplanet on September 11, 2010


Pictures – USO 2010 Rafa’s QF

‘Twas the Night of the Quarters

‘Twas the Night of the Quarters, and all throughout Ashe
Whipped the blustering wind with its shiver and lash
And fans looked at each other and said “Oh, enough!
Come on! “How are the boys going to play through this stuff?”

Nonetheless, post-interview, they came forth to fight –
Gladiators, they marched from the left and the right –
It’s Nadal! And Verdasco! It’s them! What a sight!
That historic AO semi! Maybe more dynamite??

Well … not quite. The wind *buffeted* the ball about,
So perhaps with Fer’s pace, some Planeteers were put out,
but he’d just battled through five sets facing Ferru.
First Ferru — then play Rafa? I’d be tired too.

And it wasn’t so much that the playing was passive,
But the force to exert past the wind must be massive
And you know in tennis’ balancing act takes its toll –
It means more wild shots, sacrificing control

… which we saw from both players. They’d thunder some aces,
Then pop the ball up to the weirdest of places –
But the good shots! Felt hit off the ball! Spin! Whack! Whizz!
(TV makes it look easier than it actually is …?)

And oh yes, there were hints of Tabasco Verdasco!
He dunked DTLs, aces, ’twasn’t all fiasco –
Even in that cold stadium, some fans got hots
at the angles on some of those “Fyah!” passing shots.

And of course there roared Rafa, ripping winners from corners,
Slicing angled drop shots drawing cheerers, not mourners,
And the pundits he wowed and the crowd he did please
When he spun for three hundred and sixty degrees!

Celebs came to see too! Craned their necks like the rest of us,
like on some made-up holiday better than Festivus!,
sporting laudings like modeling, Oscars, and such.
(Well, Charlize and Christi B. KK, not so much. :roll: )

Now we so, oh not so, would not have the temerity
Not to have this preserved somewhere for posterity.
(Plus the tale, without photos, might seem a bit flat. :P )
And so pics. Oh, yes, pics! I was getting to that.

Now, though pix TP has are the hottest of hot –
I missed “Double Match Point” *and* the “Victory Shot” :roll:
it’s sometimes nice to know stuff that led up to that.
And we haz some! Links below ‘ll tell all where it’s at. :-D

To those pleased with the Rog shots, I invite you again –
Come and see “RAFA’S QF – USO 2010″!
Now my new camera’s nice, so shots are a touch better
But! I didn’t quite hew to photography’s “letter”.

See, there were sequences that just seemed too neat to lose
So more “string that string up”, not so much “pick and choose”.
This camera has “burst-mode”, so we took quite a bevy,
And some may find selection of shots Rafa-heavy.

(Cam delivery didn’t come soon enough for Roger’s 4R glory,
And I kept some blurred Rafashots rather than truncate story.
So if you think Fer short-shrifted, or Rog’s shots a tease,
get it over with now … roll your eyes, say “M — please.”

Though I say to all Roger fans – wait a sec, here.
I can use this camera for his matches next year!
Those who think for *all* players I need be better fan –
You should know me by now. R & R. Partisan. :P

And you’ve had all the tennis you thinks you can takes?
Well, there’s something for you too – we’ve got station breaks!
“Everybody Dance” man, his “Love New York” shirt and such —
Plus the lady who yelled “LOVE YOU RAFA” too much. )

And so now! We have come to the Best of the Best!
They fight on in their quest! The rest felled from their test!

FEDAL Plus Two are left! Let’s get on with the show!
Happy Tennis to All!!

To the Semis We Go!!!


Some notes:
Rafa’s QF pictures are here

I’ve moved Roger’s 4R pictures to this link here

Password remains the same.
Syntax looked a little strange to me though, so if you have trouble with the new links, they should be through when TP is done with moderation for the day.
Have a great Super Saturday, everyone!


27 Responses to “Pictures – USO 2010 Rafa’s QF. From M. Thanks.”

  1. chieko said

    You are sooo good M san, I really adore this 😀 thank you.

  2. D.S.G. said

    A buffet of delights !!

    Thank you so much, M

    • M said

      D.S.G., trust me when I tell you it was my pleasure.

      It was *so* much fun to be there — though I still don’t know how they played in that wind; I watched Rafa and Feña do it last year and sat there with my mouth open, and this year it was worse, just unbelievable; I don’t know how they do — and have a great seat (and be able to take advantage of it with a nice camera that I actually knew how to use, lol!) … and finally, to have something nice to share with you guys!

      (I don’t know how soon again I’m going to do that editing, though, lol. I had to edit *down* from over a thousand shots. 😕 Unless you do it, you know, professionally, I’m not sure I’d recommend it for a steady diet. IDK how the sports photogs do it.)

  3. Stella said

    magnificent M. Thank you.
    Now I’m going to look at your Rafa shots

    • M said

      I hope you enjoy them, Stella!

      And thank you — I think that little ‘boot’ at the beginning of Week Two (you know the one 😛 ) may have kickstarted some inspiration, together with Roger’s and Rafa’s play!

  4. Stella said

    did you see I put in your mailbox how to get Photobuckeet to organise them so they don’t load in reverse order ?

  5. Jenny said

    What is the password again, M?

    • M said

      Guest Password: TennisPlanet

      • Jenny said

        Thanks, M. Great stuff.

      • M said

        I’m so glad you enjoyed them, Jenny!

        When I started to figure out how many cool things my new camera could do — it seems to do everything but the dishes for you, lol — I sighed with regret not only for not having it for Roger’s match, but also not having had it for Rafa and Feña’s match last year!

        I guess we’re just going to have to plan that trip to the Movistar Open … 😀

        (Of course the bad thing about having a nice camera is that the bad shots? Are totally ‘User Error’. 😛 )

      • Jenny said

        I guess we’re just going to have to plan that trip to the Movistar Open

        Those poor knnes permitting. I just hope he’s getting the best specialised treatment.

      • M said

        I pray that he is, Jenny!

        I was so optimistic when I found out that apparently, at some level of treatment at least, D-Nal and Rafa share the same doctor, Dr. Angel Ruiz-Cotorro?

        And I remember this picture from this article

        http: //www. theage. com. au /news/tennis/ nadal-buckles-to-fellow-spaniard-ferrer /2007/09/05/ 1188783319964.html

        and how frightened I was for Rafa then — so many of us feared that he’d never find a treatment that would enable him to play at close to 100% ever again. And now he’s in the final.

        So I guess that’s a long-winded way of saying I’d like to think these guys share information about treatment options, since most of them are good friends, and that keeps me optimistic about Feña being able to get the treatment he needs, so he can continue till *he* decides to retire (instead of the body deciding it for him).

      • Jenny said

        I heard about D-Nal and Rafa having the same doctor. You know D-Nal had his op in Barcelona. I must confess, I am worried about Fena. If he retires before his time, that will leave a big hole.

      • M said

        We *must* remain optimistic, Jenny.

        Perhaps his fansite needs a long, pleading note.
        Hmmmm …

  6. Joy said

    Illustrated poetry–love it, M!

    Appreciate the work you’ve put into this album. Photos are my hobby too, & i find culling & editing my shots to be the most time-consuming task of all, because i linger over them too much & can’t bear to throw anything away 😛

    • M said

      ” i find culling & editing my shots to be the most time-consuming task of all”

      Joy, I have to tell you — it was *excruciating*.

      Not only did I shoot over a thousand shots — I didn’t even think I could *do* that 😯 — but, as you know, the boys (and girls) work hard for their serves and forehands and backhands to be consistent with one another, not different from each other! LOL! So I was trying to keep to the narrative of the match, and also show some of the fascinating motion patterns the boys have *through* a shot, without it looking like the same thing over and over again and boring everyone to death! 😛

      My whole life, I joked with my friends that I was the audio girl, not the video one, because I’d wanted to avoid all this! How tennis can change you, lol!

      Now, you sound like one of those *serious* hobbyists. What cameras do you prefer? And what subject matter?

      (And also — could one of you all have told me shooting sports in general, tennis in particular, is one of the hardest things to do? LOL!)

  7. Joy said

    LOL Not so serious a hobbyist as you might think, M. I learned on old hand-me-down Nikons so i’m most comfy using that. I love nature macros (very restful) & people’s faces, especially kids, because it’s fun to catch their expressions.

    Sports are definitely hardest (for me) since in order to get great shots one would need just about the best of everything- courtside seat, huge lens, fast image storage, good lighting, good eye/anticipation, good knowledge of the sport. Hey, you’ve got it all, M! Keep the shots coming, i’m green with envy!

    • M said

      Nature macros can be exquisite. And it takes a special talent to sneak up on the kids, so they don’t catch you photographing them! 🙂

      The lighting thing … is definitely a little more work, yes. I remember thinking “Okay, we have fluorescent and halogen overheads — but we’re outside! What to do …?” LOL!

      “Keep the shots coming”
      As Michael Keaton’s character says in The Paper, “Workin’ on it, workin’ on it …”

  8. Bettyjane said

    Wow! It took me a while to savor all of these photos. Love that you shared them with us and regret that someone didn’t take a shot of YOU to share with us Planeteers. Did you actually get to follow the matches at all. lol.

    • M said

      I’m glad you enjoyed them, Bettyjane! Obviously I need to get better at the editing (and still at the focusing, lol).

      I didn’t get a chance to thank you for your husband’s excellent advice. The camera I took Roger’s pictures with had 5X optical zoom. This new one has 18x optical zoom (which hopefully explains why Roger looks so much tinier in my pictures than Rafa, even though I was sitting at comparatively the same place for each match, lol) plus the option for a teleconverter lens — which it looks like I might have to get to ever have even a hope of those fancy-fancy shots like the Getty and IMG guys and gals get from courtside.

      So clearly if your ‘photogeek’ hubby, as you describe him, ever decides to give out lessons, I need to be first in line to sign up. LOL!


      “Love that you shared them with us and regret that someone didn’t take a shot of YOU to share with us Planeteers.”
      There was a gentleman that offered – I’d just taken a shot of him and his buddy celebrating, at their request – but I think I wasn’t quite ready to trust him with my brand-new camera 😕 😛

      I remember once at a family anniversary celebration my dad handed me his superfancy, frighteningly expensive Sony DSLR with the superzoom telephoto contraption on the end and said “Just focus, point and shoot it.”
      Uh, Dad? 😕 It doesn’t *quite* work that way for all of us, even if you remember us getting good grades in school. LOL!

      “Did you actually get to follow the matches at all. lol.”

      LOL, Bettyjane! I had to *make* myself put the camera down to follow the match properly. And then I was afraid I’d miss a spectacular shot! 😛 They never tell you about these conundrums till it’s too late, do they …?

      • Bettyjane said

        Sounds like you are SO loving this new toy of yours. I wouldn’t want someone messing with it either! My husband nodded approvingly at the equipment upgrade! Twenty years ago he wanted to buy me a camera for a gift and I told him it would just collect dust on a shelf. I LOVE the end result but know how much work is involved. He just reads alot of the photo mags and makes mistakes that he learns from like we all do. Took some Photoshop seminars at the Javitz Center (don’t think they offer them anymore). But feel free send a question to my mailbox and hopefully he’ll know the answer to it. He’s great in that if he doesn’t know something, he just says so!

      • M said

        The learning curve is certainly steeper than I’d thought — even though I figured it would be steep, lol!

        So I very much appreciate the offer. I’m not sure when – I have to recover from *this* spate, lol – but I will definitely be taking both of you up on it!

        “My husband nodded approvingly at the equipment upgrade!”

        \o/ \o/ \o/
        Does he have a favorite camera/lens combo that he uses?

  9. Bettyjane said

    His preference rests upon the nature of the photograph being taken (i.e. sports photo equals telephoto, wide angle for a group photo What’s the exact camera you bought? He has a Canon 40D

    • M said

      Oh, the divine 40D. I understand that even has a casing for underwater shooting. 😀

      After much mulling, I decided on the Panasonic FZ35. I saw some nice shots someone took with one at Indian Wells, and I knew I wasn’t quite ready to try to tackle all the G series bells and whistles.

      I saw someone else take some other lovely IW photos with the Canon S5, which apparently is the predecessor to the SX20, but I couldn’t get my hands on the S5 right away, and the SX20 and FZ35 were apparently running neck-and-neck in all those “consumer approval” ratings they do, plus our lighting is different than the full sun the S5 owner took his shots in – so the FZ35 it was!

    • M said

      Oh right – also, if you’re buying in Europe, apparently the inventory number is FZ38.

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