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Which option do you like the MOST. Think about it for a while, for a massive change, before freaking voting.

Posted by tennisplanet on September 11, 2010


9 Responses to “Which option do you like the MOST. Think about it for a while, for a massive change, before freaking voting.”

  1. claire said

    I think most people haven’t – “think about it for awhile”.
    I think most of these polls show that the Federer fans on this site out number Nadal Fans!

    Maybe that’s the poll you should take – Which one is your favorite player if you HAD to choose between Federer or Nadal! I think I know what the outcome would be!

  2. Haya said

    I didn’t have to think for a second.. I’m a die-hard Fed Fan, but my choice is “Nadal should’n win the title” enough half talent power play domination already!

  3. Blake said

    See!!! This proves it!!! More Nadal haters on this site then fans or neutrals.

    • Claire said

      Where did you get “more Nadal haters” from “I’m a die hard Fed fan” ???????????

      Haya was giving her opinion of Nadal’s playing style!

      My point was there have been many comments made that SEEM like there are more Fed fans on this site than Nadal fans – why would you think Fed fans are Nadal haters? I get the impression that a lot of Fed fans on this site are hoping Nadal wins tomorrow!

    • Somebody Else said

      I’m a Fan O’ Fed, but I also like and appreciate Rafa, what he has achieved, as well as his work ethic. (I just wish he had a one-handed backhand 😉 ) …It really does come down to playing style for me as far as aesthetic appreciation. I’ve enjoyed watching Federer play well before Rafa came onto the scene doing his thing. I don’t think less of him, I just look at him through a different aesthetic lens — many of Federer’s supporters are seeing things in this way. It is neither a negative view nor an attempt to discredit his phenomenal contribution to tennis. He is a giant in my estimation. My wish, Blake, is that you can understand this, and that you notice there are a bunch of us here who stick by Rafa as a player worth admiring, and NOT like what the more fanatical ones who zip in and out of here do when they start going overboard with their divisive attitudes. I know the ones. They’re coming from both sides of the line, the Rafanatics and the Federites. I seek none of that. I want to talk great tennis, as do probably the majority of us.

      • Somebody Else said

        Also, this is the most Fed-centric forum/site I have ever visited! 😛 It’s true. Thank goodness it’s not the only topic for discussion …yet somehow the conversations always end up pointing toward Fed vs. Rafa. Probably because it appeals to emotions and is the easiest thing to say something about. 🙄 🙂

      • M said

        Eloquently and equably spoken. Therefore, seconded.

        “the Rafanatics and the Federites”
        Hee hee. Sounds like two rollerball teams. 😛

  4. M said

    What happened to the “Either Roger or Rafa Can Win (but we’d rather it be one of them than anyone else)” option, TP?

    I don’t know what it looked like before, but it does seem that the poll is pretty evenly split now.
    Not everything is a binary analysis.

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