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Nadal’s Uncle Is Heard From the Box. From Rick. Thanks.

Posted by tennisplanet on September 12, 2010


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6 Responses to “Nadal’s Uncle Is Heard From the Box. From Rick. Thanks.”

  1. Haya said

    How audacious of him to say that!
    Also, all what it takes is hand signs and certain agreed gestures and he does that A LOT.. he doesn’t have to be vocal!

  2. Growltiger said

    If Tennis doesn’t want the coaches coaching from the box, MOVE THE BOX.

  3. Somebody Else said

    This is interesting information. Puts another light on the matter. I knew Toni was busted by Federer a couple times before, but apparently the ATP has a good relationship with Toni and don’t publicly reprimand this unfair conduct between coach and player during matchplay.
    I can imagine a funny scenario in which coaching becomes allowed, a player is getting information from his coach’s box, the opponent’s coach hears this and offers countermeasures for his player, and the other coach hears this and gives additional advice, and back and forth, etc. etc. etc. It’s kind of nutty. What I like about tennis is the athleticism coupled with the individual aspect, as in players having to figure things out on their own during a match.

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