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On-court coaching sparks creativity.

Posted by tennisplanet on September 12, 2010

Uncle Tony and his team were overheard the following on on-court coaching moving forward:

-Instead of looking at Nadal when delivering instructions, Tony will be looking at whoever is sitting next to him and deliver the sermon at a higher than normal decibel.

-Spectators will be planted across the stadium who will scream the tips – in Spanish – relayed via text or cell phone by Tony. If the umpire understands Spanish, the ‘planter’ is required to instantly transform into a streaker and personally deliver the message.

-Sign language is about to become even more complicated with fingers moving in and out of all kinds of available holes in the body and beyond. Xisca is advised not to sit next to Tony from now on.

-Whole new language is under construction for future generations.

-All umpires will be hand-delivered a note with an ‘offer they cannot refuse’ if all above fails.

11 Responses to “On-court coaching sparks creativity.”

  1. chieko said

    If that is true, it is the most disgusting and disppointing thing in any form of sports. I am so sad. For I started to like Nadal san. Now I shall think about things again. This is so sad for me.

  2. claire said

    LOL TP – But there may be some truth to it! 🙂

    PS Is that match going to be played today? I’m anxious to see it and will be hard to wait until tomorrow – but we all know Djokovic will have a better chance tomorrow – let Nadal think about that !!! 🙂 🙂

    Agree with you Chieko regarding Nadal! I’ve always thought that Nadal and Uncle Toni are rather arrogant! But to be fair, Federer has done some things I haven’t liked (o.k Nadal fans!). I just wish they were perfect like me!!!!
    Actually my Mom said about me – street angel, house devil – maybe that’s Nadal also?

  3. Haya said

    Hehe.. really funny TP 🙂

    On the other hand, what would his opponents do to stop it? Other than kidnapping Uncle Toni in his way to the box and paying Xisca to seduce and then run away with him in the middle of the match? 😛

    • chieko said

      😆 Or they change the rule and give all the coaches permission to coach even with mircrophones and loudspeaker and cheerleaders!! That will change the tennis scene at the tournaments. And they should let the coaches have body contacts and if they want to fight it out in the boxes that is ok too. So we tennis fans and watch the main match which is on court and side line matches in the boxes. Meanwhile the cheerleaders on both sides would cheer and perform.

      I am just thinking like TP sama !! Gomainasai !! 😳 I got carried away!!

  4. Dee said


  5. Growltiger said

    Tennis is a one on one game of physical ability, mental toughness,strategy and the beauty of it is that the player is out there either by him/herself or with one partner (doubles). To allow coaching reduces tennis to football or basketball or soccer which have their place in sports for sure, but are not tennis. The solution is not to bring coaches onto the court but rather to move their boxes to wonderful glass enclosures like the broadcasters have. They can see everything, videotape if they like, scout the other fellow, but not give on court coaching.

    I think Rafa’s great, Uncle Toni has done a marvelous job, but the on court coaching has got to stop. Interesting that in almost every match McEnroe and Gilbert call (ESPN) they constantly carp about Djokovic LOOKING toward his box, but rarely say anything about Uncle Toni coaching. Federer does the best with this. He goes out on his own and so far as I can tell plays the game as it is supposed to be played man on man, no help from his box. Congrats to Fed.

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