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Rain delay and consequences.

Posted by tennisplanet on September 12, 2010

Clearly this favors Djokovic in a big big way given his history of physical problems but it also removes that underdog status to maybe allow Nadal to slip into his gear – the gear that brings out the best in him – of not being the favorite. It should also remove any excuse Djokovic may have garnered after his last match to turn on the tap containing something called pressure.

After all, he has already been here once (US Open final) – not to mention that this is his third Slam final in total – all on hard courts. However, this rain delay injects the H2H log into the equation with a little more authority and credibility. For rock people, Djokovic leads Nadal 7-3 on hard courts.

If nothing else, it eliminates the degree of certainty Nadal was initially approaching the match with thereby opening the match to a possibility of a thriller from a straighter. If Nadal wins now, it will mitigate some of the blame he may be guilty of: Easy draw. If Djokovic wins, that last match against Federer WILL go down in his memory banks as the best he has ever played – irrespective of what he goes from now on.

Worst case scenario? It still ends up being a straighter – either way.


2 Responses to “Rain delay and consequences.”

  1. wuiches said

    If Nadal wins this tournament and manages to keep this new serve(and stays healthy) during the next 3 years, I’m scared about the damage he could produce!!!

    • claire said

      I don’t know – doesn’t Nadal practice like 27 hours a day.Serious, doesn’t Nadal spend a incredible amount of time practicing? Can he keep that up long term? If Nadal continues to serve at the level he is, won’t he eventually have back problems? Is serving the reason players have back problems? Then there is the past knee problems. What kind of treatment is Nadal getting for those knees. Hasn’t it been said that Nadal camp has found some kind of solution to Nadal’s knees. If he does these treatments on a regular basis – how will it effect his knees and health long term?

      But seeing the way Nadal has been playing – is he human??

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