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Some interesting stuff on rain delay.

Posted by tennisplanet on September 12, 2010

This is the third straight Monday final at US Open.

Before 2008, the U.S. Open men’s final hadn’t been pushed to Monday since 1987. But Roger Federer beat Andy Murray on a Monday two years ago, then lost to Juan Martin del Potro on a Monday last year.

This marks the first three-year string of delayed finishes at the tournament since the men’s and women’s singles competitions were combined and played at the same site in 1935.

Nadal and Djokovic were told a little before 6:30 p.m. that they wouldn’t be playing Sunday.

Djokovic opened his eyes wide and rubbed his hands together when he was told about the possibility of rain affecting the final. “I don’t know the rituals; how to invite the rain,” he said. “An extra day would be great.”

A victory over Djokovic also would make the 24-year-old Nadal the first man since Rod Laver’s true, calendar-year Grand Slam in 1969 to win at Paris, London and New York in the same season. And it would send Nadal to the Australian Open in January with a chance to pull off a Rafa Slam of four major titles in a row, something no man has done since Laver.

There was only one interruption of play because of rain during the first 13 days of the tournament, a delay of about 25 minutes on the first Friday, when the outer bands of Hurricane Earl passed through the area. Otherwise, Week 1 was all about the heat, with the temperature reaching into the mid-90s, and Week 2 was all about the wind, with gusts topping 30 mph.


2 Responses to “Some interesting stuff on rain delay.”

  1. Growltiger said

    At 24, Rafa will win his four majors eventually and Djokovic needs to get the commentators off his back at least a little. A second major might make them at least acknowledge he plays tennis. Maybe acknowledging he’s in the tournament is a bridge too far for them.
    Jimmy Connors is the exception — he gives every player and every match objective coverage.

    How come with a Tennis Channel we STILL have to ONLY HAVE CBS OR ESPN.Why can’t everyone who wants to cover tennis cover tennis and let those of us who prefer the Tennis Channel coverage and pay extra for it watch the matches there?

    And isn’t it time the US Open installed a roof? How many times does the final have to be rained out before it dawns on them?

    • Jenny said

      I think covering a court that massive size would be an engineer’s health and safety nightmare, they would have to remove some tiers, or build a new stadium with a roof. Centre at Wimbledon is much smaller. Our big football stadiums, some 50,000 capacity, are only partially covered, the pitch is still open to the elements.

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