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Could this be the MOST IMPORTANT reason for Federer’s shoddy performance, of late?

Posted by tennisplanet on September 13, 2010

Before you read my BS theory on it, what do YOU think is the ONE most vital reason Federer is not playing to his talent and ability? Yeah, just ONE. Strain your tiny freaking brain for once. Got it? See if it’s close to mine now.

Here it is:

Federer is playing, consciously or unconsciously, to ensure Nadal doesn’t surpass his numbers. Even though it’s a very valid reason given the GOAT status and more in contention, it’s working with negative energy in contrast to where he was without the FO title and No. 14.

That’s freaking it. We have more than enough precedents to invalidate the age syndrome. And ALL of them had positive energy fueling their passion driving them past the norm with respect to age, toll on the body, no precedents, whatever.

Everything else, for Federer, from unforced errors to coach to age to competition getting better to possible injuries etc. etc. are just branches. Remember my famous saying? “Cut the root and the branches will wither off by themselves”.

And that root is solely in possession of Federer under lock and key with zero access to anyone else including any coach, person flirting with coach, person with acne, person with silicon, you name it.


15 Responses to “Could this be the MOST IMPORTANT reason for Federer’s shoddy performance, of late?”

  1. mircea said


  2. chieko said

    Really ?? 😕

  3. Haya said

    Ok I admit I read it 3 times and didn’t get your point TP :S

    I however scratched my half asleep brain a bit and this was my answer: By getting the US Open, Nadal will have it all.. and when a person has it all, he no longer tries his best.. maybe..

  4. wuiches said

    Imagine what would’ve been to have lost to Nadal today????????

    Federer has more pressure now than ever!!!

    Nadal winning the FO and Wimby this year in freakin’ straight sets made last year Federer’s success at these tournaments to look no so legitimate, everybody(even federians very deep in their hearts) is thinkin’: “ok dude you were very lucky, the beast was out of town”

    Now with this victory Nadal has totally spoiled the great achievement of winning the CGS last year, and not only that!!! after the FO 2008(in which Roger seemed like a disabled) final the feeling was that as long as Nadal was breathing on this earth Roger would never get his RG title. That was never the feeling about Nadal on the USO, all that the guy had to do was to take a freakin’ month free to arrive fresh to freakin’ tournament and he did it at the first try!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    That makes Roger’s 3 RG lost finals to look ridiculous!!!!!!!!

    I don’t think he’s gonna ever recover from this one.

    He’ll have nightmares about Nadal for the rest of his life!!!

    • Somebody Else said

      I think you’re way wrong about this and unreasonable when you really think about it, but your frenzy is understandable. You want your guy to be the best ever. It happens with a lot of us, and I can sympathize. It’s okay. My wish to you, as his fervent admirer, is to enjoy this moment fully!

      Truly, if we are to legitimize Nadal, we must legitimize Federer as well:

      1. Fred Perry
      2. Don Budge
      3. Roy Emerson
      4. Rod Laver
      5. Andre Agassi
      6. Roger Federer
      7. Rafael Nadal

    • claire said

      Why must you knock down Federer and find reasons why he got “lucky”, “shouldn’t have won”, etc.,etc.!!

      Why don’t you just enjoy Nadal’s success and leave Federer alone!

      There are so many records Federer holds to mention – Nadal has a long way to go to match those! Of course, Nadal just might do that, he’s young and very motivated. Please don’t try to find reasons Federer should not have won what he has!

      I’ll never understand why people like to knock other people down;guess it must make you feel good?

      • BANTI said

        Insecurity Claire 🙂 Its there insecurity. We all know who is the GOAT, the records and by far a superior talent 🙂 Looking forward to this hard court season, hope they face off. Will be wicked seeing a 29 year old Fed kick that giant rear end.

      • wuiches said

        cuz’ all the federasts are always talkin’ trash about Nadal’s achievements, that’s why!!!!!!!!!

      • wuiches said

        BANTI “We all know who is the GOAT”

        if Nadal has done something with this win is to split that oppinion between the tennis elite!!!

    • ClayBuster said

      Rafa did so at first try? Strange. I remember having seen him playing the USO at least five times before. And Fed’s CGS not being ‘legitimate’ because he didn’t have to play Rafa at RG? If so, then why is Rafa’s USO ‘legitimate’, as he didn’t have to play the 5-times champion?
      Oh, and check your keyboard. It looks like the ‘!’ button is stuck.

      • wuiches said

        first time reachin’ the final!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        the 5 time champion is a chicken S. that was scared to face nadal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        and yes my “!” button is stuck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Bjornino said

        LOL Wuiches: “and yes my “!” button is stuck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”


  5. Bento said

    Time will placate this beast sooner or later and Federer will surely knock him down. But the Nadal statement has been made and will be there forever.

    • BANTI said

      Fed does better against Murray and Potro (the other real contenders on a hard court) than Rafa does, this should play out in Fed’s favor or atleast not let something like this happen anytime soon. A healthy Potro is crucial to have in the mix, add a motivated Murray and balance will be achieved in the tennis world, with Fed coming out on top:)

  6. mircea said

    Maybe it’s time Federer focused on what he has vs. what he doesn’t and what Nadal might accomplish. Greed, one way or another, is not a pretty thing.

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