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Factors that can contribute to Djokovic winning the title today.

Posted by tennisplanet on September 13, 2010

-Two-handed backhand which negates Nadal’s high shoulder ball to quite a significant level despite falling well short of what Delpo and other tree tops can generate.

-Court coverage. Djokovic winning against Federer was in no small way because of this. Remember the loopy service return from Djokovic at was it 5 all, that Federer tried to dispatch to the open court for an easy winner? Instead it didn’t clear the net. There were many points where Federer had to hit additional shots to win a point eventually proving to be too much.

-Service return. If Djokovic can return Federer’s serve with such regularity, Nadal’s serve even with this remodeled design should be a literal cake walk. And second serve should be a Slam dunk every freaking time.

-Drop shot-lob combo: Nadal has to respect that well-documented ability of Djokovic to not stray too far from the baseline.

-His mother can beat Nadal’s before Nadal’s father can beat Djokovic’s.


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