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Interesting article about Nadal vs Federer stats at age 24 years. From Bjornino. Thanks.

Posted by tennisplanet on September 13, 2010


Interesting article about Nadal vs Federer stats at age 24 years, three months and 10 days of age.

“As of Sept. 13, Nadal is 24 years, three months and 10 days old. Federer was the same exact age on Nov. 18, 2005.

While tennis media and fans debate about the greatest player of all time, Nadal is ahead of Federer’s pace in several key categories.”

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18 Responses to “Interesting article about Nadal vs Federer stats at age 24 years. From Bjornino. Thanks.”

  1. Logansan said

    Yes, but Roger was on such an unbelievable run from 2004 to 2007 that I just can’t see Rafa duplicating, given his health issues (see how the stats look in 2 years). On the other hand, with such a “head start”, maybe Rafa doesn’t need to have a similar streak if he manages his career intelligently and thus has enough longevity to capture many more majors, a la Pistol Pete.

  2. Bento said

    The best of Nadal beats the best of Federer. Already in 2005 Nadal was overpowering and likely to beat Fed, as he did in Miami 2004 and would have done in 2005 if it were not a best of 5 final. Nadal was just not consistent enough to face the No. 1 at all tournaments and Federer was extremely consistent.

    Now Federer is artistic. Art is purposeless. Results don’t count, to a certain extent, obviously, since Federer also had to work hard to improve as an athlete; his “talent” alone would get him nowhere near the achievement. Just contemplate and enjoy the coolest.

  3. Arjun said

    Federer hit his peak a little later age-wise when compared to Rafa.
    So I’m not sold on the ‘At the same age Roger was…’ argument.

    I think a reasonable comparison can only be made after 3-4 years, or at the end of their careers. We’ll see how many slams Rafa has at that stage.

    Rafa’s won 3 straight slams, but Roger’s done it thrice if I’m not wrong. Not to mention all the FO finals.

    • Jenny said

      Agreed, Arjun.

    • Blake said

      Oh i’m sorry, did I miss the year that Federer won 3 straight slams on 3 different surfaces?

      No? Are you sure? Oh wait, that’s right, it’s never been done in history before Nadal pulled it off.

      Coming close is ‘nice’, but it doesn’t quite cut it people. It’s like me using the argument “if the AO and USO were on Clay, Nadal would have won at least 2 calendar grand slams right now”. Guys, feds a great player 🙂 He really is. But as Kanye West would say, “But Nadal’s just the greatest of all time. Of All TIME!!”

      • Anonymous said

        If “3 straight slams on 3 different surfaces” is the only criteria for greatness, Then Nadal is obviously the greatest to ever live.

        But it’s not.

  4. Bettyjane said

    Fed would be the first to admit he was a late bloomer.Actually Borg was very precocious. I’d be far more interested in seeing his stats against Nadal’s quite frankly. Thanks for this Bjornino!

  5. Sol said

    The fact that he has achieved this at such a young age is great. But this changes nothing in the GOAT debate, assuming there should be one.

  6. Jill said

    We can all throw stats around e.g. how long did it take Fed/Nadal to get from their first to ninth majors?

    1st slam Wimbledon 2003
    9th slam USO 2006
    3 years 2 months

    1st slam FO 2005
    9th slam USO 2010
    5 years 4 months

    What does this prove? Nothing. As Jenny and others have said let’s wait until Roger and Rafa retire.

    • claire said

      Great point Jill – Federer won #14 quicker than Sampras won his 14th!
      LIke Jill said “What does it prove?

      Based on it took Nadal 5 years to get to #9, in another 5 years Nadal should have 18 – passing Federer.

      Now we also have to take into account that Federer hasn’t taken much time off for injuries – if at all!
      So, Nadal has and still has #9 BUT chances are as the years go by Nadal will continue to have injuries and may not make it to #18. If Nadal stays at same pace he will be 29 when he gets #18! Do you think Nadal’s body will hold up like Federer’s considering each’s style of play. Will Nadal do what Federer did 3 times – 3GS in one year? Also, I hope Federer is not done winning GS’s!

      See how silly this is – stats are great but LET’S WAIT UNTIL BOTH RETIRE – stats cannot predict the future based on stats for today.

      Maybe someone who’s a statistician can predict more closely if Nadal will surpass Federer considering injuries, style of play, etc.,etc! Isn’t that a better way to predict the future?? You have to predict the future with more variables! Any statistician on this site! 🙂

  7. Ash said

    When Nadal lifts the AO trophy in January thereby creating a ‘Nadal Slam’ (plus his 10th GS title) by holding all GS titles at once, then the GOAT debate will begin in earnest. He is so head and shoulders above the rest of the field right now, anything is possible for him. To me, we are witnessing true greatness emerging.

    • claire said

      Wasn’t there a player (can’t remember his name) who won the 4GS’s more than one time? If Nadal holds all 4 GS’s in a roll and never wins 3 GS for 3 years, does that make him the greatest. All so silly, we all have our opinion of what a player has to accomplish to be the “GOAT” for them!

      If a player in Tennis has to be declared the “GOAT” then there must be achievements that have to be met to be called the “GOAT”. How can you compare different achievements and decide which carries more weight? Then of course would those achievements be valid for future players? I know win 4 GS’s in a row will carry a lot of weight but what if Federer’s achievements added together surpass Nadal’s number. What a waste of time to have to decide who’s the GOAT.

      Actually, I’m one of those people who’s deciding and defending who should be the GOAT. Of course it’s to prove how silly this GOAT thing is! 🙂 🙂

      • Ash said

        You’re right – let’s wait see. However, I would still distinguish talent from greatness though. For me, Federer is still the most talented tennis player ever but that will not necessarily make him the ‘greatest’.

  8. sperry said

    GOAT argument aside (as I think it should be for now), my OPINION is that if Nadal’s knees hold up (huge if), he is going to put up some numbers that will look scary. It wasn’t that long ago that people were sure he could never win on grass. He did what he had to do to win…twice. I was not alone, but among those who almost ruled him out of the US Open. He did what he had to do to win there. The man has the mental fortitude that puts him in the stratosphere. Add to that phenomenal talent, work ethic, drive, etc, etc, and you’ve got quite a force. There will be the random loses, as there is with any superstar, but I really don’t see who is going to stop him at the slams. Two or three a year is not out of the question, I think. Hell, four isn’t out of the question.

    • Bjornino said

      Murray can and has stopped him. Del Potro. Those are the two player that I think can beat him. Forget about Federer and Djokovic. But the way Nadal’s serving now… How many times did he get broken during the WHOLE US Open? Like…THREE? That’s just insane. Next year will be very interesting. Can Nadal keep that serve up? Will Del Potro be back, and in which shape? And could Murray still beat Nadal at slams when the latter serves 135 mph?

      • Ash said

        I really have my doubts about Murray – unfortunately. Now Del Potro, maybe. Otherwise, we should just sit back and watch Rafa sweep up all around him. And he’s such a gracious person to cap it all.

  9. rushi said

    all this debate about whos GOAT shoul not b there..both r great players &we can decide whos better than other only after they for arguments sake we hav to compare 2 then stats & style of play ,consistancy ,dominence on all fronts its ROGER who is the winner.ok he’s late bloomer so wat?that does not degrades h OF RAFis records. and for pure joy of watching tennis ROGER IS WAY AHEADA .no disrespect to RAFA bt ROGER IS too good

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