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Why did Federer have to mention that he won’t be watching the final?

Posted by tennisplanet on September 13, 2010

No one even asked him about it. Is it vindictiveness? It’s a Slam freaking final. Even non-tennis fans tune in for it. And this ‘I play tennis all year round’ BS works even harder against you. And if it is what it is why bring it up if you are not even being asked? What point are you trying to freaking make? Federer needs a presser common sense coach more than the real coach disguised as a casanova – for his game.

Q. As somebody who’s made plenty of history yourself, what are your thoughts on the opportunity that Rafa has to make history with a few straight slams and creating the career Slam?

ROGER FEDERER: Fantastic. It’s great for tennis, and it’s great for him at the young age, you know, he is to have that opportunity already.

I don’t know when I had my first opportunity in Paris, how old I was, but my guess would be that he’s younger, you know. It doesn’t really matter if he’s younger or not. It’s a matter of can he make it, and chances are good now, especially that Novak is so tired and Rafa has been playing so well.

But it’s exciting for tennis that we’re doing something very special in tennis at the same time. Yeah, I won’t watch, but I hope he wins. (Laughter.)

Q. Why won’t you watch?

ROGER FEDERER: Look, I’ve been around tennis for weeks and weeks and weeks right now. Last thing I want to do is watch another tennis match where I’m not a part of. I will spend some time with my kids and take it easy, maybe go shopping.

I don’t know if shops are open here in New York Sundays, but I’m sure something is open. We’ll see.

26 Responses to “Why did Federer have to mention that he won’t be watching the final?”

  1. Ricke said

    He has said this before. I am not in the final so I don’t watch.

    • Arjun said

      Yea, but last time, he was asked if he’d watch.

      This time he brought it up himself. A little jealous maybe – trying to pretend it isn’t important enough

  2. overcaffeinated said

    Ahhhh, more Roger bashing from you TP. As Ricke notes, it isn’t the first time he has said this. Other players have made similar comments in different eras. As I write this, Rafa has just (coincidentally) won the USO and completed the career slam. I wonder now if in a few months he can make a Rafa Slam at the AO. Roger missed this feat by a single set by losing the USO final last year.

    I am sure that Rafa now having a career slam at a super fast, young age, will eat Roger a bit, despite what he says. One can only imagine when Roger would have done this had Rafa not been around… however “what ifs” are just crap to consider. Can only work with “WHAT IS”… so in this case, Rafa has won two Wimbledons whilst Roger has been around, and won one of them against Roger.

    Imagine: two career slam holders in the same era. When was the last time this happened?

    • Bjornino said

      Good points. I think he watches, and I think it hurts him as hell, regardless of what he tells the press. Rafa has just put together a season of utter dominance on THREE surfaces, and completed the career slam at age 24, FOUR years younger than Federer was when he did it. One more season like this one from Nadal and he’s within striking distance of 16. But who knows what will happen. Maybe Delpo comes roaring back and pawns EVERYONE next year.

      • RafaFan said

        “Maybe Delpo comes roaring back and pawns EVERYONE next year.” You cannot be serious! I mean Rafa in R3 @ the FO? You’re right Delpopo is the only one who is in love with Rafa’s high topspin balls. Geeezz!

    • Manal said

      “Imagine: two career slam holders in the same era. When was the last time this happened?”.

      Exactement! Agassi had his 10 years before Fed and Rafa made his just one year after Fed did.

      Whatever it is, I LOVE both Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal. They two raise every other tennis players own benchmark.

      • M said

        “Whatever it is, I LOVE both Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal. They two raise every other tennis players own benchmark.”

        Yes. This. Exactly this.

      • D.S.G. said


        O.K. , T.P.?


      • M said



        (I think now we have to add Nole, too, D.S.G. … otherwise his fans might be in here with his face on their shirts and this look on their faces – 👿 )


    • jett09 said

      “Imagine: two career slam holders in the same era. When was the last time this happened?”

      Wow that is amazing!!

  3. O said

    Congrats to Rafa, Novak. But I want to watch Federererer.

  4. Bento said

    Because it hurts.

  5. Manal said

    Come to think of it, only RAFA managed to break Fed down to tears unashamedly in public. Seeing the same man lifting up the trophy he lost to Delpo last year would just eat him slowly inside no matter how much admiration he has on the younger Spaniard.

    Anyways….its nice to see Rafa wearing black this time, a reminiscent of Fed winning USO against Nole.

  6. Dee said

    He is being honest.Obviously he is bitterly disappointed.May be he’ll watch it later.

  7. Sir Vibhudi Aatmapudi said

    Why the falcon should he watch it? Get off his back, TP.

    • Arjun said

      Two reasons off the top of my head:

      1. For someone who claims to be such a fan of the sport, and a student of its history, you’d think he’d want to watch something this historic.

      2. He might learn something watching the world’s top 2 players

      • Jenny said

        “He might learn something watching the world’s top 2 players”

        With all due respect, Arjun, but what is he going to learn from the current #1 and #2 at the peak of their powers? He’s 29yrs old, entering the twilight of his career with 16 slams and 63 titles. More like these guys have learned a lot more from Fed already, he was the one of this current generation to set the bar higher for these guys and others to emulate.

      • Sir Vibhudi Aatmapudi said

        You tell ’em Jenny!

      • Arjun said

        You make a valid point, if you assume that he is “entering the twilight of his career”, and should just be content to rest on his laurels (“16 slams and 63 titles”).

        I hope, however, that he’s not thinking that way. And that he still wants to improve.

      • Sol said

        Arjun, you think Nadal was watching Fed doing “something this historic” in FO? I think he was enjoying his fishing boat in sunny Mallorca.

      • Arjun said

        I have no idea if Nadal was watching or not. And it’s irrelevant. I’m just answering the question asked above “Why the falcon should he watch it?”

        If Nadal had said that he didn’t watch the FO in 2009 (and again, I don’t know if he did), and Sir Vibhudi Aatmapudi asked the same question, I’d have a similar answer:

        1. So he could see how ‘skill’ player like Fed handles a ‘power’ player like Soderling – if Soderling was on his game

        Nadal has never seemed to be too much of a history buff to me (just my impression). So I’ll leave it at that.

      • RafaFan said

        Very good point, Jenny! What a freaking argument that Federer could learn something from watching these guys? LMAO. Unless Roger wants to accelerate the end of his career. Rafa has still a very long way to go: 7+ GS and 223+ #1 weeks (> 4 years). Hey, even Don Rafa agrees with me! Like investment bankers many people do not know how to distinguish between hype and reality. Next year will be a tough one for Rafa. There are many points to defend, not so many for genius Federer. I think that Federer will improve his records.

  8. Joy said

    When the guy just wants to be civil, you say he’s not open or genuine about his feelings. But when he vents the slightest bit emotionally, you pounce & call him undignified or worse. He can’t please no matter what he says. Let him be, TP.

  9. Sol said

    Who cares? Didn’t Nadal say he was going to go fishing in Mallorca when he lost in RG? I remember Djoko saying he was going to forget that Wimbledon is still playing when he lost to Safin 2 years ago.
    Fed is an honest guy, he says it like it is, no fake talk. He said he hoped Nadal would win the title. That’s already more than most players would say about their rivals.

  10. claire said

    “…spend time with my kids…”

    This is what matters in life – what does it matter if Federer is someday declared the “GOAT”? I hope Federer feels the same and is not upset by what Nadal has achieved!

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