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Chances of Nadal achieving two career Slams. That’s two of each Slam. I think there’s just one person to achieve it but no one in the open era.

Posted by tennisplanet on September 14, 2010


14 Responses to “Chances of Nadal achieving two career Slams. That’s two of each Slam. I think there’s just one person to achieve it but no one in the open era.”

  1. kitty said

    Whatever I thought was impossible this guy comes back and does it. But still i voted 0% 🙂

  2. Logansan said

    A little bit off topic, but I think a calendar grand slam is overrated and arbitrary. If a player wins 4 in a row, does it matter what order the slams are? It may sound better on paper to say that Player X won the 2011 grand slams, but that’s why it’s arbitrary.

    • Sarah said

      How can you say winning the calendar grand slams is overrated? To win all four grand slams in the same calendar year is quite a feat. I believe only two players have done it – Rod Laver & Steffi Graff. As good as Roger and Serena are; I think ,of the current crop of active players, only a healthy Rafael has a chance winning the calendar grand slams–and it won’t be easy for him.

      • Manal Ismail said

        Though i hope this time being a number one will not be affecting Rafa as much as it did back in 2009. Roger on the other hand has been known for able to deal with the pressure of a number one far better hence the long weeks and so on.

        Not too sure if Roger still has enough gas to do a calendar slam but to me, 3 out of 4 is already a great feat. And both he and Rafa have managed to do that. From 2004 to 2010, the only other GS winners besides these two were Nole, Delpo, Marat and Gaston Guido.

      • Logansan said

        But how is winning all 4 in the same calendar year anymore impressive than 4 in a row but not in the same calendar year? Sure, Laver and Graf were the only ones that won all 4 in the same year, but Serena won 4 in a row from the French in 2002 to the Oz in 2003. I think 4 slams in a year seems neatly packaged for the journalism world, but I am not convinced that if Nadal wins the Oz Open in 2011 that his 4 in a row (which was what I was trying to hint at originally), albeit not in the same calendar year, is any less impressive than if he had won all 4 in the same year. The calendar year demarcation is just arbitrary to me.

    • Sarah said

      Okay. I see your point.

  3. Joy said

    Good point, Logansan. I’ve always thought slam consecutiveness should matter more.

    Look at Navratilova- back in her day the French Open was the 1st slam event of the year, and AO, held in December, was last. Unfortunately, on the year she started her bid for a calendar slam, AO organizers moved their event to the following January. Starting with the French Open, Martina went on to win all 4 consecutive majors. But she is forever shut out of the list of calendar slam winners rather unfairly because of a simplistic convention.

  4. sperry said

    And, TP, if you are going to ignore half the tennis playing population (you know…the ones that wear skirts) … at least say “there’s only one MAN” (instead of “one person”). Sheesh. I seem to remember some German woman…forget her name, though, you know…she was one of … those other kinds of people… 4 Australians, 5 USO, 6 French, and 7 Wimbys. But… yeah… Doesn’t REALLY count.

  5. sperry said

    Ash…lolol…good one… (but them’s ARE fightin’ words.)

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