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Did you notice Nadal turning into some Prophet for kids at the award ceremony? Geeeezzzzz!!!!!!!

Posted by tennisplanet on September 14, 2010

Nadal, don’t jump out of your skin. You are just someone who hits a ball over the net. Don’t freaking push it. Geeeeeeeeeeeezzzzzzzzzzz!!!!!!!!!!!!!

For rock people, I am talking about Nadal’s comment on Djokovic’s attitude after losing “It’s good for the kids”. Give me a freaking break.


14 Responses to “Did you notice Nadal turning into some Prophet for kids at the award ceremony? Geeeezzzzz!!!!!!!”

  1. wuiches said

    I agree TP.

    WTF he think he is now???? Mary Poppins or what!!!!!!!!!! double geeeeeezzzzz!!!!!!!

    • M said

      LOL, Wuiches. You and TP can both stop Geeeeezzzzzing, hee hee – even before last evening, Rafa was kid-tested and crowd-approved! 😛

      (There is a vid of Rafa reading to some Mallorcan schoolchildren after, I believe, his Wimbledon 08 win. I will continue to look for it, because, of course, now that I want to find it, I can’t. 😆 )

      More srsly, though — I thought that was a subtle, savvy, “Tennis Ambassador”-y thing to do. Where are the “next” Rogers, Rafas, and Noles to come from if we don’t start them now? 🙂

  2. overcaffeinated said

    Hmmmm, I wonder if that comment about a “great attitude in losing” was also with a sting in its tail to the chap who lost the 2009 AO final….

  3. Bjornino said

    LOL TP 😀
    I just came home from work REALLY late and of course the first thing I had to do was to read all your articles about the final and Us Open in general and this made me ROFL 😀
    I think Nadal honestly meant it. Djokovic has turned into a great role model, I think.
    Btw, I think Aunt Toni has mentioned that he tells Nadal (or maybe it was Nadal who said this abt Toni, not sure which way around) “You’re not curing cancer” to keep him down to earth 🙂
    Indeed – they’re just hitting a freaking ball over the net, but they do it pretty darn well 😉

  4. Blake said

    Nadal was just trying top infer that Djoko is a good “Role model”, but doesn’t quite have the english to say that fluently. Seriously, is that the best you guys can come up with as a dig at him these days? Geez.. What about giving him crap about never winning the US Op… Oh wait, nevermind. Please, carry on nitpicking.

    P.S. I think Djoko’s general composure and happiness after good matches is a great example… I think his tennis racquet smashing is not.

    • Anonymous said

      And Nadal’s on court coaching, time wasting, holding opponents up at net or in the tunnel, medical time outs when losing etc etc aren’t much of an example either…..
      TP posts ridiculous and nitpicking articles about Federer all the time, why should Nadal be exempt?
      BTW Blake you like to go on about an asterik next to Federer’s FO, well let’s stick a double asterik next to Nadal for this USO, he didn’t have to play the 5 time champion Federer or the defending champion Del Potro who soundly spanked his bum last year.

  5. jennifur said

    thought it was nice …

  6. Bobby said

    Djoko was all grace.And he definitely looked like a good role model for kids.He never looked like a sour loser.Rafa took notice of it and just said the fact.If that can make him a prophet, then there will be prophets roaming everywere. He just wanted to point out the obvious fact which can infact help children to become better people. I think that we are fortunate to have Nadal who cares others unlike some others who think that hitting the balls is the most important thing.

  7. Carlo said

    Oh come on! He just meant Novak is a good role model. We all know he is not very fluent in English.

    The final match gave me much respect for Novak. Who would have thought he could be as nice as Rafa or Roger.

  8. Sir Vibhudi Aatmapudi said

    It was unusual. I guess Rafa is just taking his number 1 status very seriously. When I heard the kids reference, Novak and half a million New Yorkers must have gone “WTF??” while nodding and smiling outwardly. It was funny!


    Was he insulting Djokovic, calling HIM a toddler? I mean, Djokovic KISSED ( That’s right!) the loser’s tin plate and held it aloft!!!! I have never seen any runner-up in a grand slam do that!!! How will Novak make the progression from man-child to serious contender if he continues to behave like a schoolboy who enjoys being bullied!

  9. Joy said

    Seconded, M!

    The reason Rafa has turned ‘Prophet for kids’ is because he has a foundation that helps underprivileged children not just in his home city of Mallorca, but in countries across the globe like India, where the Rafa Nadal Foundation builds schools. Those who want to learn more can go to or google ‘rafa nadal foundation’.

    So it ain’t an act, folks. Give our boy a break, geeeez!

    [Oh no, I’ve been TP-fied!] 😛

  10. D.S.G. said

    I CAN’T believe y’all. It was a gracious thing to say.

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