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Don Budge: Calendar Slam at age 23. From Claire. Thanks.

Posted by tennisplanet on September 14, 2010


Oops!! Don Budge won calender year GS in 1938 ; Budge was born 6/13/1915 making him achieve a calendar GS at the tender age of 23 – guess Budge is GOAT over Nadal – if you read Budge did not drop one set (Nadal dropped one at USO)when he won Wimbledon! Also Budge (I believe had a winning H2H against other players who are considered the best of all time! SO until Nadal wins a calendar GS, Budge is the GOAT – if that’s what you base it on!


3 Responses to “Don Budge: Calendar Slam at age 23. From Claire. Thanks.”

  1. wuiches said

    First of all is the “youngest in open era”, which is the most important cuz’ you’re playin’ at professional level and you are facing the rest of the world, not only guys that belong to a freakin’ small tennis association!!!

    Second Nadal won twice RG without dropping a set!!! I don’t know what your point is!! and nobody is saying that Nadal is the GOAT just cuz’ he won the USO, it only means that he has a huge potential and a huge chance of setting several records, the H2H only means that Fedex doesn’t have a damn clue about how to beat Nadal on any surface, but not that Nadal is a better tennis player overall.

    Third it’s so freakin’ funny to imagine you searching all over the freakin’ internet to find a useless fact to try to make Nadal’s achievement look not so great!!! It shows how painful is four you to watch Roger’s decline and Nadal’s rise!!!

    • Sarah said

      “It shows how painful is four you to watch Roger’s decline and Nadal’s rise!!!”

      So very true.

    • claire said

      1. It is not “painful” for me to watch Roger’s decline and Nadal’s rise. I have mentioned before that I have been looking for a “new” tennis player to be my favorite when Federer retires.Why would I be so stupid to think that no other player could ever be better than Federer? I don’t care if it’s Nadal or anyone else. I’m happy for Nadal – we all know the amount of time Nadal puts in to get better and better – Djokovic mentioned that at award ceremony!

      2. “Third it’s so frekin’ funny to imagine you searching all over the freakin’ internet….”
      Please don’t assume things you don’t know!! I am working at home on my computer today, become bored, need a break and serf the internet – I’m enjoying reading what other players have achieved.

      Something I found very interesting was one match Budge played – his opponent got a call from Hitler wishing Budge’s opponent success! As you will notice, I also took time to show what Federer and Djokovic have done and amount of points they can earn by year end! I love working with numbers and I think it’s fun to figure out potential points for a player! In all honesty, I hope Djokovic stays #2 – he tries so hard and I’ve really come to like him! Yea, I think Djokovic will become my new favorite – he makes me laugh and is very personable, he’s got his parents under control, etc.

      I guess I’m tired of everyone saying Nadal is already the GOAT and not trying to take anything away from Nadal – chances are Nadal will surpass Federer in several records but it bothers me there is all this talk about Nadal being the GOAT already

      Actually looking at the rankings, I wonder if anyone ever accumulated as many points as Nadal has in one year – he has won so many 1000 events. i think he’s already at 12 or 13,000!

      Anyway, you can’t imagine how far behind I am in the work I have to do soooo BYE, BYE!

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