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How many Slams will Nadal win next year?

Posted by tennisplanet on September 14, 2010


3 Responses to “How many Slams will Nadal win next year?”

  1. Sarah said

    At least two; but I voted for three.

  2. Nelson Goodman said

    A bit off topic (but not by much). I’d love to hear what others think about the following:

    My own sense is that as telling as the oft-repeated comparison of # of slams at same age by Roger and Rafa (6 vs 9, respectively) is # of slams in same number of years after winning their first slam (14 vs 9, respectively). Why? B/c that’s the measure of one’s prime years – and although it took Roger a longer time to fully bloom than Rafa I’m not sure that means that Rafa will have a longer prime (over and above any possible future injuries). Granted, this comparison makes it too lopsided the other way, in terms of extrapolating likely number that Rafa will end with – which is the underlying point of the age one. For instance, if Fed ends with 18, then using this second approach the extrapolation would be 12 for Rafa. Now, splitting the difference between the two approaches would result in 10 v 9, making them neck and neck.

    Of course to some extent this all a bit silly, in part b/c Fedal is greater than Fed or Nadal, in part b/c the whole GOAT idea should be laid to rest for a while (simply too much happening, let the dust settle) and in part b/c the past is at best a very imperfect guide to the future.

    Still, interesting… no?

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