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Nadal becomes first in the history of tennis to hold three straight Slams – on three different surfaces.

Posted by tennisplanet on September 14, 2010

I don’t think even Nadal expected to win it this year despite all the improvements and remodelling, further underscored by the way both Federer and Murray were creating havoc through the draws ever since the hard court season began. But these lucky breaks don’t happen to greats of the game for nothing – or by accident. Federer has had his share specially in the last two years. These easy pickings are produced by an invisible and intangible force called adversity.

Anytime you are going after ANY goal, you will be faced with adversity – sometimes so severe that your very existence in the profession of your choice will be in jeopardy. Research says that the biggest obstacle usually appears when you are at the cusp of your biggest break. Schwarzenegger was almost crippled at an accident endangering his budding body building career. This is a very very very old trick which adversity uses to trick you largely to test you if you have the balls to keep on keeping on. NO ONE achieves greatness without this rite of passage.

Many fail the test and are relegated to the sidelines forever. Few carry on despite the most devastating onslaughts from this opponent until adversity comes out and says “You don’t know when you are whipped. I give up. Ask what you want and it’s yours”.

This gimme or easy picking is actually your reward for your persistence sprinkled through your career. Haven’t you heard “Luck favors the brave?” Don’t believe it? Go through any career from Ali to Jordan to Woods and you will find a strong pattern running through – with authority.

Now that the medication is wearing off, back to issue at hand:

Nadal, with this win, has more than made up for lost time called ’09. Looking back, it may be the best thing that ever happened to him as it forced him to take those painful and difficult decisions with no options. It may have made him grow exponentially mentally and allowed him the ability to appreciate the gift and opportunity with far greater gratitude. He clearly looks far more matured and grown than is reasonable for that time frame.

The biggest achievement however has to be the complete and total absence of any sign of knee or any other kind of trouble raising concern on the tour that he may have finally found the formula to extend his reign far longer than anyone expected.

Without even going into the debate about where Federer was at 24, it’s mind-boggling to realize that at 24 Nadal has already surpassed clowns like Agassi and Connors who got to No. 8 after a career that spanned over a century and was performed against nowhere near the talent of someone named Federer.

More importantly, Nadal appears ready to take this huge step in his career with the poise needed to build on this platform in contrast to Djokovic and Murray who have squandered valuable time stumbling through teething troubles. But Nadal needs to realize his current belief is rooted in what Federer has already produced. It has allowed him to think that reaching 16 is even possible or he can even dream about a calendar Slam – in just the way No. 14 must have motivated Federer.

It’s debatable if Nadal would have had such success without Federer. You see, when you don’t see a target that astronomical in depth and width, it’s hard to summon the greatness needed to create the picture on your own – in vacuum. Tony and the team has exploited the leverage as best as anyone has witnessed anywhere in the sporting world and it seemed massively awkward to watch Nadal NOT mention and isolate Tony by name at the award ceremony. He more than deserved it at this important station in Nadal’s career.

Looking forward, Nadal is still nowhere near No. 16. Even if Nadal produces another ‘3 Slam in a season’ episode next year he will still be short by four – at 25. Not bad. But if you take into account the two factors I mentioned in the above para, looking any further into the future is deceiving if not outright criminal.


67 Responses to “Nadal becomes first in the history of tennis to hold three straight Slams – on three different surfaces.”

  1. wuiches said


  2. Blake said

    I won’t gloat too much 😉 Kinda becomes a moot point when the player you back actually does everything you know he was capable of. I’ll say the obligatory: “Suck it”, which goes out to everyone who’s had the nerve to challenge me on Nadal since…. forever….. And an extra big “Suck it” to those who scoffed at his chances of staying at No.1 for the rest of the year. But overall… 🙂 Nothing left to prove fellas.

    He’s done it. He’s really done it. And beyond all else, he’s shown that when his body is 100%, he’s unstoppable. Does that make Feds asterisk for last years french any bigger? No bigger than it already was (yes, there’s always been one and it was Federer himself that admitted he had a “Nadal problem” not a Clay one). Funny how I’ve never heard Nadal say he has a “Federer problem”… or a “James Blake, Tsonga, Youhzny, Berdych etc” problem. Why? Cos Nadal doesn’t b***h, he just improves his game and beats the other players, rather than waiting for them to get taken out early.

    But hey, like I said… All is gravy now. Yeah, it’s a shame Nadal’s knees didn’t hold up last year since it’s a lock he’d of won the french, and 95% chance he’d have wimbledon too. But hey, i’m happy, and so should you be… Unless you’re a fed fan, or a rafa hater (usually two in the same), in which case… once again…

    Suck It.

    • Somebody Else said

      Wow, you really do have a Fed insecurity! To quote TP: “GEEEEEEEEEEEZZZZZ!!!” You haven’t won anything, Blake. 🙄

      • Blake said

        Nope, I haven’t. And neither has Roger Federer on the slam scene for a while, come to think of it 🙂 Back under the rock SE, back under the rock.

      • Somebody Else said

        “Nope, I haven’t.”

        Well, your initial post would reveal otherwise.

        “back under the rock”

        Would that be the same rock you’ve been hiding under until yesterday? 😮

      • Somebody Else said

        Don’t take this personally, Blake. None of what we’ve said really matters. 😉

      • Blake said

        What’d I say i’d won, exactly?

        The player I’ve backed for years achieved his goals. If you want to interpret that as me saying I’ve “won” something, then dismiss me as not winning anything, well hey.. Go right ahead buddy 🙂 Whatever helps you get to sleep at night, since the nightmare you’ve had about Nadal out-doing Federer seems to have become a reality 😉

        And nope, no rock for me – life’s been busy and tennis since wimbledon has been scarce. But I’ve still been around, and I warned a few people after wimbledon that i’d be back once Rafa got the USO. So I’m just keeping my side of the bargain 🙂

        But please, keep bringing it 🙂 I’ll check back from time to time and remind you that a). Fed didn’t win the slam, b). Nadal has achieved, even with injuries, far more than Federer at the same age, and c). I don’t hate Federer 🙂 I just don’t like people that love him and _hate_ Nadal. I don’t even mind a good healthy hate of Nadal, as long as you give it justice by saying “I hate how he’s doing better than Federer”. Least that’s honest hate. Hiding behind silly arguments and bemoaning Nadal’s style vs Feds will only get you so far, my friends.

      • Somebody Else said

        “What’d I say i’d won, exactly?”
        — Blake, surely you’ll realize I’m being facetious.

        “The player I’ve backed for years achieved his goals.”
        — That’s wonderful! Truly, it is! I’m happy he’s achieved what he’s achieved. Since you’ve missed my previous posts, I’ll restate here that I’m an admirer and appreciator of Nadal place in the sport, and I was happy to be around to witness his wonderful tennis and win the title he was missing. But please, please explain something to me: What on earth does Nadal completing his career slam have anything to do with needing to tarnish and diminish Federer’s achievements in tennis??? As if somehow Fed had been the only player ever to do something remarkable in the sport — I figured you’d have enough sense to realize that those who think Federer is the be-all-end-all of tennis don’t know very much about tennis.

        “…the nightmare you’ve had about Nadal out-doing Federer…”
        — a resounding “NOT!” on this presumption. Your insistence on one out-doing the other would indicate to some that you may have an inverse fear: that Federer may, in the long run, out-do Nadal as the slam-title record holder, or any other statistic to which you wish to have Nadal’s name attached. As such, you put yourself in a position of being no better than the anti-Rafas you love to hate, with this insistence on “suck it! suck it, Fed fans”, or whatever it is you like saying.

        “I don’t even mind a good healthy hate of Nadal, as long as you give it justice by saying “I hate how he’s doing better than Federer”.
        — That would just be pathetic. And to hate Federer because he is succeeding where Rafa is not — would be equally pathetic.

        “…bemoaning Nadal’s style vs Feds…”
        — Everyone has a favorite player. Preferring one’s playing style over another’s is a simple matter of taste. It does not make one batter than the other. We all have our preferences. What idiot would hate someone because Rafa’s playing style was not his/her favorite?


        Blake, if you find fault in some “anti-Rafa” argument, cite them for their lack of reasonable thinking, but don’t fall into the same trap of unreasonable thinking by trying to diminish Federer’s distinctions and contributions. Besides, no matter how much you might want to, it could not be done.

      • wuiches said

        WOW!!! “BLAKELSE” rivalry is better than “FEDAL” rivalry!!!

        and Blake is also 14-7 on Somebody Else!!!!

        are you also 5 years younger then SE Blake???

        I’m backing you man!!!

        you’re my dog!!

      • Somebody Else said

        How do you figure that, Wuiches? 😉

  3. Blake said

    Hehe yep, don’t worry mate i’m not taking anything personally 🙂 And I always direct my arguments to those who in ‘general’ opposed Nadal. You’re the only one to address me by name and say that I, on a personal level, hadn’t won anything… But hey, we can’t all always heed our own advice, can we? 🙂

  4. Sol said

    Lol, Blake. Soooo many things to reply to your comments but so little time. So just this:

    “I just don’t like people that love him and _hate_ Nadal. I don’t even mind a good healthy hate of Nadal, as long as you give it justice by saying “I hate how he’s doing better than Federer”. ”

    Ok, I, for one, will say it if you do. Cause this type of comment can only come from someone who has experienced this sort of “hate” first-hand. When Fed wins a title, we (here, on TP, not crazy fans on other blogs) are happy for our guy, but we’re not happy Nadal DIDN’T win it, because Fed’s win isn’t measured by Nadal’s failures. Something which seems to be the case for you here. You seem happier that Fed didn’t win the USO, and make a point of telling us to “suck it”, than you’re actually happy for Nadal. Otherwise, what’s the need to bring Fed into this? considering a) He didn’t beat Fed to get the title; b) Seems to me all Fed fans here congratulated Nadal, and even though it might be painful for us to see Fed not at this best, we didn’t take anything away from Nadal. You on the other hand, seem to need to STILL make a point about Fed’s win at the FO carrying an asterik, even though it’s completely irrelevant in this win for Nadal and that we all know that logic can be used against Nadal too. So, when SE says you have a Fed insecurity, he’s not that wrong.

    But knowing you (from the little I know), you just want to provoke us, so I’ll stick to charming Blake if you don’t mind.
    Bluechyll, where are you? Blake is misbehaving again! 🙂
    Anyone know where Bluechyll is BTW?

    • bluechyll said

      Ah, right on queue!

      Blake, take a chill pill sweetie! 😛 I know you’re over the moon about Nadal winning and all, but really, there’s no need to take it out on Roger 😆

      The whole love-Fed/hate-Nadal scenario, I haven’t really seen a lot of evidence to prove that. As Sol says, all the Fed fans here are happy for Nadal that he won.
      The only thing I’m getting from you here is that you have a little love-Nadal/hate-Fed thing happening.

      I personally have no problem in admitting that Nadal is an exceptional player, and as SE says above: ”Everyone has a favorite player. Preferring one’s playing style over another’s is a simple matter of taste.”

  5. Anonymous said

    TP: isn’t your article damning Rafa with faint praise in some way? Rafa has ALWAYS said that Federer’s success has spurred him on and he has never had any pretence that he is as gifted as him.

    I think that Rafa will just carry on as he always has and his next target is the World Tour Finals where he has some seriously unfinished business (I saw him v Djoker last year and it was not a pretty sight)… I really do not think he is aiming to equal Fed’s total…(which could, of course, still increase). I also suspect he does have an ambition to play Fed in a final again, but we will all just have to wait for the stars to align on that one.

  6. Joy said

    TP, I agree Uncle Toni totally deserves to have been specifically named by Rafa at the awards. But the ceremonies were very rushed (tv broadcast was ready to cut to football at any moment) and Rafa must’ve felt he didn’t have enough time. It would’ve been disrespectful to single out Toni without similarly thanking his parents who were right there in the box. Trust me it’s a cultural thing. Anyway I feel Rafa pays the ultimate tribute simply by seriously heeding Toni’s advice.

  7. Joy said

    Blake, from one die-hard Rafa fan to another, believe me there’s no need to put down other players here just to tout Rafa.

    The regulars here are a considerate, level-headed bunch with the exception of a very few (we know who they are). There does seem to be more Fed fans here, but I’ve always felt welcome here.

    I like the atmosphere here–people have their favorites but can appreciate other players too. We can discuss tennis here passionately & eloquently without things degenerating to mudslinging as it so often does on other sites (and I’ve pretty much been on them all).

    I know TP’s views can be quite extreme, but no one is spared by his barbed humor. You just have to learn to deal with it since it’s all in good fun.

    Listen, this is a momentous time for all of us who love Rafa. We can celebrate a victory without trodding on others. You’re welcome here, but please don’t ruin it.

    • wuiches said

      com’n Joy!!!

      Federasts are always puttin’ Nadal down!!!

      that he’s pure muscle, that he doesn’t play tennis, that he won the OZ without facin’ a top ten, that the H2H means nothing, blah, blah!!!

      give me a break!

  8. Sir Vibhudi Aatmapudi said

    Well said TP

  9. Jenny said

    Joy said: Listen, this is a momentous time for all of us who love Rafa. We can celebrate a victory without trodding on others. You’re welcome here, but please don’t ruin it.

    Well said, Joy.

    • Bettyjane said

      Seconded!!! If Fed won, I’d be over the moon. Instead, you’re choosing to be mean-spirited? Be happy and let it end there.

    • Bonnie said

      Absolutely. I would have preferred Roger to win, but you just can’t help but to like Rafa. He’s gracious, sweet, and truly loyal, a great champion. A good example to all of us.

  10. Jenny said

    I became a Fed fan in 2001, my other personal faves followed on from there, I was never a one man woman in that respect, I enjoy different styles, watching other players and happy to admit it. In 06/07 I was looking for looking for a tennis site, dedicated to general tennis fans and which wasn’t an extension of, and where other players were appreciated, irrespective of ranking. In the early days, it was more Fed orientated here, but now, thankfully, it’s moved on and Tennisplanet has become global, this is due to TP himself and posters who have made it grow into the great site it is now, and why I’m still here.

    • Bonnie said

      I truly rely on TP to help me stay informed, not just of what’s going on with Roger, but all the players. I’ve learned many things about tennis, and players, and rules, and even different websites to go to for information, just by coming to this site. I think most of the people who come here are well educated about tennis, and a vast variety of other subjects, so it’s always interesting to come here. I’ve seen my dislike of some players turn into admiration, and my love of tennis has grown since understanding the viewpoints of many here, like you Jenny, who is always willing to educate us tennis novices, and always respectful in the process. I used to go on other sites where the bashing was unbelievable against other players. Here, I get a well rounded view of everyone, and people are free to have thier preferences, with dignity and respect, regardless of differences of opinion. Well worth coming and well worth staying.

      • Jenny said

        Thnx Bonnie. “I used to go on other sites where the bashing was unbelievable against other players”

        Seen that too, *shudder*. Sometimes I sit here gritting my teeth at some of the trash I’ve read, but I never respond.

      • Bonnie said

        I try not to respond either, but sometimes it just rattles me to the point where I just have to say something. Usually though, I just use restraint and consider the source.

  11. wuiches said

    BLAKE I’m with you man!!!

    almost of the journalists of the world are federasts!!!

    And after this great achievement they’re writing great things but not without a “but”!!!

    All of them have to mention that he’ll never get to 16, that he’ll never be the GOAT and sort of things.

    and it’s been the same for years, com’n give me a break, all the federasts of the world hate Rafa and are always discarding his achievements, it’s just too hard for them to see this kid kickin’ Roger’s royal ass once and again and again and again!!!

    so as you say BLAKE: “Suck it” for all Rafa haters!!!

    • Somebody Else said

      If you don’t like the Federasts, don’t behave like them. Otherwise you’ll never hear the end of it.

      • Sol said

        Yep, what I find ironic is that those who complain the most about Fed fans being Nadal haters are those who come across as the biggest Fed haters themselves. Why would you expect respect from others when you show none yourself?

      • Jill said

        Couldn’t agree more SE and Sol.

      • wuiches said

        so if someone on the street calls you fool you just allow him to do so???

        if the federast talk trash about Nadal why we don’t have the same right???

        BTW I never miss a Roger’s match, I do love to see him play tennis, no player has his talent! not even Nadal(however a think Rafael is a better tennis player overall), what I don’t like is to read everywhere federasts saying that Nadal doesn’t play tennis, that he is just a fitness trainer!!!

        as long as keep reading and listening those things I’m gonna keep reminding you how many times Nadal has kicked Federer’s ass in so many awful ways like that RG 2008 final!!!

      • Sol said

        Nobody here said any of the things you just mentionned in your post. So if you’re angry at the world or at the media because you think they favour Fed, that’s your problem.
        As long as you keep saying things like in that last paragraph, you won’t get any respect, not from me anyway. So don’t come complaining about the people who post on this site when you’re way worse than any of them. I don’t keep reminding you of any of Nadal’s failures. I don’t need to. I feel good enough with what Fed has achieved that I don’t need to feed on other players’ losses.

      • Bettyjane said

        “if the federast talk trash about Nadal why we don’t have the same right???”

        Blake said “Go to Hell” in another thread and of course the now infamous “suck it”

        Where on this site have you heard anyone say anything remotely as vile??

      • wuiches said

        “I don’t keep reminding you of any of Nadal’s failures”

        then my “last paragraph” doesn’t includes you, so WTF are you complaining???

      • Sol said

        Who exactly does it include then? Since noone here said any of the things you mentionned. Or is is that you just need to write about your general anger at the world while disrespecting anyone who isn’t a Nadal fan?

      • wuiches said

        “Blake said “Go to Hell” in another thread and of course the now infamous “suck it””

        oh com’n Bettyjane do you really find those words so offensive??? this is kind of fun com’n!!!

      • wuiches said

        Now it seems that you’re more angry than me Sol!!!

        and that’s kind of funny!!!

      • Sol said

        Well, I guess the good news is that we just made a first step by agreeing that you’re an angry guy/gal. That’s something 😉

      • wuiches said

        Sol, if you were not an angry person you won’t be answering my posts, you just don’t pay attention and that’s it!!!

        I wasn’t even postin’ you, this post was fot SE but you came into the scene.

        but it’s so funny to read you!!!

      • Bjornino said

        This is hilarious. Sol&co swallowing the bait over and over again. *brings out popcorn* 😀
        Go on guys, go on! ^^

      • Somebody Else said


        No more to add to it. I already won. 😉

  12. Sarah said

    Congrats, it couldn’t have happened to a nicer guy. I can’t wait to see what 2011 brings. A calendar slam, perhaps?

  13. Sir Vibhudi Aatmapudi said

    TP, imagine I’m in a gourmet restaurant with friends. Then some untrained staff members wait on us and are rude to some of my friends. What is to be done in this case? I could remonstrate with the waiters directly and let them know what I think of them. But that would serve no purpose. Why? Because I’d rather deal with a decision maker who ensures that these things don’t happen again; Someone like the owner of the establishment. I’m sure you don’t live under a rock to know where I’m going here, TP. This is your establishment and you are the CEO. Wuiches and Blake need to show some respect and I trust you can ensure that. Thank you.

    • Jenny said

      Sir V, while you were posting, we were actually in a restaurant, not the gourmet type to which you refer, but in our regular haunt, The Coach and Horses, a 17th century country pub that serves really good food and real ale. We take the dog who stays in the car in their private car park, afterwards we try to walk off the calories after a blow out, and he enjoys a good run in the country and some doggy bag treats 🙂

    • Bettyjane said

      You’re awesome Sir V. Your wit is surpassed only by your diplomatic skills. Come to the U.S. and run for something here please!!

  14. claire said

    Get a grip on what’s important in life! Health,love, happiness and respect for our fellow humans!

    I bet Nadal would give up all his GS’s if that would bring his parents back together! We all know how important family is to Nadal. Supposedly Uncle Toni told Rafa something to the effect – don’t overdo your USO win; you didn’t find a cure for cancer!

    Let’s set the record straight about Federer – when he won the FO, he said he knew if Nadal didn’t play the FO he would win it! Federer was the 2nd best on clay who played (3 times in final)againstthe man who will more than likely go down as the best clay player ever!

    TP, if Blake continues with his language, etc. will he become a candidate to be banned from this site? I remember when I went on with M, I sure was scared I would be banned. Blake, it’s also not good for your health to be so angry! Try thinking good thoughts and see how you feel! 🙂

    You taken away Nadal’s time to shine in the sun when you have to bring Federer into the conversation.

    I must admit I was one who said Nadal must be on drugs because of his muscles, etc. When I really thought about it, how can Nadal not have those muscles considering how much time he spends practicing? I heard that after a match Nadal is know to go to practice court! We all know what a perfectionist Nadal is (ex.: bottles).

  15. Sarah said

    I’m sorry; but I don’t see why Blake should be banned. If you don’t like what s/he is saying, don’t reply to the post.

    I can only image the posts IF there was a Roger/Rafael final and Roger would have won. 🙂

  16. RafaFan said

    Oh come on the hype or shall I say hope about Nadal will vanish some time soon. It’s very stupid to think that he can keep the momentum for the next 223 weeks, no? I think his brute force tennis is not suitable for long runs after 26 years of age. Don’t you remember 2009? I guess when he is 26 Del Potro et al will cause him a lot of troubles. He will probably kick his ass at RG. The same what Federer experienced in Wimbledon will happen to Rafa. There will be another Buster Douglas who initiates the decline. I like Rafa for his humbleness! Some of his fans behave like hooligans. It’s so sad the disrespect they show for Federer. Hey guys Rafa and Roger respect each other.

    • Jill said

      Quite so Rafafan, well said.

    • M said

      “Hey guys Rafa and Roger respect each other.”

      The irony, yes?

      It’s clear they have mutual respect for one another.
      I find it the height of irony — and I may have mentioned this once already this tournament, so please forgive me all if I’m repeating myself — that some “fans” of each can’t seem to manage the same.


  17. Jenny said

    Blake and Wuiches,

    Enough already, it really isn’t funny. None of us want more bannings, as Claire says, “Get a grip on what’s important in life! Health,love, happiness and respect for our fellow humans!”

  18. Blake blocked.

    • Sarah said

      Some people are little too sensitive. Some of the posts were actually funny; like being in the middle of an elementary school yard doing recess. 🙂

      • wuiches said

        thanks Sarah, finally someone is making the break through!!!

        this is exactly what you say: “an elementary school yard doing recess”!!!

        I don’t understand why they feel so displeased???

        come on!!! if you go for the Cowboys and your friend goes for the Steelers don’t tell me that you don’t make fun of him if Dallas kicks Steeler’s butt give me a break!!!

        That attitude is as old as the human being!!!

        TP has a warning at the top of the page:



        You rock Sarah!!!

    • Jenny said

      I’m sorry about that, Blake, I’m sure most of us are too, but TP has made his decision which we have to abide by, it is his site and reputation afterall. That said, I wish you well.

  19. Manal Ismail said

    It breaks Nole’s heart seeing nobody really fight for him now thats he’s no.2 again….hahaha….

    I too had to bear my ears listening to some few Rafa haters, those who would support just any player to win everytime they play Rafa in the final. But i seldom hear people wants Roger to lose and I dont like seeing him losing too.And i am with Rafafan as well, that no one is invincible. To be honest, i wept in joy watching Roger won his one and only GS back in 2008 at USO. So really, i vote for both of them to keep up their showmanships and it’ll be some time before we can see another “freaking awesome” players like these two fellas so i am rejoicing it as much as possible.

  20. mircea said

    I have said it before. Nadal owes part of his greatness to Federer. Makes for a compelling story. Many subplots. I am beginning to smell something fishy though. Not sure what.

  21. bluechyll said

    From Blake:

    Lol. Hey guys, just wanted to say thanks for the laughs and the fun arguments over the years. Sorry some people took it a little too seriously (looks at Claire, hehe). Take care and much love to all and to my fellow Rafa Fans, rejoice! Our time is finally here 🙂 Later peeps!

    P.s. When I say ‘suck it’, I’m paraphrasing on auzzie slang like ‘sucked in’ – not what any Americans or such might infer as me suggesting some sort of oral action 😛 You only had to ask, guys.

  22. bluechyll said

    From Blake:

    Lol. Hey guys, just wanted to say thanks for the laughs and the fun arguments over the years. Sorry some people took it a little too seriously (looks at Claire, hehe). Take care and much love to all and to my fellow Rafa Fans, rejoice! Our time is finally here 🙂 Later peeps!

  23. Andy said

    Blake once called me a “monkey” for stating a fact. It was back in 2009 I believe, something about even if Rafa wins 2 or 3 slams a year for X number of years he would still be a little short of Roger’s total. My point then, and now, is that Rafa’s AMAZING feats not only do not diminish Roger’s legacy, they actually put a light on how just how great Roger’s achievements have been. I mean, yes, Rafa is 24 and yes he has an opportunity of “out-slamming” Roger, but the fact is that even with the incredible year this year, a 3 slam year next year, and a 3 slam year the year after that, it would still be 16-15 for Roger. That’s not to gloat as a Fed fan, but just to point out that those who think Rafa will pass Roger’s GS totals are not asking for a “gimme.” They are asking for a HELL OF A LOT. The fact that Rafa has had a 2 year and a 3 slam so far is INCREDIBLE. It is NOT “run of the mill” anymore than Fed’s three 3 slam years were “run of the mill.” These guys have just made it seem that way.

    The irony of their success is that, in a way, the success itself has deluded fans into thinking less of the success! Comments like, for instance, “you can COUNT Rafa in for another 5 French Opens” as if he is going to cakewalk to those future French titles (sure he may very well win some, but the point is, even there, it’s not automatic). Or comments about Fed really wanting to lose so as to avoid Rafa, which slights both the success of Djoker’s great effort and the success of Roger’s ability to get within match point on a bad day for him against the great Djoker effort, and most of all, ignores the VERY IMPRESSIVE poise and shotmaking of Djoker on those match points.

    Roger was right. He created a MONSTER. And we are it!

  24. Sol said

    TP, while I respect your decision, I think Blake’s posts were all in good humour. I know I was involved in the exchanges above with Blake and Wuiches but I, personally, don’t have a problem with heated discussions. Not a reason to block the regulars (like Pommesdessuisse). Maybe you can give out warnings before blocking people? Just a thought.

  25. Sol said

    My post disappeared. I said I thought maybe you can give out warnings before blocking the regulars cause censorship isn’t that great. Blake’s posts were just humourous, not big deal

  26. sperry said

    Interesting how people can read different things into posts. I find it amazing people found Blake’s comments funny. (Doesn’t mean I’m right.) I found his posts to be mean spirited… absolutely warrenting blocking him. But blocking or not all depends on what you want your site to look like…and TP decided what he wanted. I happen to support the decision. Certainly doesn’t make it right.

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