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The only country solely responsible in helping Nadal win US Open title.

Posted by tennisplanet on September 14, 2010

Have a clue? Heard of Switzerland?

Or heard of Wawrinka and Federer? If not for these two clowns there was no freaking way Nadal was winning this title – or at least with the ease he eventually did.

Wawrinka eliminated the biggest and sharpest thorn in Murray and then Federer completely neutralized the H2H advantage Djokovic enjoyed over Nadal on hard courts by taking him to a punishing nearly three-hour five setter which even rain couldn’t dissipate – completely.

That’s the last country to be fighting for that honor right about now – not to mention the player(s) – for obvious freaking reasons.


11 Responses to “The only country solely responsible in helping Nadal win US Open title.”

  1. wuiches said

    Before the watching this final I would’ve agreed with you TP but not after.

    Murray has at least a weakness in his game, his forehand, Joker doesn’t. You’ll get a lot of short balls out of Murray’s forehand if you manage to put heat on it but that won’t work with the other clown, actually when Nadal could place the ball near to the baseline The Joker managed to put Nadal on defensive position several times with amazing half-volleys from that place!!!!! and what about the backhand??? Djoko was driving Nadal crazy with this freaking stroke!!! was using the crosscourt backhand to take Nadal out of the court and then finishing the point with a freakin’ amazing down the line backhand!!!!

    Djoko also moves amazing on the net, uses the drop as well as Murray, has better return than Nadal(in this maybe Murray is just a little bit better), catches the ball earlier and in his ball goes nearer on the net making it faster than the spaniard’s ball. And as you said his court coverage is matchless.

    Yet, the spaniard won that match in 4 freakin’ sets!!!! and don’t give that BS that Joker was tired cuz’ it’s not freakin’ true!!

    The way Rafael was playing would’ve been more than enough to kick Murray’s butt this time!!! also Federer’s!!!

    • wuiches said

      “Before the watching this final” I mean “Before watching this final”

      “and in his ball goes” I mean “and his ball goes”

    • Sarah said

      “The way Rafael was playing would’ve been more than enough to kick Murray’s butt this time!!! also Federer’s!!!”

      I thought that too. Rafael was going to win no matter who was on the other side. 🙂

      • Ash said

        Absolutely right. Federer would have been mauled in that final, no question. Probably best it happened as it did.

  2. Crazy said

    Nadal owes nobody in winning the US Open for the first time.

    • Blake said

      Exactly. The only thing those people those countries helped were Murray, since he didn’t have to face another Nadal beatdown, and Feds.

      Honestly, I hear everyone crying poor about Djokovic’s “mental and physical battle”… Yet Nadal had to go FIVE HOURS AND 14 MINUTES against a countryman on Fire, and was reduced to actual tears – tears – in the final game of the match, and then comes back THE NEXT DAY to beat Roger Federer in 5 sets – on hardcourts – and you guys have the freaking nerve to even MENTION Djokovic’s “draining” 3 1/2 hour ‘battle’ against a Federer who committed 66 unforced errors, and then Djokovic gets an extra days rest inbetween thanks to rain?

      I’m sorry, but Go To Hell.

  3. Bobby said

    Djoko got every advantage he could get in the situation.He got one day extra,he even got 2hrs rest during the match due to rain.He played one of the best matches in his life and still he lost.If someone still says that Nadal won because of tired djoko,then either that person need psychiatric evaluation or Djoko should retire from tennis.As for Murray,he was lucky that he was not beaten by Nadal in consecutive grandslams.It would have dented his confidence infinitely.

  4. Sol said

    Lol, Hopp Schwytz!

  5. Joy said

    I think Murray was going down anyway; Wawa just happened to be first in line.

  6. Growltiger said

    Ash is right. At this point of time during this two week final, Djokovic was the only player who was going to be able to make the final a final rather than a walkover. He hung in there and played well, made no excuses and in the end said what everyone knows. Nadal is just better than everyone else.

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