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Be an ambassador of your favorite player.

Posted by tennisplanet on September 15, 2010

How you expose yourself in public reflects on everything you stand for – from as mundane as your name to your city to your country to your race to your profession to your gender to your zodiac sign to whatfreakingever. Haven’t you felt a distance between a person who just has a name of a human that bothered you in the past? Sure you have. How about just the nose? Are you freaking getting the picture?

Bottom line: When you put yourself down you are taking lot more than just yourself with you. Is it unfair? Sure it is. But that’s the way it is.

Conversely when you reverse the process not only are you liked but everything you stand for begins to bask in that glory – sometimes to the extent that past feelings of disdain that you evoke begin to heal and dampen.

They say we ALL are just what four links away from knowing each other personally. Add the globalisation in process today and the need to be a good representative of what you stand for is not just desirable it’s freaking imperative.

Why do you think I always try to be a good model for all basement lunatics, if any, around the globe?


15 Responses to “Be an ambassador of your favorite player.”

  1. mircea said

    Bad news for Nadal lovers: liver spots on left cheek bone. Too young for this type of stuff. Overworked liver. Ingesting substances that are affecting normal liver functions. I would start to worry guys. Something is about to blow up. Could be more than the liver.

  2. wuiches said

    “Did you notice Nadal turning into some Prophet for kids at the award ceremony? Geeeezzzzz!!!!!!!”

    don’t need to say more!!!

  3. Jenny said

    Well said, TP 🙂 None of us are perfect, I’m sure most of us can go off on one at some point, no matter the age. I’ve done it myself when facing an adversary face to face, or write when I see what I consider an injustice. All of great players deserve respect too, I know for a fact many of them read what has been written.

    Mircea, I can’t say I’ve noticed it, but a lot of dark Mediterranean skin types like Rafa do have the odd dark patches which are not liver spots. LOL If I saw that on the fairer skin types, I would be concerned.

    • M said

      “I’m sure most of us can go off on one at some point, no matter the age.”

      Oh dear, Jenny. I didn’t know we were doing ‘Required Self-Evaluation’ today. 😳

      • Jenny said

        LOL M, I try to show restraint, my husband is more reactive, he has the tongue of a spitting cobra if he’s put out! 🙂

  4. mircea said

    Sorry M, but the kid looks old and worn out. Bad hair-cut doesn’t help. It worries me. Something has been done and is being to his body and I am not talking about his gf right now. Something is not right. Conspiracy theory or truth? Unless Nadal is the reincarnation of Ivan Lendl.

  5. mircea said

    you can see the pics when he is talking to Blake something (blonde cutie)

    • Jenny said

      I see it now Mircea, thnx. He could have nicked himself shaving, or a scratched spot, my husband has that skin type, if he cuts himself, it goes dark too, unlike me – red!

  6. mircea said

    Jenny: He has lost weight since last year, his serve is more powerful than ever (changed his grip) and he outruns and outhits everyone even after all the miles he has put in. Something is not right. Whatever is not right on your skin is an indication that one of your organs is not functioning properly or is stressed due to overwork. I would hate to be right on this account…

    • Growltiger said

      The only thing I see that’s scary about Rafa is he seems to be going bald ala Pete Sampras when his skin started showing through his hair. I noticed it all during the US Open.

      So far as “liver spots”, they don’t have anything to do with the liver I don’t think. They’re usually a result of aging skin cells. Women get something called cholasma – if that’s how it’s spelled. It has to do with estrogen.

  7. Annie said

    I’m sure Rafa has physical checkups pretty often..

    • RafaFan said

      Micheal Douglas had checkups too. All depends on what the doctors detect. Cancer spreads exponentially 2^n That’s the biggest problem about cancer. If the doctors detect it when you feel a pain etc. then it’s maybe too late. So it’s all about early diagnosis. I’m sure Nadal is ok.

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