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Big reason Djokovic was such a good sport after losing the US Open finals.

Posted by tennisplanet on September 15, 2010

He is NOT ready to take the next step?

Just barely beating a ‘in poor form’ Federer appeared to have fed his hunger. While the victory celebration may not have reflected the true essence of what Djokovic really felt after beating Federer, it was nevertheless a milestone that he seemed more than content with. Carrying that tired crutch into the finals further stifled the passion needed to win the title. In retrospect, he may have hoped that the rain delay actually hadn’t happened to allow him to defend the lopsided loss much more forcefully.

Translation: After the match, Djokovic showed no signs of a competitor who believed he could win the title. Part of it surely was his utmost concern in protecting his brand given how much it has already been battered. Roddick episode and the consequent fan wrath must have played into it too.

It was as if he was in the finals PURELY to win over fans by 1) making a match out of it despite the fatigue and 2) being a good sport after the loss. And he felt he could have achieved both without the rain delay far more effectively.

Not with it yet? Try this: Contrast this with Nadal’s over five-hour match against Verdasco in the semis at the AO (this semifinal at USO Djokovic vs Federer was 3:44) – right before beating Federer in the finals – in five sets AND wait for it …………another FIVE HOURS.

Bottom line: Djokovic cannot allow outside influence to stifle his personality AND game on the court without producing collateral damage. Antidote? Forget about being a nice guy before it’s too late.


16 Responses to “Big reason Djokovic was such a good sport after losing the US Open finals.”

  1. Sarah said

    “Just barely beating a ‘in poor form’ Federer appeared to have fed his hunger.”

    Not you are saying the only reason Novak beat Roger was because Roger wasn’t in ‘good form?” You are reaching, to say the least.

    Novak finally figured out how to play Roger and beat him. He didn’t give up when he was down 2 sets to 1. He knows how to beat Rafael; he just needs to remember that and don’t give up. And yes, I do believe fatigue play a role (a small role)in Novak losing to Rafael.

    • Bettyjane said

      Respectfully disagree Sarah. Roger definitely went away for 2 sets. Unforced errors were through the roof for and his service game wasn’t grooving either. Having said that, Djoker showed guts big time winning that match.

    • jennifur said

      agree w/sarah. ue’s r often “forced” errors.

      nole = best return game = weaker servin from opponent.

      did same 2 fish.

      v/hard to serve aces when returner gets so much back. causes serve 2 go 4 2 much … + then 1st serve % drops. standard fare in tennis.

  2. Manal Ismail said

    Well…..he also crashed his racket to vent his anger/disappointment. And fight he did winning the 2nd set. So for him to keep his cool after the match is something he managed to do in the most gentleman manner especially that it was also the 1st GS final he faces Nadal. And to think that he was still over the moon over winning his SF against Fed was not quite as much. Because deep down he might have wanted to repeat the same success he had back in AO 2008 where he beat Fed in the semi to emerge as the winner in the final.

  3. Joy said

    I think Roger felt good and was doing well coming into this year’s USO. IMO his big mistake was taking his foot off the gas pedal after winning the first set. He totally underestimated Novak’s new “come-back-from-2-sets-down” mindset.

    • jennifur said

      ” taking his foot off the gas pedal after winning the first set.” ???

      nole was up break then choked. he played the better 1st set (check stats). fed didnt hv foot on gas pedal…. ha ha ha… j/k

  4. claire said

    I don’t know, maybe Federer really din’t want to play Nadal for fear of how he(meaning Federer – i.e. tears) would have acted if Nadal beat him, once more! I remember TP saying better for Federer to avoid a match with Nadal so not to further extend Federer’s losing record against Nadal! If I was Federer, I would have let Djokivic win! Anyway, seemed like Federer wanted to spend a quiet Sunday relaxing with the family and enjoy NYC!! Only kidding! 🙂

    Also, wasn’t it Djokovic that broke Nadal how many times?? Isn’t that a big problem with Federer – harly ever capitalized on break chances when he plays Nadal? With the way Nadal is serving, I was very impressed that Djokovic broke Nadal and also impressed that Djokovic saved so many break points!

  5. Sir Vibhudi Aatmapudi said

    He kissed the loser’plate. That to me said it all.

  6. Growltiger said

    Djokovic is one of those players who can’t win for losing — with fans and on the court. He breaks his racquet –he’s an ass. He responds to to Roddick’s smart ass remarks – the crowd boos. (If he’d kept silent, he’d have been a wimp who let Roddick bully him). The commentators and sports writers ignored him tho’ he was no. 3 in the world, promoting the big Fed-Nadal match (unless Murray stopped Nadal in the semis). Djokovic just wasn’t there.

    Yes, Federer made tons of unforced errors and while he didn’t break his racquet he did make a fuss when the ump. called a let when the linesman fell into a clump behind Djokovic just as he was hitting the ball.

    I suspect Djokovic was tried – who wouldn’t be? Bet Fed was tired, too. That didn’t lose him the final, however. Poor shot selection usually costs Djokovic games, and I think that’s the fault of poor coaching which he won’t change out of loyalty.

    TP is right – he’s resigned to losing the big ones, losing to Nadal. He’s too skinny. He needs to put on 15-20 lbs of muscle, get a sports psychologist to council him and most of all hire a new or additional coach who will help him with shot selection.

    Best commentary by the way was Connors and Martina. I watched a re run on the Tennis Channel and it was apples and oranges. All during Enberg’s commentary, I was yelling. WILL YOU JUST SHUT UP!
    At one point during a long point, they were talking about the concession stand. My crusade is to let us fans watch whichever channel we want showing majors. I’ve had enough of the yappers.

    • Sol said

      “he’s resigned to losing the big ones, losing to Nadal. He’s too skinny.”

      I think that’s true. I watched the final a couple of days ago and although Djoko seemed tired from the minute the umpire said “play”, he never seemed to have the belief he could win (no big eyes and hitting his chest with his racquet like he usually does – like he did in the semi against Fed BTW). As Sir V says, kissing the loser plate does say it all. So who is going to challenge Nadal? Where is the “tougher field” everyone keeps talking about?
      About the weight thing, my brother, who watches tennis once a year, asked me what was wrong with Djoko, if he was sick or something. Don’t know why he’s lost so much weight.

      • jennifur said

        maybe lost it when he was sick in spring???… never had time to get it back …

        agree he shud put some on …

  7. jennifur said

    “Djokovic is one of those players who can’t win for losing — with fans and on the court.”

    furr surreee! damned if he does (too cocky … blah blah blah …) damned if he doesn’t (too nice … blah blah blah)


    however “he’s resigned to losing the big ones, losing to Nadal”

    disagree. played v/good not great final. said he was sad + wanted 2 win in interview…
    but also said dropped focus + wasnt serving well …
    he fought hard ….

  8. Dee said

    or he is a nice person!

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