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Posted by tennisplanet on September 15, 2010

Austrian team tennis players Alexander Peya

Austrian team tennis player Jurgen Melzer

Austrian team tennis player

Belgian tennis player Kim Clijsters

Belgian tennis player Kim Clijsters

Belgian tennis player Kim Clijsters (R) signs autographs following her arrival at Brussels International Airport in Zaventem on September 15, 2010. Clijsters returned home after winning the women’s singles at the US Open 2010 Grand Slam Tennis Tournament, at Flushing Meadows, in New York City. (Photo by Belga/bruno Fahy/AFP/Getty Images)

Handout photo released


13 Responses to “Photos.”

  1. Manal Ismail said

    Too BAD Delpo couldnt join them just yet!!! but nalba is there so i reckon that should motivate them argentians for another good round of davis cup.

    • Jenny said

      Sorry Delpo can’t be there, he has to look after himself and not take risks. Without D-Nal chances of a win against France would be slim, imo. Monaco [soft spot for] is pretty good on hard courts too, he’s experienced and he’ll fight.

      • M said

        I have faith in D-Nal and Pico, but I wish Delpo could be there to help the team to victory.
        Health comes first, though. *lilsigh*

      • Jenny said

        I’m assuming the little guy in the centre is the captain, Schwank is on the left next to Pico, but who is the tall, thin guy next to David on the right?

      • M said

        I was wondering the same, Jenny. TP?
        Inquiring fan minds would like to know.

      • Jenny said

        According to the DC site, it’s Horacio Zeballos. I can’t recall him looking like that, although he does his hair in a bun and wears a cap which threw me.

      • M said

        Yes, I would have missed that one. I’ve never perceived him as that baby-faced, even with five o’clock stubble.

  2. M said

    Boy, Melzer looks just like he did when he was here. Like a prize fighter itching to punch somebody.

    D-Nal looks kind of yumtastic in that photo.

    • Jenny said

      Doesn’t D-Nal look good! 🙂 Copa David! Good Luck boys, I’m rooting for David and Argentina, it’s a dream for him. That man has fought long and hard for this, even when carrying injury, he deserves a dream wish to come true 🙂

  3. D.S.G. said

    I do not recognize anyone until the pix of Clijisters then the Argentine team.

    Gosh. I ‘ll be really embarrassed if the top pictures are an American team. Who they be? Anyone… anyone?

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