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Quiz: Who resembled this creature the most in the entire stadium at the US Open finals?

Posted by tennisplanet on September 15, 2010


33 Responses to “Quiz: Who resembled this creature the most in the entire stadium at the US Open finals?”

  1. Sarah said

    No guess; but I love to know who you hate so much you would compare him or her to this ugly beast!

  2. wuiches said

    Joker’s dad???

  3. Joy said

    Rafa’s dad! LOL

  4. Jenny said

    Okay, it’s a thick-skinned Rhino who likes to charge, so we have to take it from there. I love Rhinos and the animal kingdom, forget the looks, so no hate from me.

    • M said

      Agreed as to the rhino itself, Jenny. (When I saw the picture I thought, “Cute, as rhinos go.” )

      Now, if we’re gonna talk about thick-skinned creatures who like to charge, the first thing that comes to mind is … those fans who got in that fight that made YouTube?

  5. bluechyll said

    Uncle Toni? 😆

  6. D.S.G. said

    A precious smiling rhino ! There was no one this adorable at the U.S. Open.

    • jett09 said

      D.S.G. the other adorable one I could think of was the lineswoman who called a footfault on Serena? Not sure though if she was there at the final.

      • D.S.G. said

        She was a service line judge at the US Open final this year. Commentator said that position is given to the best linesmen.

  7. Sir Vibhudi Aatmapudi said

    I’ll bet my future combover that it was Donald Trump!

    • jett09 said

      😆 😆 😆

    • M said

      *tries not to laugh*

      • Jenny said

        Sitting here giggling!

      • M said

        *laughs more along with you*

        It’s really not fair, Jenny. They show a picture of The Donald every year — he’s a fixture at the Open, and I’m glad for that, b/c everyone here knows American tennis can use as much help in terms of demonstrated celeb support — and whatever other help available — as we can get.

        But this year, when they showed his face, and I didn’t recognize him at first but for his caption, well, I mean, it’s terrible, but …
        *gales of laughter*

      • Jenny said

        LOL I thought it was Tony Bennett, or were they both there! 🙂

      • M said

        LOL – they were both there! 😆
        Mr. Bennett doesn’t miss his tennis either — do you remember he sang after the charity match at Indian Wells?

    • Jenny said

      Phew, thanks, M. For a minute I thought I had lost it or my eyes were deceiving me 🙂 I would recognise Tony Bennett more than Mr Trump. I don’t remember him singing at IW, I don’t think it was broadcast here.

      • M said

        One of these days I will remember for good that not all coverage is created equal. I didn’t even realize the network didn’t cover Rafa and Nole’s trophy ceremony till I got home, after the match.


  9. Jenny said

    Congrats Wuiches!

  10. M said

    LOL. Congratulations, Wuiches. 😛

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