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Reason why you cheap lazy freaking freaks run this site.

Posted by tennisplanet on September 15, 2010

Because whatever I post is discounted as coming from a basement lunatic but what you freaks post carries lot more weight thereby determining the REAL flavor of the station. So the onus is totally on you as to how many people visit, how many post, how many blow up etc. etc.

YOU are responsible. I am here just venting.


6 Responses to “Reason why you cheap lazy freaking freaks run this site.”

  1. Manal Ismail said

    suppose we give u the olive wreath for being the One who lures us tennis freaks….Good Job then ok? and friendly pat on ur shoulder wherever u are, basement , attic, and elsewhere…

  2. Sarah said

    You light the match and just sit back and wait for the explosion.
    Be honest, you love all the squabbling.

  3. Joy said

    I’m a TP KAD/FREAK, and proud of it!

  4. chieko said

    This is my seconde home !!! 😀 You are my second family !!! 😀

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