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Report card after US Open 2010.

Posted by tennisplanet on September 15, 2010

Player Points Titles Record $ Tourn played Rank
Nadal 12,025 6 59-7 7,381,738 13 1
Djokovic 7145 1 44-13 2,533,422 13 2
Federer 6735 2 44-11 4,077,635 14 3
Murray 5035 1 34-13 2,350,507 14 4

4 Responses to “Report card after US Open 2010.”

  1. Sarah said

    It looks Rafael will be number one for awhile.

  2. overcaffeinated said

    I think you will find that Roger has won two titles this year TP. Cincinnati and some other tournament… forget what it was 😉

  3. Dude said

    It seems like Roger is “ageing” gracefully….gradually coming down the ladder. I just hope I get to see at least one magic match from Fed in each quarter of the ATP calendar.The day he retires I might stop watching tennis!

    • Bettyjane said

      I hear you Dude. I like the way you put that. Rod Laver said that when he was in his later years, he could still play as well as ever, but just not all the time. That’s pretty much what happened here.

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