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What animal does a player[s] remind you of and why? From Jenny. Thanks.

Posted by tennisplanet on September 15, 2010


TP has given me an idea during the quiet tennis period. What animal does a player[s] remind you of and why. I’m thinking qualities rather than just looks. All species including birds and reptiles, insects, domestic or otherwise, although I can’t imagine fish, maybe some experts might consider it.



31 Responses to “What animal does a player[s] remind you of and why? From Jenny. Thanks.”

  1. xeres said

    Federer = Lion
    Bepa= Puma [TP inspired me]
    Ferrer= Dolphin
    Nadal= Bull
    Djokovic= Gazelle
    Isner= Giraffe
    Nalby= Golden Retriever..that’s all I could think of now.

  2. M said

    Roger is the eagle, attacking with razors at beak and claw from overhead.
    Rafa’s a black panther, who eats you fast and silent before you know you’re dead.
    Marat is the bull, who — if you’re lucky — will just run you over;
    Ferru the armour-hided croc who eats you smiling, like you’re both rolling in clover.

    D-Nal’s the Big Cat, leads his pride to victory hopes with guile and slice;
    Feli brings to mind those fancy birds in promos of old Miami Vice.
    I’m terribly afraid my imagination’s run here, and stops —
    But I don’t think this’ll be complete till someone profiles the Treetops.


  3. Jenny said

    Initially I see feline in many players, eg movement, guile, stealth, power. I’m fully aware cats are cruel, ruthless predators, but I’m sure they’re the complete opposite off court.

    Not easy, but here are my thoughts.

    Nadal – Panther/Hyena. Other qualities: Elephant. [solid, loyal, family oriented, protective]
    Federer – Lion. Other qualities: St Bernard/Newfoundland/Bernese [kind, solid, loyal].
    Djokovic – Cheetah. Other qualities Labrador [likes to please and have fun, eg play to the gallery], cheeky Monkey.
    D-Nal – Leopard, hunts alone. Other qualities: German Shepherd [solid, loyal, brave, but will take you down if you step out of line, or Retriever [eg the returner] LOL And the Golden’s hair!
    Ferrer – Bobcat/Staffie Bull Terrier. [based on size, but just as ferocious as the big cats]. [definitely has cats eyes]. Other qualities: domestic cat who will purr and smile like a benign Cheshire Cat], Dolphin [gentle, intelligent, fun loving] [Xeres :-))
    Gonzo – Tiger – Roars like Lion and powerful [as with Roger, a Leo]. Other qualitie: Wild Stallion, [proud who won’t be broken]. He’s a dog lover, has a Boxer and Samoyed – happy fun loving dogs, very suitable for him, imo.
    Simon: Boa Constrictor/Snake. Standard Poodle/Rhodesian Ridgeback.

  4. P said

    Federer – GOAT 🙂

  5. Growltiger said

    My late Rommel (a German shepherd) had a thick, short, plush coat and Djokovic’s hair reminds me of that dog’s coat. (I think that’s why he became my favorite player – his hair reminds me of the dog I loved and miss a lot).

    So far as playing style — Jenny’s list is great, but I see Nadal as a Spanish Bull; dark, dangerous and smart. His knees are those crazy things the matadors stick in the bull’s neck to keep his head down.

    Federer is a raptor — smart, fast and deadly.

    Djokovic probably a gazelle – he doesn’t have the killer instinct. He just wants to have fun.

    Murray – One of those stolid, long haired highland bulls. Everyone tells him to stop being passive and if he ever does, it’s going to be trouble.

    Verdasco – an Afghan hound. Gorgeous.

    Del Potro – Like Vilas before him, a Pampas bull

    Berdych – a giraffe

    Soderling – TP has implanted the image of Chuckie in my mind. I can’t get it out.

    Lubicic – As one of the commentators said when he played Indian Wells with that bald head and that headband, a roll on deodorant.

    Roddick – A really spacey retriever with a mean streak.

    Tsonga – Mohammed Ali

    Monfils – the Wild Man of Borneo (not that I’ve ever seen a wild man from Borneo)

    • Jenny said

      Ah, a friend had a Shepherd called Rommel. [The Desert Fox, much admired by Churchill].

      All interesting comments thus far, Xeres, M, Growltiger. 🙂

      • Growltiger said

        Our two current shepherds are Duke Leto, Dog of Dune and Dune Mystique. (The name of our house is Dune. It sits on a sand dune overlooking the Chesapeake).

        We also had Ladyhawke Raven of Cloncurry, a wonderful, wonderful friend.

        All the above Shepherds have a similar hair coat, but Rommel had a thick, plus, black coat JUST LIKE NOVAK’S HAIR. I can’t NOT root for a guy with hair like that.

      • Jenny said

        The late Rommel we knew had the regular coat, grey sable, her others longcoats. Rommel and two others were retired police dogs, her husband the handler. Canada? Chesapeake Bay Retrievers, Labradors [used to own] Newfies.

        Thanks for sharing, GT:-)

      • xeres said

        *takes a bow* Thanks Jenny. Every time I see Ferrer play these days I say Ferru 😀
        I say awwwwwwww everytime I see a dolphin..I do the same when I see Ferrer cos of his eyes 🙂

      • Jenny said

        Xeres, David [Ferru] was born by the sea in Xabia/Javea on the Costa Blanca, so your Dolphin suggestion makes perfect sense to me, and they are beautiful animals too.

    • Sol said

      LOL at Ljubicic. Can’t believe comms said that.

  6. RafaFan said

    Novak Djokovic – hedgehog (his hair!)
    Sam Querrey – Horse (big teeth)
    Andre Agassi – goat, lol (the way he walks, not his achievement)
    Boris Becker – Grizzly (his service)
    Andy Murray – Ostrich
    Rafael Nadal – Sea elefant
    Andy Roddick – Chip monk
    John Isner – Moose
    John Mc Enroe – Howler monkey
    Pete Sampras – peacock
    Robin Soderling – Common seal
    Roger Federer – Cobra

    • D.S.G. said

      Growltiger: But the bull ALWAYS loses, sadly.

      Bullfighting is torture: ni cultura, ni arte. Those swords which they stick in he bull’s neck are to cut the tendons and muscles which enable the bull to hold his head up, thus making it impossible for him to hold his head.

      What you said about Rommel is so sweet. I’m so sorry you lost him. My (one of…)dogs, Kato is black lab/Shar-Pei so he has a “shawl” of black coarse, hair around his shoulders and it looks so much like Djokovic’s hair. I had never thought of it before.

      Everyone is so creative today! I love these descriptions!

      • D.S.G. said

        I meant to post this under Growltiger’s comment. Sorry.

        What I want to post below RafaFan is: I think you are SPOT ON with your anima/player pairings!! Except I would say that Roddick reminds me more of a mosquito than a precious little chipmunk !!

      • Growltiger said

        I agree bullfighting is torture. Yes, the swords the macho creeps use to cut the bull’s tendons prevent the animal from defending itself. How anyone could sit and watch this kind of slaughter defies imagination; how anyone could consider a matador anything but a slaughterhouse denizen dressed up in a sparkly suit I don’t know.

        Ooops. Totally off subject. Sorry.

        Yes, Djokovic does resemble a meerkat. Federer as a cobra? YES. Maybe Djokovic then was a mongoose on Saturday.

  7. kitty said

    Federer – Cobra (graceful and deadly), Lion (poised,stoic,doesn’t show a lot of emotion but grunts that “common” sometimes and ofcourse is the king of tennis like the lion is in the king of jungle)
    Nadal – Tiger (eye of a tiger), Raging Bull, Beaver (works sooo hard)
    Djoker – Chimpanzee

    and some for the looks…

    Delpo – Tarzan (animal trainer)
    Davydenko – Any animal after starving for 60 days
    Isner – Baby Elephant

  8. BonnyBee said

    There’s no way to tell the difference between a screaming emu and Andy Murray.

  9. Dee said

    My brain doesn’t work after all night partying. I’ll get back to you

  10. xeres said

    Here’s one more Fena reminds me of one of those beautiful horses with a black beauty.
    He kinda gallops around the court hitting those big forehands 🙂

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