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How blocking people from the site works.

Posted by tennisplanet on September 16, 2010

I consider myself a tough guy – at least I pretend to be one – working on ‘fake it till you make it’ BS. But anytime I have to block someone – even a relative newbie – even when the infractions clearly breach the rules violently, there’s the feeling of guilt – more so when the incumbent has been a long poster and has contributed magnificently. Don’t knock this down UNLESS you have had a blog of your own for this long.

In the beginning I even attempted to bring the person back on board after they explained their situation but the second time proved even worse as they appear to carry the stigma of being banned blatantly reflected in their posts. So I eventually had to cut them for good. That was the ‘warning’ experiment I attempted only to fail miserably.

Since then I have noticed a pattern some posters follow. They get on board, begin posting clearly taking it as a privilege. Their posts scream of it. But as they cross a certain time threshold the ‘entitlement’ syndrome begins to take over. Sometimes reaching a point where they begin to manifest that syndrome by belittling others as if saying ‘I am superior and see I can prove it by getting away with what others can’t or won’t.’

I have seen some realize that they are crossing the line and back down on their own. But few don’t.

Bottom line: I very very very very rarely block someone on just a one time ‘accident’ partly because of that guilt, partly hoping it will get better – unless it is a MAJOR MAJOR breach. I feel giving warnings is tantamount to treating people like kids. Everybody knows when they cross the line – over and over again. Worse part? It keeps getting worse further validating a clean cut as it then becomes like a virus taking other well-meaning posters with it.

I don’t know what actually happened with Blake but get the feeling the exchange he had with arbit probably threw him off necessitating the need to be overly aggressive.

But let me take this opportunity to thank all who were once here – irrespective of the duration – for their visit and their contribution. This is a sincere appreciation as most really did make a positive difference.


14 Responses to “How blocking people from the site works.”

  1. Sarah said

    Thanks for explaining.

  2. arbit said

    Hey, I hope Blake is not off this site. I might have gone overboard by directly addressing to Blake, but the intent was never to dissuade him. Rather it was just to actively engage him. Anyway, if the mistake was made on my part, i sincerely apologize. This is a free country, and a free internet, and exchange of free ideas are always welcome. Obviously, we should try not to abuse our rights.

    * to err is human, to forgive divine
    * if a mistake is made once, you might be ignorant/stupid
    if you repeat it, you are just an idiot

  3. arbit said

    test….i just wrote a message, and it never appeared on the site?

  4. Sol said

    Thanks, TP. I was the one who suggested the warning before the blocking, but I get your point. It does mean you have to act like a school teacher with a bunch of kids. We’re all grown ups and should act accordingly. And you have better things to do.
    I also understand the guilt you must feel when you eventually decide to block someone. I will never ask you to block someone cause we all react to different things and have a different notion of when the limit has been crossed. It’s a difficult decision to make so thanks for making it for us. You trusted us enough when you decided to delete moderation, so I trust you to take the decisions you find suitable to keep this site as great as it is.

  5. Jenny said

    Appreciate your post. TP, thank you. As you know, I respect any decision you make and would never specifically ask for for a ban either for the reasons Sol says. Therefore I’m glad the ultimate decision was yours. I too understand your guilt. At the same time, your reputation is on the line, it’s your business, but by the same token neither do we want moderate and respectful posters leaving us or being upset, or newbies/lurkers reluctant to become a regular part of our community. Remember, we can’t see other face to face, there are many here going through tough times, some we are aware of, others we are not, it’s their choice to share, therefore the Plant has to be a haven away from their troubles.

    During the course of previous employment I have had to sack a couple of people, one because of unacceptable behaviour in the workplace which affected all around her, it was a hopeless situation and getting worse, the girl had a massive chip on her shoulder [lol trust me, it was grim and quite unbelievable]. Despite several warnings and kind chats from me and a senior manager, we had no other option, the deed had to be done, we certainly didn’t take it lightly, it took months to reach it, then followed the lengthy process as directed by employment law. The other was due to cut-backs, that was sad, she didn’t ask for it, at least she got a good redundancy pay cheque. I felt horrible and guilty having to do it in both cases but for different reasons, I was very new to management then, my heart didn’t want anyone to lose their job.

    Sol, I remember when one poster was warned by TP in the early days, before your time with us I think, posts did go into moderation then. Our Gracie will remember it well. Btw, When I first joined, there was no moderation…I digress, anyway this was unlike the reasons for recent bans. This poster became obsessed with a player in a negative way, it nearly caused an ‘international incident’, quite honestly, it was becoming embarrassing to the point we daren’t mention this particular player’s name for fear of long irrational rants which followed, I should add, it was not directed at posters or any expletives used. Many of us tried to steer her away, TP publicly warned in a gentle way, all was fine for a while, but it eventually went back to square one. Therefore, TP is right re warnings.

  6. Growltiger said

    I’m fairly new so didn’t know anyone had been blocked, but thanks for the explanation.

    • Bonnie said

      I haven’t been on this site as long as some, but I’ve been here long enough to see at least 2 blocked, and understandably so. I think TP does a great job in this area.

  7. sceral said

    TP, you are getting soft at your old age…giving everybody the appreciation without even the hint of mock or laughter!But blocking people who deserve it is absolutely the right thing to do. I dare say I feel like one of the “co-founding fathers” – been with you since the inception. The site is so very good because you have managed to weed-off profanity and disrespect, yet allow freedom of opinions and spice it with sense of humor and profound knowledge of our favorite sport. Generally, I like pulling your tail and I will continue after this mail but you softened me today too, so I will give it to you – TP, you rock!

  8. RafaFan said

    Getting the death penalty is easier to handle than being blocked on this blog! TP please take your decisions carefully. LOL. Life after death stops but life without tennisplanet goes on and it must feel like a torture.

    • Jenny said

      Loved your comment RafaFan 🙂 However, I honestly believe TP is very wise and careful with no rash decisions taken. I trust him on that score. I don’t like it when people are blocked either, but… To be fair, it never happens with one-off dodgy posts, [not since I’ve been here] which I think is basically what TP is saying. Imho, everyone is given a fair crack of the whip.

  9. Dee said

    Wo Wo Wo! What happened? My nephew got married and had a fabulous wedding.I was all happy and emotional and —now a confession from TP! There there TP! This is your site you can do what ever you like ( if we let you)But nice to see that you pay this much attention to us individually. How do you do it? must be very time consuming. But keep up the good work so we’ll have the site.Even though I don’t tell you often I really do appreciate this site.Thanks!

    • jett09 said

      Hi Dee! One of our mates got blocked 😕

      Don’t forget to send me photos of the wedding okay 😉


      “I consider myself a tough guy – at least I pretend to be one”

      TP I’ve always felt that deep inside you’re a real softie 😉

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